World Of Warships Celebrates Sixth Anniversary

Dutch cruisers and Soviet carriers join the party.

Jason Winter
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Warships Sixth Anniversary

World of Warships is turning six years old, and like any old battleship, it's still in fighting shape. Granted, six years isn't old for a battleship, with many having served for decades, but at six the paint job probably needs at least a little touching up.

Today's 0.10.8 update brings a new collection, fittingly titled "6 Years of World of Warships," along with new Dutch cruisers and early access Soviet aircraft carriers. The anniversary content has players assembling a 60-piece jigsaw puzzle, using pieces they collect from containers. Additional bonus items can be picked up through any battle with Tier V or higher ships. Festive Tokens that players accumulate can also be spent on permanent camouflages for various ships.

The full line of Dutch cruisers are now available, and they include the new Airstrike consumable, as well as powerful guns and armor at higher tiers. The three Soviet aircraft carriers can be obtained with a new temporary resource, Soviet tokens, which can be earned through a number of activities.

Today's update also brings a new temporary battle type, Convoy. In this mode, one team escorts an AI-controlled group of four ships while the other seeks to disrupt the convoy and sink it and its escorts.

Learn more about the anniversary update and everything else in Update 0.10.8 on the World of Warships site.

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