Tera’s Skycastles get a release date, PlanetSide 2 sets a record, a Dragon’s Dogma MMO is announced, all that and more, this is Free to Play Weekly!

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  1. SoE’s big event was a load of fail,the game has almost always run poorly at best on a great many of the times top end PC system and the event was a huge leg fest even before it got going. H1Z1 shows the drastic decline of SoE from innovations too cookie cutter inspired/ripped off games. #SoE #Cancer

    • I was a part of the record breaking match. It was indeed a lag-fest. But, like I told my squad, you don’t try to break the world record in hot dog eating and then expect to have “a satisfying gourmet meal”. On any given day, in in given battle Planetside runs great for me. It was only because we were pushing the server to the absolute maximum that it chugged under the load. And even with that, I still had a great time. I was getting kills and blowing up scythes. I’m in the H1Z1 beta, and I played DayZ, and I have to say H1Z1 is already ahead of DayZ. I’d like to know the motivation behind SOE haters. And who the hell types hashtags in anything but Twitter?


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