For two full weeks, RuneScape players will have the chance to take on the walking dead and earn some sweet loot in the process. As part of RuneScape’s October activities, Jagex is introducing a new mode titled Dimension of the Damned wherein players are given fully maxed versions of their normal accounts and must cooperate in both combat and crafting while defending themselves against the zombie hoard.

The event begins on the 16th of October and is centered on Falador and free-to-play environments. Player groups will need to defend themselves by building defense barriers while trying to take down the competition. Points are earned for killing zombies and participating in 10-man boss encounters. These points can then be spent on loot boxes containing items that will help players earn even more points. Those with the most points will earn an invitation to the endgame event which takes place on the 28th.

This final event is more of a battle royale and will last about two hours. Players start out with zero points and death is permanent. During the two hour period, the map size will slowly shrink while more and more zombies are spawned. At the end, one player will be left standing. Of course, there are prizes to be had – in addition to bragging rights.

In addition to this, the company also revealed that a good bit of previously members-only content will be made available to f2p players. This includes 7 quests, the Fletching skill, the Warrior’s guild, more areas to explore, and more.

There’s also a good bit of Halloween specific content – mostly focused on storytelling with a portion of the stories being player submissions. There are several rewards available for completing the quests. A full overview of the event as well as other content available this month can be found in the video below. Or, if you’d like to read about it… You can find the full post on the RuneScape site.

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