World Of Warships Update Adding New Japanese Light Cruisers

New cruisers will enter early access as submarines leave it.

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World Of Warships Japanese Light Cruisers

The November World of Warships update is introducing Japanese light cruisers to the game. The ships will enter Early Access with the drop of Update 0.11.10, while at the same time submarines will be exiting their Early Access and joining the Tech Tree.

The new light cruisers are a collection of medium-range ships with a decent firing range. Ships that are Tier VIII and up will also boast large amounts of main battery guns as well as high-range, high-damage torpedoes. These ships are available in various bundles or as rewards for combat missions.

As for the submarines, they are now researchable for all players as they are moving into the Tech Tree. These submarines are Tier VI-X. The German ones have low visibility and long-range acoustic torpedoes. The American ones feature short-range acoustic torpedoes and a fast reload time.

In addition, the update also makes visual improvements to the game. Several maps, including “Mountain Range”, “North”, and “Strait” all feature improved texture details. Vegetation models have been improved, and ship graphics have been improved as well.

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