On this week’s show Q returns to chat about The Secret World, we run the rapid fire round and chat ASTA, Warframe, Orcs Must Die and more, and finish with a few First Look Reviews! All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:38 Last Man Standing/MMOs on Consoles
29:59 Our MMO Gripes
38:00 GW2 Leaves ESL
39:45 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
50:06 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Strap in, it’s gonna be a long one. Da-bomb to awesome dungeon parties. It seems a rare occurrence to me relative to how many dungeons I run, but I have two examples this week. The first one goes to the “pet” rogue my tank acquired for five or six dungeons. He ran with the hubby and I and was a lot of fun to play with. I especially appreciated the fact that he asked if I minded before pulling a pat for me, rather than being the sort that just face plants into mobs and expects me to babysit. The second example, I’ll admit, was a little childish on my part, but it was quite hilarious. The hubby and I were dpsing in a dungeon and the tank was being a real jerk running the mobs around us and dragging them away from us to try to keep up his numbers… not a huge deal, but annoying… but what really got me was that he wouldn’t hold any threat and we were getting our face beat in. I knew the next boss had a habit of possessing people and I commented to the hubby that if it possessed him I was just going to beat him down. It did and all three dps smoked him in a matter of seconds. He was, understandably pissed, but we all thought it was hilarious. He called for all three of the dps to be kicked and the healer retorted by kicking him instead. We finished the dungeons sans tank with no issue and it was great.

    For the question of the week, I have to say the boss that had the biggest impression on me was probably the final boss in Polaris in TSW. That might have to do with the fact that my first time through I was healing it (in a panic), but it really is an awesome fight.

    • Hello,
      Maybe asking for actual feedback here is a bit far fetched, but hey let’s give it a whirl. I’m curious what decision making you take particular issue with. When I left the site for 2 years the site pretty much ran with the same content and frequency (if not a little less consistent weekly cast) and then when I was asked to come back about two years ago we maintained again the same core content. We’ve tried a few new things here and there just like any site does and we’ve dropped things that viewers didn’t enjoy quickly…like we should do based on feedback.

      So, help me out a bit with some actual constructive criticism if you like, I’m always open to it, but I can’t help you be heard or help something change (if it needs to) based on vague comments.

  2. I wanna give a da-bomb to Orcs Must Die Unchained’s new Sabotage mode, it’s quite fun.
    It somewhat reminded me of the PvP from Ascend: Hand of Kul. I wish there would be more games with similar pseudo PvP.

  3. … so do those posters on the back mean that Squarenix and Nintendo pay you (since they’re always on display)?!? *evil grin muahaha*
    I’m back from a 3 week “gaming” recess and boy do I read things… Carbine on a new “title” and cool stuff happening all around and then the discussion is on controller vs keyboard and mouse. My opinion on that is that all systems are designed for a “purpose”, you wouldn’t eat a soup with a fork or cut a steak with a spoon right? So for me controllers are for the “realm” of the racing games (where you can control the amount of turn you put on the wheels of a car with an analog stick) and some “beat’em ups” (will even include some games like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry here), but for things like MMORPGs or even any kind of “shooter” or “RTS” games I just find nonsensical using a controller since a full 180Âş will take me 10x the speed to turn than a mouse flick and since combat awareness is key, the slow rate of turning on a controller is just a big disadvantage, especially if you’re playing versus people who are using keyboard and mouse.
    As for the Bombs…. Da Bomb to Mass Effect Andromeda, I bought it and have been having a blast on the game. A Bomb to Mass Effect Andromeda, it seems like everyone is knit picking the game for it’s obvious reasons and I’m not behind on it either, bugs and multiplayer connection issues are all over and they frustrate me so much on this AAA that it just makes me want to boot up Warframe and say “This is how it’s done!” (and connections ARE the Achilles Heel of Warframe, so you can imagine how bad it gets).
    Question of the Week, Garr (Molten Core Raid in World of Warcraft), Garr was the 1st boss I ever saw a raid working on it, at the time someone told me these words, “Those guys go there and get the small ones and that guy just holds him down while taking damage, those are here just to heal them and the rest are just to deal damage and kill him!” and it blew my mind… 1st time I ever saw the “Holy Trinity” at work and as a concept, I’ve played other things online before but not at that level of detail, trust and coordination, which we all take for granted nowadays. 🙂


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