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I’m a little torn with my feelings regarding daily login rewards. On the one hand, they’re a ploy by developers to make us show up every day, and I hate feeling like my behavior is controlled by someone else. On the other hand, FREE STUFF! And all I have to do is log in! How great is that?!

From now until May 8, World of Tanks is jumping on board the daily reward train, and they’re not being cheap about it. Each day you log in, you’ll earn a hefty 50,000 credits, and the rewards pile up the more often you log in. At 30 days, you’ll get a U.S. tier VII Combat Car and a garage slot to put it in, and at 60 days, you’ll receive a Soviet tier VII SU-100Y and a garage slot. Other bonuses, awarded for every five days of logins, include premium time and vehicle upgrades.

You can see the full list of goodies here. If you’re like me, you’ll probably just log in a bunch of times to claim your rewards and not… eh, what the heck, maybe just one match.

*four hours later*

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