Magic: the Gathering’s new expansion is now live and Fortnite and Apex Legends both dev talk about crunch in the gaming industry.
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  1. Content can not maintain its current pace expectation, unless they employ more people, its impossible to keep up and maintain without over stretching the lives of their employees.
    This needs to be looked at seriously.
    Just a look at a game that dies content is never supplied just the bare bones of game is all that’s left to be used, look at the players who jump into the dead privately served game they reel at it as it is in its bare content that is available = its excepted.
    Fornite has put itself in this problem of constantly delivering content and they now have to do it!
    Employ far more people. OR
    Stop over updating, stop stop STOP!.
    Relax the game and await for reactions while slowly creating content at a positive healthy pace.
    Stop thinking you need more and more content.
    The game race isn’t about killing the health of employees its about fun and play.
    Just complete the game you want at a good healthy pace the way you wanted it to become, and move on-wards from there ..slowly.
    As for fortnite it is doomed, as its way too over blown with content and updates, they have spoiled players rotten and will eventually rot in it themselves as this can not be maintained at its current pace.


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