Maestia is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG, following a story about the eternal quest for power and righteousness. Players are able to join Instance Dungeons, fight in battles that involve both guilds and factions.

To find more about Maestia check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, tons of screenshots, and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.


  1. OMG magicman ! I love all your reviews , you dont studder and get straight to the point! Im gonna go download this game right now :D!

  2. Yeah, I remember trying this game out when the closed beta launched. Honestly, it really was a bit of a change. I can’t really explain why I think that, but I can say that I played this game a little longer than what I play other new/beta MMO’s. I say try it out just for that fact that it is somewhat enjoyable. The leveling is fast enough to where you can get a taste of the game without wasting too much time if you decide that it’s not for you. I may actually pick it back up since open beta and see if it’s changed much since cb.

    And I also want to give a big Thank You to Magicman and everyone else that does First Looks and The F2P Cast/Weekley. ( Ha, you guys save me a lot of time in testing out games just to see if I’ll like them somewhat. )

    -xBryce (aka) LucidPixel

  3. I didn’t necessarily mean I wanted them to be exactly like IGN. I meant, that I wouldn’t be surprised if mmo bomb became a major journalist company.And hopefully if the same people are in charge of mmo bomb, they wouldn’t do anything foolish on their forums like the ones you listed cacalips.

  4. saw the first look and it looks like something i might be trying out i don’t post much comments to lazy i guess but yeah thanx to your guys and gals on the reviews i get to play more games ill see u peeps in there latz

  5. First!!!!! Lol i’m just kidding ,but in all honesty this game doesn’t look at that, i’m thinking about trying this game out. And good work guys, I know I sound like a kiss up but you guys are really good at what you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if you guys became a major journalist company like IGN. But yeah like I said keep up the good reviews and first looks. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliment! I agree with you. It wasn’t a bad game and in my first look I pointed that out a few times. Is there anything really new? No. Is there anything bloody awful in it? No. So if you’re looking for a change of scenery this will probably hit the spot. 🙂

    • Oh dear god. PLEASE don’t become like IGN. I avoid that fraud crap website. Journalists paid out to give 4 stars to anything. Go to all the mmorpg review sites that pop up in your first 10 pages of GOOGLE. Look at the ratings and then go to the game lists and look at the ones that rank top the conflicting nature of it all leaves us only to read what is published sometimes. And that experience usually leaves you had scratching and we all end up downloading and tying it ourself. The whole concept is null and the only thing mmorpg community needs right now is something more edgy and daring. Not this you scratch my ass I put the pickle in yours conference calls with developers etc. It just feuls the broken cycle.

      • In fact IGN, Gamespy; all edit their comments are so many good reviews I created or I have read from others get removed and, in the case of; are replaced with the ACTUAL GMs of games, especially Gpotato; that have the forum floor for propoganda-izing the game. mmorpg uses excuses like “your content is offensive removing” when reviewed and proven it was not offensive they replied “ok, but sorry we lost the blocked thread”. Other times they will troll your thread then shut it down due to someone else trolling, but if you troll a certain thread they leave it open. A clear pick and chose sign.
        I also read their legaly policy on bans and what not; they violate it and when I brought it up, they tried to hide the policy link then reposted it a week later, and hid certain terms LOL!
        Market is nothing but propoganda and as of now, the best reviewers are private blogs or sites launching like this; although this ones turning for the worst.

        • Haha..yeah you must be right…I’m sure the developers of this game would be thrilled that I called it a mediocre, run of the mill MMORPG and said it may be something you want to check out if you’re playing something else and just want a change of scenery. Clearly a turn for the worst.


        • On a serious note though, taking posts down is a bit counter productive in my opinion. If you have something good to say, cool…if bad…that’s cool too. Most people read both the good and bad posts about a game then decide if they want to play it and that’s the way it should be. I actually agree with you here. If this site ever started that I wouldn’t be here. Since I’ve been here I saw one post taken down because it gave personal emails of a company’s employees. That’s crossing the line, but if opinion posts were ever censored I wouldn’t want to make content for this site anymore either. Holy crap we actually agree about something Nanbo.


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