Hi-Rez reveals their new game, NCSoft has a new game in the works, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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  1. All the old crappy games devs need to form a massive group and unite their skills to make a one complete great game.
    Just go back to picking up a shovel.

    • Or the devs need to stop releasing a crapload of half finished games and actually finish a game and have people who actually work at their company work on it and randomly pick closed beta testers to help test the game when it’s ready for outside help instead of leaving the testing to the consumer. I’ve seen tons of half finished games the devs perfer having the consumer to the companies job nowadays sadly. Also browser games should just die off most of them are crap and rely on micro transactions and VIP membership.

  2. Hi – why release a game and then take it down to work on it? then in my opinion shouldn’t have been released in first place. it´s better to just keep the game in early access/beta.. allot companies fails to achieve good game cuz thay dont use much game tester eny more! thay rather trhow out a pay erly access insted of paying ppl to test there game out…

    • Sad but true dude. ALot of MMOs I’ve seen have pay early access and early betas just to do the jobs that should be the responsibility of the testers that work for the company. I’d be suprised if the game that comes back after being taken down after a year or 2 is even still relevant. That’s the thing if they take the MMO down for a year theres a good chance they will become irrelevant because no one will care about their old project. It’s why they need to get all the kinks out before launch day instead of pulling BS stunts of taking it off the market for a year or so to work on it.

  3. I don’t understand breaks, either you keep the game going and improve it (if it’s meant to be improved) or you take the game down because it’s not working. Hiatus cuts feedback from players which is the basics of it all when it comes to online nowadays! To me this is a 80% chance of RIP!

    • I know a game that’s been in open beta since 2012 and they still wanna launch into full release. And the playerbase is pretty much non existant nowadays and so many bugs and glitches. I don’t understand these breaks devs take either. Sometimes they benefit but over 90% of the times they don’t and once they take they game down they should just stay down.

      • This is likely a useless post but I thought it would go well with my my post about the 2012 game above. It was also built in adobe flash player browser game it’s also a MMO a decent one suprisingly but I have no idea what the devs are thinking since technology is slowly transitioning from adobe flash to mobile and other web technologies.

  4. I wanna just say this. I repsect their decisions to take it down to improve it because no one want’s to play a garbage MMO anyone would want the devs to improve their game if it needs it. But if their company is handling a decent amount of MMOs then they should just drop the MMO they shut down for good. I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring a project down for a year then bring it back unless the project can guarentee profits and popularity.


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