Top 10 Free MMORPG to Play in 2014

The competition in the free MMORPG space has gotten remarkably intense in the past few years, as more and more top notch games get converted to free-to-play models, and new games hit the market reveling in their unabashed freeness. Because of all the fierce competition, free games are no longer guaranteed to develop large fanbases just because they’re free, like many of the first free MMORPGs did.

This is of course good news for all of us gamers, as it means free-to-play MMORPGs are higher quality than ever, and there are more sub-genres and styles of free MMO’s available than ever before. Check out our top 10 free MMORPG’s to play in 2014 list and come back later for more updates!

10. Dungeons and Dragons Online

DDO seemed to have everything going for it upon its initial release, but never seemed to find an audience. It had great graphics, a unique play style, and the pedigree of one of the best MMO developers behind it in Turbine. Despite its failure as a pay-to-play game, don’t be fooled into thinking that was due to the quality of the game. Though it suffers from some of the repetition that other instance-based games suffer from, it’s still an incredibly challenging and enjoyable experience.
Play Now: Dungeons and Dragons Online

9. The Lord of the Rings Online

LoTRO went free-to-play recently, and surely stands as one of the best free-to-play games on the market. A massive world, challenging combat, haunting music, and beautiful graphics await all those who wish to enter the enchanted realm of Middle-Earth. Player-owned houses and mounts, a unique monster-play PvP system, epic raids and gear, legendary crafted gear, and much more exists in Turbine’s masterpiece.
Play Now: The Lord of the Rings Online

8. Allods Online

It’s easy to make the comparison to World of Warcraft when looking at Allods Online. The graphical style is eerily similar, though the art direction is actually quite original, and melds fantasy and sci-fi elements like few other MMO’s on the market. Allods features two distinct races in conflict with each other, and this conflict spills over into the game’s PvP mode. Humorous writing and scenarios are another hallmark of this charming little game. Don’t be put off by the WoW look, and give this one a shot.
Play Now: Allods Online

7. Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is an action RPG published by Nexon where some of the greatest visuals ever seen in a free MMORPG go hand in hand with charming anime characters and exciting real time combat. There’s a lot to be amazed at in this game, an all-round polished offering that any self-respected fan should try.
Play Now: Dragon Nest

6. Vindictus

Vindictus was probably the most hyped free MMORPG ever when it released. The combination of stunning graphics and an action-based battle system that still retained the RPG elements we all know and love had gamers giddy with excitement. While the hype surrounding Vindictus has now died down somewhat, it still remains an enjoyable and unique game, with some thrilling combat. And those graphics… (drool).
Play Now: Vindictus

5. RaiderZ

MMORPGs have begun moving away from the classic hotbar style of combat to a more open action combat system which focuses on aiming your skills rather then have your character automatically lock on. RaiderZ has one of the best action combat systems currently available, allowing players to join others in large dynamic confrontations against some of the largest and most varied open world bosses in an MMORPG. Players are also not bound to a specific class, but instead are free to choose among different weapon and skill types, allowing the player to choose what style of combat best suits them. All of this combined offers a refreshing experience for players looking for a more skill-based MMORPG.
Play Now: RaiderZ

4. Aion: Ascension

Aion was released in the west as a pay-to-play game and quickly fell out of the limelight due to the games incessant need to grind for level progression. However with the release of the 3.0 update and the switch to a free to play model, Aion has gone from a traditional Korean grinder to one of the most promising and enjoyable Free MMOs around with true depth and diversity. Players now have access to all content in Aion with no restrictions allowing them to enjoy the full range of the game. The MMO features breathtaking visuals, air combat, large scale PvP, raids set atop sky fortresses, competitive dungeon runs and much more. One of the most notable features is the large scale keep assaults players can participate in where players must deal not only with the imposing raid bosses within the keep but must also fight off players from the opposing faction who are also fighting for control. With Ncsoft continually updating the game with huge content releases players can expect a long and enjoyable MMORPG experience with Aion
Play Now: Aion

