This week on Free to Play Weekly: TERA goes free to play, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters dashes towards release, MechWarrior Tactics moves into closed beta at a price, Neverwinter reveals its next class and more!

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Game of the Week: Microvolts


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    • They cold be done away with alltogether. OR; LIKE AION and gameforge, they could be removed in US (because more kids with daddys credit cards running around, so sure cash shop payment) and enforced in EU (forcing kids to be like US consumers). We will see.

  1. I just realized the link I keep pasting is rigged to spit you back at the help section, and not take you to the lock box part. Well played TERA. Ok, here is what you have to do since have you trolls dont do research or/and have the attention span of gnats:

    1) Scroll down to payment tier list:­rising-play-for-free

    2) Find consumables line, click on LOCK BOXES.

    3) It is not F2P is your armor is in lock boxes. But yes, you can technically fight the boss for free, and when pvp and dungeons runs are based on gear (not target less skill), your gonna want to pay.

    • EDIT: ok that link doesnt work either, keeps inking ot parent directory so do this:

      1) COPY paste:

      2) CLICK : TERA Rising PLAY FOR FREE

      3) SCROLL DOWN to PAYMENT TIERS – FIND consumables line/

      4) CLICK on LOCK BOXES (subscibers get 10 keys per month)

      Here is copy and paste:
      “Strongboxes are new items that drop throughout the world of TERA. These strongboxes contain various items to help you through your adventures.

      Where can I find strongboxes?
      Where can I find keys to open strongboxes?
      What’s in the strongboxes?

      Where can I find strongboxes?

      Monsters all over the world drop strongboxes. You’ll always have a better chance finding a strongbox by killing BAMs, though.

      Where can I find keys to open strongboxes?

      You can purchase strongbox keys through the in-game store or by unlocking elite status on your account.

      What’s in the strongboxes?

      More information regarding the contents of a strongbox will be released at a future date.”

      • Yes but look at what you get yourself, and you get, at this moment, the best MMORPG game there is, for free. And you cry about some boxes that doesnt even have their content releaved.

        You do realize they have to make money to keep the game running? You want to play same thing over and over for your life time or u want updates and a running game? Without money the game would eventually shut down, so do your research at first, some “cashers” keep the game alive, and they get the perks, if u like the perks, buy it too, if not why do you start to flame a game, again, that you can play for free?

        • You must be smoking crack cocain.

          I have AION US. Same quality, no, better quality content, expansions, graphics, character creation, etc…ALL FREE. You pay for cosmetics.

          So I just proved you wrong on this point: do your research at first, some “cashers” keep the game alive,
          – I also prove your beyond stupid when I copy and pasted something that is sneakily hidden (the main link wont link directly), IE, I DID the research to those who need to know. I am just showing main points. NOT ANYWHERE did I say “avoid this game because you will be tricked to pay”. IN FACT, I SUPPORT PEOPLE PLAY these games to decide if it is better than their current MONEY PAID GAME or F2P experience. So before you start hating LEARN TO READ or GROW A BRAIN STEM! I Swear the mmorpg crowd has devolved to mush for brains. Must be all the red bull.

          Also, the official announcements from the company is that there is no advantage to be a freebie. And just slight enhancements for payers and they HIGHLIGHT the potions. It is legal wording mumbo jumbo. The fact is, they are hiding key elements. USUALLY this stuff is free to test (the grind of kill this and that, test a few starter dungeons, then pay to enter end dungeons and end game competitivity). JUST come out and say it: “we are doing a free to play for most start and mid level content, which is allot of fetch this and that, and a few BAMS and dungeons, but to get to save the planet with all the end game folk, are you prepared to invest your time and money to be epic?”

          YOU DO YUR RESEARCH: Allot of companies do not need cash. Cash is just hooker and coke money for vegas. ALLOT of contracts bring in cash if they partner up with the right companies. For example, youtube, google, and Facebook are all million dollar companies that are free. WHY? Because they contract out with microsoft and IP providers. For example, COX cable company will have no subscribers if the internet had no one on it, so, they sign contracts to get search engine results to pop up around their sponsors. These are in the millions of dollars.
          A text message is 10 cents to go out to satalite in space. WHY? BECAUSE YOUR SUB pays for the full over priced cell phone experience. Case in point, When the EU cell provider had ORANGE and Telecom as the ONLY providers, people paid 25 euros minimum for cell phone. The government said it is ok to add 3 new providers tostimulate competition. Guess what happened? The new price is 8-10 a month for cell service. Did companies shut down? NO! Did satalites magically get cheaper? NO! IT IS CALLED SATURATED MARKET! The mmorpg is a saturated market, why tons go F2P or B2P lately. SO… Why do you see “game shuts down not enough funding?” because these idiots built around a board group that EXPECTS a pay out, and if they dont get it, even if the game makes ENOUGH to RUN and support its fans…if they dont get that FAT pay out, they leave the board and legally have to take their interest, which is virtual property, meaning, keeping your game alive…and them not making a cent for leaving, they shut it down… To have it make sense for your small brain: It is like you quit a guild, and shut it all down as you leave. This form is more risky, but it is gauranteed cash and control if you set it up, as opposed to signing up with microsoft etc… SO….yeah I did my research. DID YOU? NOPE! YOUR JUST A CONSUMING MUSH BRAIN.

