This week on Free to Play Weekly: Ghost in the Shell game gets early details, Wargaming buys Gas Powered Games, Runescape old school revival, and more!

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Game of the Week: Ghost Recon Online


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  1. Ghost in the shell already had a game out way back for the PS2 it didnt take off well mainly couse it was hard to lvl up in it and its missions was someoat difficult to beat but if they make it better for this next game im deffinatly adding it to my play list of games

        • good to hear at start i was confused as to whether you leaving just like MM,Brim and Selfius are or if you stayin with us

          Its good to know you and spunk are at least stayin

          Keep up the good work

          • Why in the hecklespecle would you leave, Jess? You were hated at first, then you slew all the nay-sayers with your sword of awesomeness and stood on the corpse pile, victorious and just! You have earned your spot on MMOBOMB like a valiant knight who slays a dragon earns his right to let all the ladies in the nearest town ride his pony! Rawr!

  2. About tribes not so sure if this whole “get every class/weapon if u pay 29.99” will affect the p2w factor of the game but i hope it doesnt go p2w cause it is a good game

    About gunswords really good idea its good to see that there are still developers who “give a shit” about their game/community and bother getting people in their games and even playin against them for fun

    As for game of the week i want to say GRO is one of the few games out there which are actually not p2w but it depends on your team and how you and your team move and if u execture a stategy(if u got one) corrctly or not.I reccomend it to anyone who is lookin to a good not p2w shooter

    p.s if u got friends its even more fun cause it has a “voice system” in it

  3. pls pls pls pls dont ruin the Ghost in the shell series…. PLS… its too good to be ruined by brainless idiots who dont even like the anime…

    • suggest one good f2p older than GRO and not sure if u serious or makin fun of GRO but its a really good game i would like to know(if u makin fun of it)what u didnt like.I would appreciate if u answered.Thanks in advance

        • sorry to hear that it worked fine for me it didnt work for spunkify last monday as well to be honest and idk why the only bad thing i could think of GRO right now is the time u wait to join a match which is something even 10-15m but other than that nothing i quess the issue that the game cant start as u said is on more than just u and spunkify again sorry to hear that and too bad i hope they fix whatever its preventing you from joining cause overall its a really good shooter

        • agree,i dont have the best ups on the market but still my cpu and gpu are good but not for this one so had to un install this :/

      • Im making fun of older thing but as i said to Bob Firefall which is more advanced and bigger filed than GRO worked better in my pc.i would say A.V.A wich i no longer play but LoL is doesnt??

        P.S GRO support was very helpful for me in case it reaches to some ears!!

        • umm that makes no sense it doesnt sound like an opinion at all to me the way he put it it just sounds to me more like an deman than an opinion he said “i vote for new face on f2p weekly” if it was an opinion he would probably give a reason to his statement like “i want jess removed from f2p weekly cause the guy in the starting episodes was better” or some other reason or he would say “in my opinion jess is not sutable for this job anymore” maybe it is an opinion but i really dont see it as such


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