3. Rift

Rift is another prime example of a particularly above average P2P MMORPG converting into a stellar Free-to-Play one. While on the surface Rift may appear as your average tab-target “WoW Clone”, underneath is a dizzying array of depth and uniqueness. Rift's main claim to fame is its diverse Soul system, which allows a player to combine multiple roles into one class. While Rift only offers 4 classes, each class has access to 10 diverse souls with three active at any time. Questing in Rift is average, but made more interesting with dynamic events such as Rifts. In any given area, multiple Rifts may spawn which spew out progressively harder mobs. If left unattended, these Rifts can eventually overrun nearby encampments preventing players from turning in quests or using its vendors. Players may also participate in random group adventures which span entire zones with their own separate quest lines and special rewards. Rift boasts an impressive amount of end-game PvE and PvP content, spanning from small 2 player instances to 20 man competitive raids. Overall, Trion has done a good job with the conversion and has shown they are committed to updating the MMORPG continuously with more innovative free content.
Play Now: Rift

2. Neverwinter

Steeped in the rich lore of Dungeons and Dragons, Neverwinter is the newest addition to the open action combat MMORPG family. Based on The Forgotten Realms world of D&D 4.0, Neverwinter offers players a world full of quests, epic dungeons, and beautiful landscapes. What really elevates Neverwinter above most MMORPGs is an amazingly intricate dungeon bulding system, called The Foundry, that allows players to design, share, and participate in their own custom adventures, just like the pen and paper version of D&D. If you're looking for hours of customizable action filled combat with, or against, your fellow adventurers, make sure you try this one out!
Play Now: Neverwinter

1. Tera Online

After converting from Pay to Play over to Free to Play in early 2013, TERA Rising has shown itself to be one of the premiere MMORPGs available. Showcasing expansive and impressively detailed visuals and a huge variety of wonderfully designed creatures, the open action combat of TERA allows players to have full control over their character while in combat, no more tab targeting here. Although the game does suffer a little from the typical grind of MMORPG questing, there is the option to participate in 5 player dungeons, an upcoming 20 man raid, Guild PvP, and open world PvP to mix it up. TERA also introduces a very unique and intricate political system, that allows a whole zone to vote on a player to become the zone's matriarch, who can then influence various properties of the zone itself (power trip anyone?). So If you're tired of dated graphics, repetitive monsters, or even tab targeting, TERA Rising may be the medicine to fix what ails you.
Play Now: Tera Online

Remember that we are featuring only the most recent free to play MMORPGs so we are not including big free mmorpg classics. We wanted to include all the relevant MMORPG games but we can only choose ten.

With these and other great free games on the market, 2013 promises to be an amazing year for MMORPG players. So grab your weapon of choice and maybe an energy drink or two and get prepared for thrills to last a lifetime.

*This page will be updated from time to time so don´t forget to share your top 10! Last update: 10/08/2012.

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Discussion (1029)

Todoran 9 years ago
Last update: 10/08/2012.

Todoran 9 years ago
2. Neverwinter in front of RIFT? guys u have no ideea what F2P is because u did this, my faith in MMONomb! is gone.

UnkownDoll 9 years ago
Hello... People So i was thinking Does TeraOnline works On middle East?? Because TeraOnline Is the most awesome game I ever saw on first Look and i really want to try.. it... in the future..

PleaseReplay.. Thank you :)

Have a great wonderful Day

Oxygen 9 years ago
a very good site is it dead already???

Todoran 9 years ago
RIFT Diservers the NR1 spot guys

Todoran 9 years ago
RIFT Diservers the NR1 spot.

Nataniah 9 years ago
What about pwi? (Perfect World International) It's graphics are amazing!

Damn mmobomb 9 years ago
Last update: 10/08/2012
... that explains alot

Martine 9 years ago
Why isn't SWTOR included?
Bit sad though, because it's a really good game imo

Natalie 9 years ago
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jerome 9 years ago
it's already 2014 please update

Thao 9 years ago
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awdasd 9 years ago
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gorak 9 years ago
i agree whit shimmera it is realy worth it aslong u have the right graphic card

Surindael 9 years ago
TERA 50 GB. Okay, i know what game I'm not playing lol.