          • i dont think you did any, just screaming outloud some companies names and aswell as name calling. im just assuming you are just some raging kid which the upcoming game is not supposed to be how u want it or u are a sux wow player flaming the game i guess? no?

  2. Ok the site is back online, here it is:

    So although you can technically “enjoy all the content” their offer is no less different than ALL THE OTHER F2P CONVERSIONS that gimp you in some way (cant wear blue armor unless cash, cant get armor upgrades unless cash) And this game is HEAVILY ARMOR BASED (especially pvp…yes, non targeting is not at all a skill based system…armor will always be the judge).

    ENJOY. In before that troll who doesnt play games: ZhaoYun replies. But you all know to ignore him already ^^

  3. Ok the site is back online, here it is:

    So although you can technically “enjoy all the content” their offer is no less different than ALL THE OTHER F2P CONVERSIONS that gimp you in some way (cant wear blue armor unless cash, cant get armor upgrades unless cash) And this game is HEAVILY ARMOR BASED (especially pvp…yes, non targeting is not at all a skill based system…armor will always be the judge).

    ENJOY. In before that troll who doesnt play games: ZhaoYun replies. But you all know to ignore him already ^^

  4. well as i see it there are alot of ppl like the wow fan boys degrade a game just because its not like the game they put money into, but imo i believe a game is good or great depending upon what the game offers not just graphics, i played Knight Online not the greatest of graphics by far (Hackers ruined That game for me). but the content of it aion has a bit that i like: pets, crafting, housing, title systems, and so on and plus many adverse looks for your char. and another big plus is char creation. but now im off to try tera it looks promising ^.^

  5. Only downside to TERA is that its not even well optimized. It runs like a Console port which is terrible and annoying. I have to put it on low settings and low resolution JUST TO PLAY IT without dropping under 50 FPS! I am using the Happy Cloud downloader because it works 10x better than the original and En Masse said to me that its because Happy Cloud didn’t download the full game, so I suppose thats why. I can run Battlefield 3 maxed out 50-70 FPS and when Recording 35-45 FPS. I can also run Vanguard maxed out at very decent frames. Including many other sort of games. Big disappointment for me since TERA is unoptimized and that means less players since most people can’t get a super high end PC!

    • The reason to this, is the happy cloud i think. When i started download it, i downloaded i think 3GB and it let me play the game, and disconnect me every 30 seconds from the game saying it was my internet connection and stopped download at about 5.5GB’ish, so i used the other one and download was done in some hours, and everything is fine now, no lag too 🙂

  6. Tera=playing the trial currently on Tempest Reach its pretty good game it seems like my graphic card can’t support it so i play on lowest resolution and have the lowest graphic options so its all good i like the game don’t offer anything shocking or special to me till now(i am lvl 21)but what sucks is that there are boss quests/dungeons and since i am restricted to chat i can’t find people to do those things with which is horrible.Anyways the game is good and i like it overall

    Neverwinter=as many i am just another excited guy whos is waiting for this game

    MechWarrior Tactics=interesting but not my thing at all

    Akaneiro Demon Hunters=don’t really like this game so much as i though u can like 1 hit everything which is what i dislike and made me not wanna play more

    Cabal online=never played it never gave it too much attention but good for the for getting a new update

    Microvolts=fun shooter it reminded me of toy story kinda at start its a good game to pass ur time with and sit down for an hour and play(p.s i liked the zombie mode there a lot too)

    • Yeah, im playing it as well, and im lv24 ranger and its pretty nice and fun,

      Zhao, you dont need to find anyone, below the mini map (Top Right of your screen), is 2 circles, 1 is Join Battleground, the other Join Instance or Dungeon, i forgot, u click on it, then click on Register and you enter the queque, ussualy about 3-4 mins and u have a fully set up party to enter the dungeon, just need to click enter and u are inside it.

      • Forgot to add that, you find people from ALL servers for the instances, not only the server you play on, which is fairly nice i believe. In later lvls u will need just some seconds to find people for instances i bet

      • And to whoever is waitting for when it goes F2P, you can play now til lv28, and Transfer your character after it goes F2P to a new server.

