Want a Hot Tub in your MMO? Check out how ArcheAge added one then listen as we chat about our initial thoughts regarding Crossout vehicle combat and The Skies! All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

01:26 Crossout Review
13:40 ArcheAge Hot Tub?
19:58 The Skies Review
28:40 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
35:19 Questions and Answers of the Week

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Mike "Magicman" Byrne has been a part of the MMOBomb family for years and serves as the site's current Editor-in-Chief. His love for MMOs and gaming in general has led him to covering games for numerous websites including Gamebreaker TV and XIV Nation where he proudly displays his fanboy flag for FFXIV:ARR.


  1. Today Community has become so evil that people become Very nasty to new player or veteran player even Hack video games so much nowadays to just win a game plus these is no more enjoyment in people hearts now. The Spirit of fun has Burn out Completely on the Community and other thing as well that you should know now. I Completely no Longer be part of any Community online games.

  2. For the question of the week: I still play WoW. I could stop there, but I digress they got rid of skill trees that made for many options, not all of them optimal, but many of them fun, chopped up epic dungeons into bite-sized 15ish minute runs, offered heirloom gear that in combination with the afore mentioned things made the difficulty of the content a complete joke. And those are just the basic things… there’s a lot more I could go into. Coming back to the game last year with my little group was actually my idea. I missed some of the classes and I guess I had a nostalgia moment. Since I gave up on SWTOR (won’t get into that mess), this is now the only game the whole group plays together. Don’t get me wrong… I still have fun with it to a degree, but were I the only one playing it… I probably wouldn’t be for much longer. As it stands Legion might be a big decision maker for me.

    • Somewhat belated side-note…. how about an opposing question of the week for next week, if you don’t already have one, that is. The thing about WoW got me thinking about how I basically stumbled into HoTS and ended up having a ton of fun and sticking around. So however you can think to word it.

  3. Don’t worry Jason as i said, i am way to lazy and poor to actually travel to your place. Otherwise i would.
    A-bomb to the current Situation regarding Gaming Companies and the Stupidity of most Gamer in general, I feel like people in Games become more and more Stupid, it feels like Evolution went full derp and forgot to add some brain cells but it is beyond me why people still buy into Games that Actively Promote Scam, Ripping off the customer and a lot more acts that could be considered Questionable or even criminal. I am an Oldschool Gamer, I grew up with modding my Game till it breaks, i grew up with Games that had an almost infinite lifetime thanks to the active mod Community, does anyone even remember what an Add-On is ? Developers nowadays don’t want anyone to do even the slightest thing with their Game, not even improving it, since they gave the modding community the Death letter companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft and many more simply try to rip-off the Customer with DLC’s season pass, Premium elite yada yada whatever no matter how you call it it is still ripping off the customer. Companies are fine with those tactics since the Typical Gamer nowadays lacks the basic Intelligence to even finish a sentence without saying yolo or swag. I am well aware those are harsh words but the truth is harsh and the truth is, humanity won’t make it far if this goes on.
    Da bomb to the holy Magicman.
    QotW: this actually connected to the answer Mike gave me about APB : “Don’t play it !” In my case, it is the money I spend on the game in the last 4 years which exceeds the 1000$ by far, and the lack of Competition. there is no Game getting even close to APB, GTA Online is just a good Heist game, everything else is boring if I want to Race I start up my Assetto Corsa, if I want to play Deathmatch I play Quake or Unreal Tournament/Toxikk. if I want 24/7 PvP In a kinda big open world I play APB, there sadly is no alternative to APB. If there is a game that is better then one I currently play I probably leave for the better one, but I alway take into account how much money I spend on the other game.
    Needless to say, all my friends stopped playing apb almost instantly and for 4 years I am Pretty roaming alone in APB.

  4. You guys have lost your mind about every Game/Company that you Complain about has become a Chao mess on the (Media Game Review) . When are you Player Going to learn to stop playing Multiplayer games and go back to doing basic stuff For real? It Really Sad these days Human are losing their Wisdom on Video games online.

  5. QotW:
    Neverwinter. There are so many things wrong with this game: new content is almost non-existent and what comes is almost entirely reused maps and assets; PvP is a complete mess of pay to win; the lack of QA is nothing but shocking; end game is just grinding the same couple of instances to refine gear that has no content to match it; and a feeling that the studio has no pride in the game at all.

    Why I stay: mostly as I’m in an active and friendly guild. If I didn’t have that I’d almost certainly quit. Other than that there are the usual awful free to play tricks to keep people playing — tiny rewards for doing things as you work your way towards a fixed target, the time invested already that you don’t want to throw away, etc.

  6. QotW: If the MMO is good I will play it. Sadly for me I play most of Trion Worlds games. Despite the dumb shit they do, they have pretty good games. Even if they have pay to win cash shops in all of their games. Just look at Defiance. They have packs with high powered weapons and stuff that range from 49.99 to 149.99. it sucks though when a player have syngergy items and chips on their guns and character that you can only get in the cash shop. Which is why I avoid pvp in that game. Maybe you should check that game out in a future Free to Play Police episode.


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