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iKrizz stupid kid... 9 years ago
iKrizz that game is to old to be in this list u stupid.... read better what mmo whrites

gorak 9 years ago
i dont understand why you all are whining so mach about wich game is the best ,just agree whit the facts,

every mmo has nice things in its own way and not all people like the same mmo just deal whit IT

iKrizz 9 years ago

Marilyn 9 years ago
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Lulz of the luzl 9 years ago
Sep 2, 2012

Last updated 2012 as well. Just updating the title does not make for a new list.

gillopi 9 years ago
there all fairy games wheres the non fairy sci fi mmo's

king 9 years ago

Name (Required) 9 years ago
tera, best game

wolvesbane68 9 years ago
So which F2P is worth playing?

Mandodo69 9 years ago
Please up date. It is 2014 now. We have some really good F2P's out now.

Fua 9 years ago
Where is Perfect World?

Joann 9 years ago
It's a shame you don't have a donate button! I'd definitely donate to this excellent blog! I guess for now i'll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will talk about this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

Melba 9 years ago
Hello, yup this paragraph is truly fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

forever young 9 years ago
ya know i don't get why Vindictus is on the top 10 when its one of the MOST predictable game I've played and i make my way around the MMO world

JONHY 9 years ago
atm i don't play any game too, but i advice you to try TERA, just reach cap lvl and wait for lvl70
you can also try dragon nest, vindictus, age of conan ( if you are premium player, age of conan is the best game in the world, trust me )

Ali 9 years ago
I was playing Megatens Shin Megami Tensei: Online, But it's shut down now since Feb 2014 :( :(. I don't know what to play. I want something similar with a pet system, and demon fusion. Anyone have any recommendations? Thx ;)

JONHY 9 years ago
it should be the 1st game in the list
Tera is pretty sad when you hit max lvl, always the samething, you just need to do a group dungeon in hard mode to finish the game... pretty sad, pretty sad...

santosh 9 years ago
hey guys can some1 tell me wht is the free new online game.... rply me frst

gabriel 9 years ago
tera is 1 WTF................................ armageddon

bala 9 years ago
wat abt ragnarok II ? , do any one give me a review of it! .

bala 9 years ago
wat abt ragnarok II , do any one give me a review of it! . 9 years ago
Tera is the first?? Are you crazy??!

Tera is orrible! Rift is the best of this list, i think.!

someone 9 years ago
Neverwinter on 2nd position? I'm outta here.

Bizzie 9 years ago
C9 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vindictus.. Vindictus doesnt have enuff skills to satisfy me >_>..

Jellopy 9 years ago
Agree with most of this except i think lotro should have rated above allods since the major hype shift near the end of 2013 with the release of the next expansion closing in. Allods shift with offered pay servers also angered some of the veteran players since a lot of them had invested a lot with no promise of compensation for payed service or anything of the sort when the same content is becoming bound to a much more reasonable monthly fee so it will likely be off the charts for some time until they settle that mess. Also Vindictus I have to question being on the list at all,it's been shrinking constantly with new action rpgs being released. All of nexons games are shrinking away, With Star Wars TOR taking on some new life I'd expected to see it at least in last place on here also despite the flack unless you are going strictly on opinion, numbers speak. Otherwise this is about right. Hope you'll update this more regularly in the future so you don't mislead new players into free games fading from the limelight.

Caleb 9 years ago
im not gonna lie.. Tera is a wonderful game for a free to play I recommend it

astralbovine 9 years ago
Where's Mabinogi and s4league? );

blaze 9 years ago
what raiderz sure raiderz has a great combat system but it really easy to get boring

Alan111 9 years ago
Atlantica Online is a really good Turn based MMORPG I've played it for a long while and i really like the PvP aswell as the PvE even though the graphics might be outdated i still like it alot.

