Troy Online is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG set in a world based on Greek myth with recreated mythical characters such as Menelaus, Achilles, and Cassandra.

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  1. Seriously this game is a joke. Do not even waste time on downloading this one.
    The gameplay ? suck. barely good movement you end to use the cllic and even doing that is uncomfortable your charactr run in wall, do not really follow path. The combat are soooo damn slow and borring and the pvp ? seriously try to play pvp the battleground do’nt have any kind of level restriction.
    The music ? knew better….
    The graphic? if you like average kind of graphic, very poor décoration, ground texture (everything look like made by a child…

    In general ? the game look good only in video, in game it’s a true and deep sh!t as the gameplay do not help to give you a good appreciation of the game.

  2. Anyways, as much of the f2p games i have played over the years, they finally come across a little more Greek times in roleplaying. this looks promising and what i have listen to you and watched the video there is going to be some craziness going to happen that is going to be tedious, traveling and questing, just hope its not going to be all grind fest, that most f2p have been. But again this looks like it.

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