World Of Warships: Legends July Update Adds Fourteen New Ships, Welcomes Tier VIII

The new ships are the first Tier VIII ships to be added to the game.

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World Of Warships: Legends Tier VIII Update

Today, Wargaming announced the summer expansion for World of Warships: Legends. Scheduled to arrive on July 25, the update introduces the next tier of ships to the game – in the form of fourteen new ships. Twelve of these ships can be acquired via the game’s tech tree, the other two can be purchased from the game’s premium store.

The new selection of ships represents four different nations, the US, Japan, Germany, and the USSR. They also cover most varieties of ships. The only ones left out this time are carriers. Some highlights include the American battleship Maine, the German cruiser Roon, and the Japanese destroyer Yugumo. The first Tier VIII ship players will have an opportunity to obtain is the French battleship Republique. It will be available at the end of the five-week L’Ambassadeur campaign.

With the new additions, Wargaming is reducing the cost of battle entry for higher tier ships and increasing credit bonuses for Tier VII premiums. The update also introduces an improvement to matchmaking in the form of a +/- 1 Tier rule.

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