gizard 9 years ago
Vindictus is another game when u get to a higher lvl sux very bad i think the crafting part of the game is pathetic...
all u get to do at high lvl is fight each other for scraps

sphere51alolz 9 years ago
Ultima Online , w00tw00t

dematerializer777 9 years ago
on the subject of wow yes wow has a free trial but all in all its pay to play and yes there may be the possibility in the future for a free to play version of wow but for the time being it is pay to play. Yes they need the money to sustain reliable updates for the ongoing battle to decimate all malicious software not just a particular malware but all forms including bots,worms,spyware... but the way things are shaping no matter what is implemented weather you change the coding or create a whole new form of coding the people whom choose to constantly create malware will unfortunately always find a way there is always a back door, it is quite the opposite from hacking a gibson or super computer,Therefore if you play wow and expect a free version to exist in the near future that will make all malicious attacks on they're servers,users,host or on your own nodes at home the idea is fairly far fetched.

Nah 9 years ago
False date: Last update: 10/08/2012.
I was changed a few months ago.
Mmobomb, do not become next mmohu(t$$$$) please.

Hellraezer 9 years ago
These arguments about which MMO sucks and which ones are the best is like saying Go Maku is better than chess, or Chess is sooo much better than checkers because you have to think more in chess. You people just need to get a life and quit comparing apples to oranges. Everybody will have their favorites and it's pointless (unless you're a troll) to say that somebody's favorite game sucks just because YOU don't like it. Idiots.

Artun 9 years ago
can someone please tell me a good game with good combo mechanism. like hack'n slash

View 1 reply
Neverender 9 years ago
They are all fantasy games, which is biased to what else is out there... Gotta spread out... Good think is they didn't put WoW or LoL in it.

lohan 9 years ago
wheres world of warcraft??

MACHETEKILLA 9 years ago
World of Warcraft is gonna become f2p soon. They are lowering their prices for Expansion packs and everything.

BLIZZARD RULES 9 years ago
My opinion is that WOW is the best in its category.Its now f2p.Your lvl in f2p is 20 at max.I also believe that blizzard has done a great job on the games produced and all the other games have roots to blizzards World Of Warcraft.All the other games have been 'inspired' if not stolen by Blizzard.I mean look the dates of each game, the characters, type of play etc.Diablo is another game that has inspired todays games.WOW IS DA BEST

View 1 reply
braddley wells 9 years ago

Roberto 9 years ago
just found out terra changed to free to play.
Runs to download

YTKING2585 9 years ago
This shit is taking fuk'n for ever tara better be worth this wait my first mmorpg

View 1 reply
LYIV 9 years ago
First off, Neverwinter should NOT be that high on the list. Even look at it's overall reviews on all game metrics.. Lots of flaws.. It isn't better than 7 of those games. Hopefully they revamp this list and even add SWTOR. (Despite it's stupid limitations in f2p)

I just don't understand how Tera keeps getting number one on a lot of lists. I understand the combat is awesome and is fun and complex, but everything else that makes a great MMORPG, Tera lacks. The questing is terrible (99 percent of the quests are kill quests and have no thought behind them) and you have little options in dungeons for the first 30 or so levels. This is when it gets grindy because if you aren't running the ONE dungeon in your level range, you are left with the terrible questing. Open world pvp is fun but the battlegrounds are bad. Very chaotic and you run around and HOPE your attacks hit. Be sure to have a great pc because as soon as you do raid pvp, prepare for frame dropping.

Rift should be number one. It's the closest game to WoW and it some cases, it does a lot more than with. Especially with classes and character customizations. TONS of content, (PVP starts at level 10 and offer 3 maps with different types of gameplay) tons of dungeons, Rifts and rift events, great community, and developers who care.

efeisy 9 years ago
this list only has rubbish games they prob paid mmobomb to put them on the list
Tera- buggy as hell un optimized unbalanced pvp
aion- laggy as hell no one plays only bots now
neverwinter sucks like hell
rift - i lasted to lvl 24 then saw how shit it really was
vindictus- only dungeons game? no open world exploring etc = lame

the rest above it are equally as bad games mmobomb how much did each game pay you to add them? there is a reason why those p2w games went free to play THEY SUCKED then and still suck now....

make a real list

View 1 reply
Trenix 9 years ago
This should be updated at least yearly, it's been past a year and no update since...

