Months ago AkaMikeB joined the Free to Play Cast as a guest host and Brim boldly predicted Star Wars would go F2P by December. In light of the F2P announcement we invited AkaMikeB back to chat some more about it and to help ease the tension of Brim\’s gloating. We also decided to chat about MMO fighting games, the delay of an expansion, and then roll through your Weekly bombs and Indie Game suggestions. Check it out to see what games fellow listeners think YOU should be playing! To check out more of AkaMikeB\’s Content: and

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  1. Another great show. I think the way games are going sub games are slowly dieing out and some will pay 15 a month instead of a little here and there for some content

  2. O magic man u made such a huge mistake … Brim is so gunna make a soundbite of u saying he is the best and the greatest and ur just gunna hear that constantly i swear its gunna be his ring tone and everything 😛

  3. Great show, had a number of laughs throughout it, especially the comment about consoles not supplying a free game alongside a purchase (Nintendo is the exception, I’m half expecting Nintendo Land to be free with the Wii U like Wii Sports was with the Wii).

    Speaking of consoles, if/when f2p games start to become available (if they haven’t already) on consoles (both handheld & main console), will you be covering them? Same goes for phones (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone).

    • Hi!
      Consoles=yes. We have already covered Dust 514 on a previous show. Phones and tablets get a little harder though and need to be treated on a case by case basis since those markets get flooded with crap FAST.
      Thanks for watching!

  4. great show i haven’t really looked at the gamescon stuff so i can’t say anything about which should have won.

    my bomb is an atomic A bomb this one has been dwelling beneath the surface for a long time im finally sick of it pando media booster. I absolutely hate it. not only doesn’t download faster than a direct download, it also in case people were having connection issues after using it sorry to tell you this but its still running on the connection even if you don’t use it. developers drop it totally and utterly because it doesn’t help.

    my DA bomb mech warrior online im loving it so far however can’t say too much (damn pesky nda)

  5. Thank’s for Another Great Show !

    Da Bomb – Hellgate London ( got an email for an update) – For anyone that has not tried this in my eye’s it is a must play atleast to me !

    A-Bomb – To myself for forgetting about this game that i really did enjoy in Closed Beta.

    I just love redownloading getting to character creation screen, Where is My Character..Oh man… My lvl 30 was made in closed Beta !!!

    This is a reason why i have now stopped playing in Closed Beta’s for longer than an hour. Forgot about so many little gems like this along the way. Or play them so much that i get that feeling like ahhh been there done that but start getting all those tests mixed up with garbage game’s !

    Test them all in Closed Beta , you are always going to forget a few Great Game’s !



    • Hiya inflictious I got to agree with the hellgate london being a da bomb worthy game even though i was stuck on single player at the time i had it.

      • Hiya 🙂

        Glad someone agree’s !

        It was at one time a subscription game. Starting zone’s did make you feel like a solo player game, But i did see alot more players running through my instances and doing quests with me around lvl 10 and up more than the basicly easy starting zone’s.

        But i will be back at it again after my GW2 rush fades off !


  6. Hey Bro it’s me again happy farther’s day. Hope you have a great day. For the question last show, I think my best free-to-play indie game would have to be Ib (a INDIE horror game) It’s really good but you need winRAR to download it. A quite unique game i must say. For this weeks question i agree that planetside 2 deserved that title what ever the hell the title was because i’m a huge forgeter of everything.
    Btw RaiderZ plays well for me yet it looks and feels like a game we all properly know.
    – F2P + Monster hunter = Hunter blade >:/

    BYE 😀

  7. you say archeblade is on august 30th but fail to mention that signups and keys are not open anymore since like 25th-26 of august so a tad late mentioning this game now & even when you guys mentioned it before it was still to late no keys nothing

  8. I knew it would take SWTOR about 6 months to be free… why? every p2p is doing it as soon as they can, ofc a WoW with Star Wars team would not survive more than the rest

    about the question of the week, based on what I’ve seen so far I think Neverwinter should receive the best of the show

    I think the mmorpg market have too many generic games, we do need a game that delivers an immersive story, a unique atmosphere, adding to that the nice combat, graphics and end game… it looks like a great game so far

    I’m also interested in Langrisser Schwarz, but I still don’t have enough information to form an opinion about it

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