        PvE to PvE
        PvP to PvP

        so far it says that, didnt see anyone mentioning this anywhere so pointing it out, maybe some more people would consider playing it now

        • ah good to know that thank you my friend though i really think i won’t play tera cause i cant 1 day is fine next day i keep getting errors/dcs and so on and ik what it is from its from my graphic card i can’t suport the requirememnts it needs at least GT7800 and i got GT4400 and that really messes up things for me i like this game a lot what sucks is i can’t play it just cause of my graphic card(even with having set the game in lowest graphics/resolution possible)although all good i am waiting for a lot of games to come out anyways like The elder scrolls online(doubt it will go f2p but i am waiting)blade and soul,age of wulin,warface,neverwinter,path of the exile,dragon’s prophet(yep ik they many :P)so all good.Thank you once more for that info once i get a better graphic card(fortunatelly soon but i doubt it)i will play tera and try what u suggested

          • ah well 🙂

            im looking into buy a gaming PC myself, to run Tera and some other games on highest posible settings 🙂

            and no problem

  7. iam form israel and i want to play tera but i got user authenication and i heard about the update that they will blok the ip for many players in Asia, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East is ther hope to paly that game in my contry ????

  8. Tera – currently playing the ‘unlimited trial’ before it goes f2p, it’ll give me a chance to see if it’s worth playing for a decent time…ok so far but nothing groundbreaking or amazing for me

    Guess next game I’ll be looking forward to is Neverwinter, then Elder Scrolls Online (but that sounds too good to be ftp)

  9. every game in this episode is all that id like to try, specially neverwinter and tera f2p. i wonder if Aion will be knocked off its perch as top f2p game by tera?! o and nice LOL quote lol^^

    • The only reason AION would be knocked off is if people are os brainless they only play for graphics. But playing for graphics usually burns people out when they hit grind (which Aion US curbed a bit).
      Aion has more classes and customs. Tera has a STRICT build of three classes and one OP class (everyone wants a lancer). AION you can quest in several areas your level. Tera is super linear experience. AION has lots of social and cosmetic features, TERA you cannot even sit… so…not sure what kind of perch.
      Now EU, Gameforge could out right screw up TERA as it has AION. Yet to be see, but more than likely. I noticed the company already HID THE FAQ website that spells out lock box features (your armor drops in lock boxes and have to cash shop the keys)… So, either company could pick up the feature and install it (probably EU).

      Also, this is the statement: This means all the content, dungeons, battlegrounds, and quests—all without a fee. They’ll have the full experience.” – EQ2 and all other companies say that. But we all know it is pay or gtfo in groups for certain content, despite that they are “OPEN to all”.
      We will see…

      • How extremely biased lol. You act as if TERA has nothing going for it other than graphics. TERA isn’t just another tab target game, has a very interesting in game government system, open world pvp (especially with that awesome outlaw system it has, kill anyone anywhere? Hell, yes.), and awesome GvG features. Mind you, I only played during launch, so I am unsure of what has happened to it since. I love the different options for creating a character in TERA as well as Aion, and while Aion has more individual customization, TERA has more races. So they are even to me. I haven’t played too much of Aion, but I do love the pet system and the guild cloaks and the flying and what not, there are a lot of cool features.
        Anyway, IMO in the end it comes down to the hard targeting or the tab targeting for a lot of people, and if TERA beats Aion, that will be why.

        • Do you even play bro? Go to the site right now, they have “PVP” under construction by the Devs because the community is tired of how broken and unbalanced it is. The Devs have not touched it since release. They just letting it rot… One of many blaring issues.

          • Tera is horrible. 30 GB of download for nothing. pure and utter trash. RaiderZ is better in every way. I cant believe that shit game was pay to play

      • for someone who brags that knows everything it does seem to me that u do.i bet u played tera til lvl 5 or something since u said “TERA you cannot even sit” have u ever tryed to type /sit or /dance in chat?it makes ur char sit down or dance accordingly.There are a lot of other actions u can type so your char can do but i just mentioned 2 as an example.Once again check before you say something and be “sure” about your statement.Thanks

      • Funny how you’re SO biased, yet HORRIBLY WRONG. TERA has EIGHT classes, not four. And Lancer OP? LOL. BTW, YOU CAN SIT in TERA, I don’t know what imbecile started that rumor(probably you). And no, the F2P restrictions are virtually non-existent. Literally. It’s really more of a BENEFIT to subscribe than a PENALTY to be free.

        TL;DR: Don’t listen to this idiotic troll. Do your own research/try it yourself.

        Sources: I have 2 level 60s

        • TERA is fun. I enjoy it. Try it. Don’t judge it by fanboys or anti-fanboys. Try it. Don’t like it, don’t play it. Enough said….


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