Thakidz321 9 years ago
what about WoW MoP the newest expansion of World of Warcraft isn't it the awesomest game i love the game in PvP and in Dungeon 30-People raid :) (Y)

View 1 reply
Thequoz 9 years ago
Lol at the "If you’re tired of repetitive monsters, TERA Rising may be the medicine to fix what ails you." All Tera has is repetitive re-skinned monsters. I've played Tera for about a year. The entire damn thing is repetition over repetition over repetition. And it's a PvP based MMO whether if you are on a PvP server or not. Not PvE friendly at all. The endgame content is candy fed to you and can be fully cleared in a few days. And I mean all of the endgame content. Tera is not a MMO for a loyal player.

ollieboi 9 years ago
DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) best mmorpg to ever exist and i can't believe none of you have even mentioned it. Althought its not f2p it offers you a 14 day trial, this game has the best RvR PvP system out of all the games out there dispite being an old game the graphics still kick ass too

ITwillBEtheEND 9 years ago
Tera Online and Newervinter is owsome its realy greate

deths 1 sole 9 years ago
you know there is a game also call fantisy star online 2 its grate of you find the english patch.

Arthalor_1999 9 years ago
LOTRO Is the best from the list...Its my favourit game , it is worth playing , Prefer it to everyone...

destro567 9 years ago
Tera is the best f2p :D

Jonka 9 years ago
How come RaiderZ is still on the list? didn't it get shut down?

john smith 9 years ago
you guys should try FFXIV. it is pay to play and it has NO cash shop. so it is NOT pay to win. it has 8 different classes where u can take up all of them. (similar to r unescape) It has 10+ skilling classes to make ur gear and material for boss fighting. Its worth a try u should check it out

jojomortale 9 years ago
Really? Tera at number 1? People are crazy. o.o The community in that game makes it not worth playing. People are absolutely terrible, like 500x more so then anywhere else.

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adam 9 years ago
Why are there not more mmorpg's like Tera :(

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Oukounu 9 years ago
I read this piece of writing completely about the resemblance of hottest and earlier technologies,
it's awesome article.

Have a look at my blog

runice243 9 years ago

Runescape now ruined after eco (evolution of combat beta) - many agree.

Koryuu 9 years ago
Mabinogi! >:U

randi rasta fara 9 years ago
hahahahahha kwqkwkwkwkw pfka;djajdada

lol12 9 years ago
Really? you're placing neverwinter above RIFT?...

Neverwinter is the most bugged out bullshit game i've ever seen, you NEED to pay to become good or rise above others, this isn't the case in RIFT, Also Neverwinter keeps releasing more and more buyable content like mounts and such, while totally neglecting it's community that's dying to get some bugfixes. The creators are only money greedy and seem to try to make as much money as possible before they pull the plug. I haven't seen any bugfixes since march.

Klosth 10 years ago
I play runescape and I would like to play Aion, but it takes to long patching

Salah 10 years ago
tera is the first place? in real too?

asdasd 10 years ago
Dekaron, is a great game from the 'past' ... who doesn't agree probably dislike the action genre, it was cool until nexon handled it

primoz257 10 years ago
low lvl in riderZ and not so awsome try lvl it to lvl 35+ its 100%better play (hardest bosses and dongens) but game it i awesome

InsertNameHere 10 years ago
I think these lists are ridiculous, because they're purely opinion, and everyone starts raging in the comments for one reason or another...

solarphantom 10 years ago
lol, so many WoW and runscape comments.
all and all, i like Tera. really fun.

DamaKosa 10 years ago
Great list , 80% agree! and yes.... 1. Tera .

zapdos 10 years ago
hi there did anyone play Runes of magic on macantach server PVE??

Ryan 10 years ago
Some of the games above are like WoW but still recommended

Kontre 10 years ago
RaiderZ is closed now and should be removed from this list.

DoucheNozzle 10 years ago
Anyone who plays these games is a giant fag!

