This week on Free to Play Weekly: Neverwinter gets some Open Beta news, Prime World is primed for closed beta and more on this weeks episode of F2P Weekly!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Hannah Noble is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. I must be one of the few digging these new changes. Of course it helps to have the eye candy that is Hannah. Yes indeed..

  2. Good show Hannah, hope you feel better and are back to 100% soon.

    MMOBOMB has been a bit lacking of late. I’m sure they are working on it. I do wish however, it more of what we are used to. As the same with everything in life, sometimes we just need to be patient.

    For those who think they could do a better job, they did make it known that you can submit an application of sorts to fill the spots they need. I would say make use of that opportunity and put your skills to the test. I am sure if they feel your performance or contribution is as good as you believe it to be, they will make good use of it.

    I myself have been looking into various ways to contribute myself. My onscreen ability probably won’t mesmerize anyone, but I feel I have good ideas. So in my case I have been looking for an onscreen personality in my area and I can say it’s not easy to find.

  3. Hey Mmobomb! I haven’t really heard of any news about Blade and Soul. Do you happen to know what is going on with the game?

  4. Your just one of the sweetest Persons ive evern seen on the Internet hannah *___*

    I cant wait for Ridge Racer. I played it back in Arcades and for sure i did own it on Ps1. I hope they will do a good job with it.

    • Nice episode….late….but nice.

      Sweet you say… I feel sorry for you for being so naive. Cause I probably wasn’t the only one who saw her sweetness and her fake smile going away on 5:37. (That editing)
      Hannah revealed her true self. =/

      • Ive seen that on the end too.
        She said shes sick…i dont feel like smiling if i should be in bed. I work as a waiter. Do u think my smile 12 hours a day is for real? No, thats just because the job wants it…
        i like her voice and her look. Thats why i think shes cute. There are not many english speaken womans out there, i understand. ^^

  5. I have been a MMOBOMB viewer for the past year. Since the lost of our previous host the excitement I use to receive from the site has really dulled. I dont nearly try get interested in new F2P games like i use to. Where did Magicman go?!?!?

  6. I was wondering what was taking over a month to publish a free to play weekly but welcome back!!
    well the only thing that looked to catch my attention was NeverWinter, hopefully it lives up to the hype its putting itself into, oh and teh shirt lol fits perfect^.^

  7. I didn’t mean to be mean I just wanted to give my honest thoughts and opinions as rare as those truly are on the internet.

  8. Yes the video could have been better, But, she was sick and she is new to this.You guys should cut her some slack. I expect the coming vids to be better. Nice shirt 🙂

  9. About you guys being a little slow, I am sure you will pick it up but you need to soon I am used to consistent content that is well thought out and planned. Dig in folks get this stuff back up to par. Oh and I love you people. 😀

    • lol I was also going to say that . I love this episode but I hate the fact that now it comes once in a month sometimes. well nevermind I can understand its not easy . Take your time . Still I love this show very much.

  10. What’s going on with MMOBomb? It feels like they are really lacking in news lately. Have they even covered Ragnarok Online II’s NA release? It’s April 18th, what about the re-release of Prius Online (Now known as Arcane Saga)? Maybe a look on the fact that DK Online and Jade Dynasty both got some content updates? Oh well.

    Btw Hannah you forgot to mention Minimum lol, otherwise well done. I would have liked a longer episode with more news, but I guess you’ve been out of commission for the most part.

    • Oh and just to let you all know, Wildstar just had a NDA leak so they’ve decided to release the patch note info as official, which has a huge amount of info about what’s up and coming for the MMO.

      • Xerlleon, unfortunately we really can´t cover all the news in a episode, we need to make a selection for each episode. Thank you for the feedback, I can assure you that we will improve.

      • Wildstar has not been confirmed as true F2P. Since we are dedicated to just F2P content we cannot cover the game at this time.

    • Agree. It hasn’t been the same for a few months. Not only are things not mentioned but the things that ARE mentioned are out of date already. Show opens with talk about a closed beta weekend on April 12th…nice timing gang.

      • Haha this is all unfortunately due to Hannah being sick and the timing of the articles being jumbled. Trust me, it pains me just as much as it pains you concerning these mistakes. I am trying my best to get us back on track in these regards. I hope you can stick with us during these troubled times while we work through these kinks and get back on track!

    • No one listens. I already called them game over. They have to much internal change and no one with time, knowledge, or balls to lift up out of the cookie cutter reviews. I should work there. Get this site so up to pace and controversial well be the howard stern of gaming….

      • I’d suggest listening to our Podcast. We definitely have more time in those to express our disdain for certain developer and publisher practices. This upcoming podcast may have more of the type of journalism and discussion you are looking for 😉

        Yes the transition has been a bit rough (after all we lost Magic and Hannah is still trying to learn the ropes) but I do hope you stick with us. I am sure we will be back in our normal stride soon.


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