On this week’s show, PSO2, SEGA, and Microsoft team up for a horrendous PC launch filled with technical issues…and that was just on the game’s download, we get Zach’s thoughts on Crucible and then review Shadow Arena, and continuing the disaster train we park in the ArcheAge station and look at the expansion issues. All that and more on this week’s Free to Play Cast!

Discussion Timestamps:

02:26 PSO2 Fumbles The Launch Ball
27:41 Shadow Arena Review (And Zach’s Crucible Thoughts)
55:45 ArcheAge Expansion or DLC?
01:08:00 Weekly Bombs (DA-Bomb / A-Bomb)
01:12:33 Questions and Answers of the Week

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  1. Da-bomb to the Arks-Layer and the PSO2 community for making a more functional launcher than Mircosoft and Sega. Finally got into the game today thanks to it. Now I need to get past the first real boss, character creator.

    QOTW: How to do a sandbox mmo right?

    Short answer: Hook up Old School Runescape with Stardew Valley a have them make a love child.

    Long answer:
    A perfect modern sandbox mmo, at its core, is a hybrid between an old school rpg and a life sim where setting your own goals, the journey through the game, and the people you meet along the way are the point of the game. It needs to support many different ways of playing it that appeal to different kinds of players where no one path is clearly the ‘right way’ to play and give those different kinds of players reasons to work together to achieve their goals. There should be something in the game that appeals to almost every kind of gamer from the grandma who only plays Animal Crossing to the hard core pvper. Speaking of pvp …

    What it’s not is a ‘player driven’, full loot, territory control pvp game or a game that’s focused on developer defined end game content of any form. Having something like the wilderness in Runescape that gives more loot than the safe areas (but no untradable unique loot) and a having a separate ‘war realm’ where guilds can fight for control over that zone would be great but it needs to be completely ignorable by players who don’t to want to pvp (or get ganked).

    Players should define what their version of end game is, weather it be creating the biggest Mc.Mansion, being the best skiller for a certain profession, having every boss on farm, etc. it should all be equally as valid and fleshed out.

    Do I think such a game will ever exist: especially one with triple A production values? I’m not holding my breath.


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