Blackakira 10 years ago
nice to see the same list two years later.

kxiii 10 years ago
Best truly free to play for me will always be Perfect World International. WoW sucked (felt like a disney game for 10 year olds). Warhammer was good in the day, Runes of Magic worst game ever it isn't free to play unless you never want to join dungeons and can give up your life to grind. Shaiya was my first, for like a month, its bleh. Aions not bad, bit childish looking. Guild Wars 2 was way to easy, great graphs tho. Neverwinter was fun, but then very boring, and need money in that game to achieve getting geared (unless yet again you have zero life) Archlord was decent, graphs were alright for the time. Starwars very very fun, but pay to play but worth it! Dc Universe also good, but pay to play, questing gets repetitive tho good game to play hour or so a week. Lotro is alot of fun too, game made me cheerful feeling lol, pay to play but you can earn store currency by questing to perm unlock restrictions. Overall I love PWI and Star Wars and Lotro, miss Warhammer.

Dominator 10 years ago
Play Chess , thats the BEST

asd 10 years ago
rs3 isnt tht good anymore quit os recently cause gonna be pay to play sept probably cause lost to many players rs is dying now

anonom 10 years ago
tera really sucked did they pay you to put them to #1 ? there pvp is pittiful small area pvp always lags with a new computer this year,,, i get 20 fps in pvp haha but games that have been optimized and have better coding i get 100+ tera is a joke of a game really bugged have of the skills are bugged in pvp some don't work as they should. you can tell by the cash shop they totally failed as a p2p so are just trying to milk anything out of this fail game that they can as a f2p

xxaaron5515xx 10 years ago
For the love of god please dont play Allods. Its fun until u get to end game. Then u have to buy all your power. I played it in CBT OBT and Full Release + Expansions. It just gets worse and worse as time goes on.

scorcher23 10 years ago
im really really really glad they updated the top ten and what makes me happier is that the number 2 and number 1 are both mmo's i play and LOVE thank u mmobomb

yegork5 10 years ago best game ever . join :D

Torvanna 10 years ago
The #1 game should most definitely not be. It is so buggy, you can't even log in. Spent a day downloading Terra: Rising, and then several hours trying to create a character and constantly getting booted. The only thing this blog was good for was to let me know to not buy an ENMASSE game.

Darkshifter 10 years ago
They only call it a WoW clone because these days with WoW's players and veterans everything is a wow clone and never try to play new ones. : \

BTW I agree with the list, Tera is my fav so far

Also I don't get why people have something against MMORPG's with professions and grinding- I'd prefer an MMO where you would have to work to get somewhere other than have it just handed to you, you miss most of the back story that way : \

foxaniaaa 10 years ago
i tought TERA is the coolest from me but when i played it i wait long and when it's finished says (not available in philippines) and i was >:(

John 10 years ago
Tch. I played Asherons Call when I was younger. That was a great game. Especially compared to the junk out today. It's a shame it died forever ago and never gets any real attention. I'd go back if the population ever came up and it got more than like 1 update every 8 months.

rgm16 10 years ago
runes of magic was good until the players ruined the in game econmy

Jemc 10 years ago
Every game here and every game not mentioned has an aspect or two about them that is nice. But nothing yet has come along that has everything we are all looking for in an mmo. I pretty much move from game to game. Sometimes I have fun. Most times I'm grumbling, "What were the devs thinking?" Money. They were probably thinking Big Momma Corporation is breathing down my neck I better get this game out quick and slick and convince BMC it will make them rich.

It would probably be very hard to make the game I see in my mind's eye. And costly. It would take a team of devs that thought like scientists. And no BMC to remind us money needs to be made here!

sheko warframe 10 years ago
does anyone know a game that is online and haves the same compact system as skyrim?

GhregX 10 years ago
i think its time for a new list ...

coolguy 10 years ago
i would say DC universe online is 1 but i have to admit i agree with most of the games on the list

roger 10 years ago
so DDO or Neverwinter what do you think?

Hope Devourer 10 years ago
What about rift >_<

Anonymous 10 years ago
You guys should try Elsword, its Free anime inspired MMORPG By the way don't stop playing until you get to at least lvl 40 so you know what's essential to have fun in the game.

r3id3r 10 years ago
why c9 is in 10th ?

