Digital Extremes promised we’d get Warframe’s Call of the Tempestarii update in April and it is, in fact, April. So, today, players across all platforms, including Xbox Series X|S can hop in and explore the new content. That includes PC, PS4 and 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Of course, this release is Warframe’s premiere on Xbox Series X|S, so Digital Extremes is pretty excited about that. The separate trailer is a pretty big giveaway.

With the arrival on the next-gen systems, players with an Xbox Game Pass will be able to access the Excalibur Jade Bundle for free. The bundle includes an Excalibur Jade Skin, Excalibur Jade Noggle, Tonkor Jade Skin (includes Tonkor grenade launcher), Liset Jade Skin, Jade Daedalus Armor, Capala Jade Sigil, and a 7-Day Affinity Booster. They’ll also have access to all current Warframe content.

Of course, the new console launch isn’t the only highlight of this update. Call of the Tempestarii also includes the long-teased Railjack update, as well as introduces the game’s 46th Warframe, Sevagoth. Sevagoth combines heavy damage and team support into a reaper form and features appropriately-titled abilities such as “Reap”, “Sow”, and “Gloom” which contribute to a “death well” meter that can be used to initiate a second form — the all-melee Shadow. The new Warframe can be seen in action in the profile trailer. But, it and the update trailers are age restricted, so you’ll actually have to go to YouTube to watch them. You can find them all on Warframe’s channel.

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