On this week’s show we have big concerns with Amazon Game Studios as BreakAway officially shuts down development, Faeria makes an odd choice to go B2P…after being F2P, Q gives us her SWL new content review, and April Fool’s ends up bring battle royale to Path of Exile! All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:29 BreakAway and Amazon Game Studios
21:51 Faeria and Secret World Legends
39:29 Path of Exile Battle Royale
41:41 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
49:22 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da-Bomb to Boss Key Productions for that stellar announcement of the next big BR game on the scene. Genuinely, I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did reading the announcement.. and to think it’s going to be F2P as well. Hope there is enough humble pie to go around the office !

    A-bomb to A-bombs ! At least, trying to come up with A-bombs. Nothing has irked me enough this week to have it publicly called out on a podcast. I’ll take two more of my grumpy old guy pills and see how I feel next week.


    The way I see it, BR is the next stage of immediate gratification. It used to be: “Hey, I don’t want to spend three months leveling this warrior to get to end game so I’m just gonna play this MOBA or FPS”. Now, instead of learning champions, weapon sprays or maps you can jump into a BR game and have a decent chance of winning. Sure, there will always be those who hit the game hard and know everything there is to get ‘chicken dinner’ each time, but you haven’t got to be the best to pick up a victory royale (I should know, I watched my 11 year old cousin get a victory royale and he, bless him, isn’t that great).

  2. So I went out to murder Storm Legion people to farm cloth so I can make some of our characters in Rift gear. My husband was sitting next to me eating breakfast and watching me go about my business, when one of the guys drops an Autumn Hedge (it’s a dimension item). I comment that I have no idea why a Storm Legion soldier would be carrying a hedge. Then I theorize that maybe he needed to sneak around and was using it for cover, to which my husband chimes in with ‘Or maybe he’s in a play and that’s his costume.’ There’s a pause and after a thoughtful moment he adds, ‘Or maybe he’s the one Storm Legion guy that just does this as a job, and this is his kid’s costume for the school play. You murderous dick.’ So da-bomb to my hubby and his weird ass theories about the NPCs I murder when I farm.

  3. TBH, GGG were not going to run with Royale, but the load of spam emails chris wilson got and the threads on bot reddit and the forums DID kinda make them think about it.

    To be honest though, they have tried cutthroat/PvP to little success, even made 2 fairly large pushes including having a tournament with decent prizes…at which point PvP killed itself…at which point GGG shelved it to maybe return to one day.

    Royale will never be a permanent thing, the playerbase just will not play it for more than a week at a time, that being said, it could make it as an event of some sort…possibly during the lul in the game coming up to the end of a league and the start of a new one.

  4. Heroes of the storm gets my A-Bomb, DA-Bomb? I do not know , Deckard Cain ,was announced on the april 5th , but i still had to see if it’s an april fools joke , i mean i’m happy for a new Diablo hero but this looks like a joke , right now i can’t take him seriously , until he breaks the game with an OP release like any other hero .

    QOTW : Me personally , i couldn’t give less of a shit even if i tried , But this is my idea why people dislike the battle-royale type games:
    It’s everywhere, this is the new trend, just like a moba or ssg where, it’s a perfect OK type of game, but when everyone is talking non-stop, it’s hard not to form a negative opinion for something that’s been shoved down your throat, it’s pretty much the same effect that Frozen had, too much exposure and praise, to the point where people did a 180 turn and they said it’s not just boring but also a bad movie, But that’s just what i believe it’s happening ,it’s not a fact .

    As to why anyone would play it , how the fork am i supposed to know that ,why did anyone play mobas ?i probably played every single god damn moba out there and have no clue what so ever as to why i did play them , It’s a perfect representation of the definition of insanity .


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