Wakfu is a free to play 2D anime-style MMORPG with unique features like a ecosystem, citizenship and much more featuring tactical turn-based combat, vast character customization, and a deep player influenced world.

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  1. Magicman if you joined the nation of brakmar then i may be able to help you lvl up i am lvl 19 right now and still going up. Plz add me my name in game is ryoo.

  2. Correction: In this video I incorrectly said and labeled the developers as “Angama”, it was actually “Ankama”. That’s what I get for working on this way late. My deepest apologies to the hard workers at Ankama. Thanks!

  3. All good games if you like this genre. However, it is not F2P. Just a few noob features, then you must pay or be forever locked out of the content.

  4. The game has been out for nearly 4 years now, and it’s still buggy; well not as worst at it first came out.

    – Monster stuck / bug can’t kill or harvest.
    – Spread out market bag, can be put anywhere (Use this to sell items; there is no non playable character in this game that will buy junk items).
    – Over Nerf Characters, and some abilities.
    – Newbies wondering around killing monster without cares about the ecosystem.
    – Karma the game currency is hard to obtain at the moment.
    – Governor applicants can use their alts to cheat the ballot.
    – Inactive Governor could stays in power for the whole two weeks.
    – Ankarma disabled re-talent in Open Beta, making it harder for beta testers to test the abilities and skills for bugs or glitches.
    – Plenty more.

  5. Great video for first impression! You should also talk about the following next time.

    – Story Achievement (Some Achievement can only be obtain on certain time and certain requirements; for example Story Achievements on Incarnam the first map can only be obtained there; once you’ve left then there’s no other way to get it as far as I know.)
    – Most of the characters have been nerfed and greatly weakened; so dofus players might find it harder to level certain nerfed characters.
    -Trapper professions can be obtain on Incarnam by talking to the Boss Wolf located within the east gate; also basic tutorial / strategy instructors located on the north gate. (The reason that you can’t pass through the gate because it’s bug; you need to move away and right click from a far.)

    * I would like to play with you next time, but sadly I live in Europe and can’t enter N/A Server.

    • I don’t mind at all! I love meeting everyone, problem is I have to bounce from game to game so often you may not see me all the time! 🙂

      • I just wanna say thanks for being so social with your fans and also even more thanks for showing me this great game. I’ve been playing it all day. lol

        • My pleasure on both counts Aeirn! If I don’t get people to watch I don’t get to do them anymore! Plus, We don’t do this for the money, we do it because we love games and talking about games with other gamers around the world! 🙂

  6. Great game with amazing features TONS do to not a grind fest lots of professions to work on economic system is amazing Recommended.

    • 1. Yes it is a grind fest, since that,s the main thing you do. lvling is a bit grindy, but what is really grindy has to be the actual leveling of your skills. They need to fix that badly…

      2. Professions right now are almost worthless and are just as grindy as fighting mobs. Also alot of the items you make with your profession barely anyone wants to buy them. With exception to bags since bag space in this game is horrible. Also if you do sell or vend your items, 95% of everyone in the game only pays 1kama for everything and anything. So the economy sucks..like 1 big dollar store.

      3. There is no class advancement or ex skills or anything really new that you get at higher lvls. Nothing at all. If you want a change all you can do is re-roll a new character and start from the bottom again. So it gets boring after a while.

      4. There are only a few NPC’s in the game and alot of them are all just talk and are not really there to interact with. They are just there for info and to learn a profession. Thats their only uses.

      5. Barely any quests in the game, so again…just mindless grinding

      6. No apparent storyline or substance to the game at all. Maybe some small pictographs here and there. But no storyline to push the player. Yes in their awesome anime style trailer for the game it looks great, it gets you hyped to play the game. But in reality it sucks atm. If only..if only they could make the game more like the wakfu anime…

      7. 90% of all the dungeons are just pure monster grind with only a 20% bonus for grouping and running the dungeon as opposed to grinding outside a dungeon. Very few dungeons have bosses and that at the end of the dungeon after all your hard work you actually get a great/rare prize or item. They need to reward players a ton more for running their dungeons with better loot.

      8. punch punch kick! punch punch kick! punch punch kick!…that,s just and example of how i feel when i use skills in this game. why?? Because you get 15 skills and out of those 15. Just about everyone in the game only used 2-3 maybe 4 of those skills only for every dam fight. So every battle they use the same dam combo and strategy. They barely or rarely change it up or use other skills. Which is sad and pathetic…and like i said there are no ex skill or class advancement. So there are no new skills.

      9.Stats in this game is laughable. 99% of everyone in this game just pumps all their stats into HP. Why only HP?? Because it is the best stat of all, and all the other stats are useless and do not give much of a boost at all. How is this a problem?? Lack of orginality or variation. Why even have all the other stats if they are so useless and no one uses them…whats the point?? That needs major fixing.

      10. The game is a sandbox game. Players in this game are responsible for just about everything. That,s were it gets messed up. Yeah it is a great idea and different from other games. Picture a hairy pathetic manchild living in his parents basement and he has issues and alot of time on his hands, and he loves playing wakfu. So he becomes governer so he sets rules for his nation and he starts fights with other nations. Basically he is pissin people off left and right and starts a War with other nations. He is a tyrant. Since he pissed off other nations and players. Enemy nations start poping up were you play and start PKing you and your friends. Not just once but many many times ruining your lvling and your overall day…all thanks to one asshole.

      In short watch out because the goverment rules and alot of stuff is ran by the players. Watch out for tyrants and emo kids manchildren and players who basically are drunk with power and ruin the game for new players or innocent players…it is happening right now as we speak in OBT…

      The Dev team wants people to pay 6$ for this game. When there are sooo many balancing issues. The game is not user friendly or noob friendly. Half the community of old wakfu players are basically A-holes and all grabbing and fighting for power and control in the game….Pkers left and right….

      And i know some of you will disagree with what i say. But at least i am speaking the truth about the game. I not speaking as a fanboy, even though i have played this game since the french version years ago before square enix got involved, or english gamers even hearing about wakfu….

      • did you know, that this is same game company behind this what is maked dofus, AND someone has doed a television series in french nad yes, the game company (ankama) is from french (did i spell it wrong O_O)

    • Go back to the garbage can you crawled out of. NO idiot, this is not a remake. This is a interrelated game. The SAME developers noted the differences between games and the similarities. The world and races are from teh same comic, but the game is different.


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