This week the illustrious crew drops info on Fiesta Online, Lives long an prospers while discussing Star Trek Online, debates who is actually responsible for your game account’s security, and much more. Do your opinions match up with our panel’s? Listen to our second episode to find out!

Free-To-Play Cast is a exclusive podcast (and videocast) from about free to play multiplayer online games but more focused on the personal opinions of our editors and players. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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  1. Magicman about the $16000 sword being bought the game Age of Wulin is supposed tocome out in the EU. It’s already started its closed beta testing in china where this auction took place and as the chinese love their martial arts they love the game. But I think its gonna be a Huge game in the western gaming world aswell as it isnt all that fancy glowy stuff but more realistic and real life like. Btw its being published by gpotato eek hope nothing wrong happens there hehe 😉

  2. Kingdom Heroes 2 also another great F2P historical mmorpg has great potential but let down by lack of advertisement and company involvement 🙂

  3. Guys would really like it if you did a review for Age of Wulin. Its a great new game by snail games coming out in mid 2012. F2P and Martial arts based. Also no leveling system and characters turn into NPC’s when offline 🙂

  4. I’m torn here. As much as I love the fact that STO is now F2P as my “fallback” along with DCUO… when I’m burnt out of other MMOs or F2P games… there’s something odd about STO. Not trying to rag on the game, seriously not, think it’s really cool and fun and all that, but having made it to Captain in the one month’s time that came with the game, I definitely noticed a repetitive nature to questing/leveling, which I suppose is bound to happen in an MMO, but just has it hard for me to hop back in over enthusiastically. I mean the random Borg invasions and stuff are fun, as are some of the away-team gigs… and getting bigger ships is nice, as well as better gear/weapons… just, dunno, game feels a bit grindy; although, I do love the fact you have an away team so you don’t always HAVE to team with other people in order to do missions on the ground (now in space may be an entirely different story!).

  5. the episode was good, but if you want to take a look at fallen earth you will need to spend mutch more time becose its crafting seestem is so big and you can create eanything that you want and more 😀

  6. Hi Everyone! We will be recording gameplay in Fiesta Online Tomorrow Sunday Jan. 15th at 1 PM Eastern United Stats Time. Come have som fun with us! Server Teva and I am a Level 1 Hunter exploring Roumen named Magickmann. NO Cheating! Don’t kill anything or complete a quest we have a race with special rules we will be doing. Come on out if you can!

  7. “Rock out with your Spock out,” must be one of the most disturbing phrases I have ever heard. The most I have ever spent on a virtual item shop ever is $5 for some gold in World of Tanks because I felt like I needed a little bit of a boost to get into the vehicles that I wanted.

    I cannot even bring myself to pay more than $10 in a year for anything in a free-to-play game.

    If we include me spending $10/mo for GaiaOnline envelopes, though that does mean that I spent almost $120 on social virtual items in one year eons ago. In fact, I did that in order to promote a bunch of thing I was working on there by giving them out as gifts. ξ

  8. Great Show… keep doing it ^^ love it… =D Gretings from Venezuela =) One question, will Action RPG at the end, “kill” point and click RPG? about de the transactions, i preffer Buy To play (spend some money one and play forever) or Free to play (Spend money when i want something only, so i can stop laying a mont or 2, and dont fell that i wasting money if i am dont playing).

  9. Most i spent in 1 shot was 50$ that was for multiple items ( but i played the game for 2 years before ever even thinking about making a purchase.
    For me personaly 50$ is the MOST i spend on any SO CALLED free2play. In my eye’s if they can keep my attention for longer than 2 months i will pay them what i consider a BOX price. B@P they then desirve a bit of my money for a job well done!

    As for what you said at the end when asking this question , the guy that spent 16,000$ and you said if the game fails his WIFE would kill him … WELL if you spend 16,000$ on a gameITEM , YOU HAVE NO WIFE. your a single guy thats married to your PC.

    • All that is subject to what type of game you are playing. To spend $50, well… that might get you items that wear off in a few months. So, You will need to spend another $50..and soon another…soon you pay $16,000 over time, just not all at once. (I.E. subscription). So, Find the game that has a no rape feature such as costumes only in cash shop.

      • Maybe watch the WHOLE video !!!!! ( before you respond to me)

        He asked whats the MOST you spent in 1 transaction !


        maybe you buy items that expire , but my 50$ goe’s to avatars or pets that collect loot for me, Things that DON’T expire !

  10. Keep up the good work. I love this show ^-^
    Definitely worth watching each minute of this.

    I shall try some of the suggestions that were mentioned here and i look forward to the next one.

  11. I love the show, to answer your question, the person that is ultimately responsible for the security is the game company because they have to make sure that there are no trojans, or anything that can obtain any of the items I purchase in game, or in the cash shops, and even more if I put my credit card information on there. That would be very scary to wake up one morning to find that my bank account is in the red, or in the game, that all my items have been stolen or sold off .


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