Ellimist 10 years ago
What about neverwinter guys??

DeadORdieing 10 years ago
ok all of you who say runescape is shit are retards, it is dying and still is going give them some credit for keeping it alive. another game is drakensang yes you have to pay for adamant for almost everything which is also shit but those two i'd obviously recommend

MidnightNekoChic 10 years ago
I can only Agree with Aion being number 1 the rest of the games i really dont like nor care for


scorcher23 10 years ago

DarkSon3405 10 years ago
This thread is still active after all this time... Yet one game I come and go from is Aika Online. Now that Gpotato has given it over to T3Fun it has become a little better with more and more events going on to help new and old players get money / items. It is still pay to play, that is only for gear, and only if you dont have patience to grind gold. Other than that, Aika has still been one of my favorite mmorpg's to date since 2009.

jussayin 10 years ago
Chess. Play chess.

mhmud21 10 years ago
Where's TERA ?

scorcher23 10 years ago
i seriously don't get why they don't update this list already there are much better games now, but at least they have raiderZ on it

HeroXGame 10 years ago
where rappelz is't good ??

Kafighter 10 years ago
I thik, this list is very good! But Runescape isn't there. I'f played it a long time ago, but logged in not long ago (right now, i'm playing WoW). It's the most popular free MMORPG and you can play it on the old and the new version. It's a Browser-Game, so you don't have to download it. It can be boring (: but it's with a very, very big world an a lot of extras. I Think, Rank 6 would be correctly.

SOrry for my bad English, im Swiss and speak German...

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Stemar 10 years ago
Where is Tera????????? And you keep RoM.

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company of heroes 2 beta download 10 years ago
Thanks for another informative website. Where else could I get that type of information written in such an ideal manner? I have a venture that I'm just now working on, and I've been on the look out for such information.

combat arms hack 10 years ago
I used to be recommended this web site through my cousin. I'm now not positive whether or not this put up is written by means of him as no one else understand such special approximately my problem. You are wonderful! Thanks!

Caniteona 10 years ago
Aion?! Seriously? someone is drunk -.-" I play that game and i've 3 things to say
1 - BUGS!
2 - Most unrewarding game i've ever played
3 - Not worth playing alone

freeppp 10 years ago
there is no POE?
is a great game ...

gorak 10 years ago
its 2013 now aion is released in 2006 still aion is the best mmorpg ever (prety sad)

rider 10 years ago
TERA ONLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Booyah! 10 years ago
TERA should be there...

Maxx Otakashi 10 years ago
Wheres Skyrim <...<

one111 10 years ago
are you mad?Shaiya at the first look its great.I played for 5 months,lvl 80.Then i died in pve becouse i pulled more mobs.And guess what?I couldnt respawn.All my items my gear were lost.Ive lost 5 months to lose everything.And you even think its great?Yeah if you are a pro player who played again and again this game then it hard to die but if a beginner starts playing and he dies then he will never play this game again.So shut up that Shaiya its the best game or someting like that becouse you cant foolish normal players to play a stupid ,,realistic game(by the way:,,Realistic'' game?Then why its a game if its so realistic)

Charlim 10 years ago
Need to update this list... wheres Tera Online??? Its best MMO i played ever...

holly 10 years ago
all the games are junk

jimmy 10 years ago

alex 10 years ago
i agree almost evreone :D

dam 10 years ago
very love this website

Zara_ 10 years ago
i've been playing pwi for a couples of years now...first the official server and then moved over to the private servers. Now i am bored with pwi and cant find something else with the same graphics QQ any advise ? lol

JesseD666 10 years ago
Aion was one of my favorite MMO's, just too bad I forgot to update it over time :'(

Kirito 10 years ago
I've played quite a few MMO's and I have to say the one I'm on more than any other is SWTOR. Wasn't keen on WOW and Dungeons&Dragons though. SWTOR should definitely be in this list.

Mikee 10 years ago
Star Wars: The old Republic has my vote.

Kalmaraa 10 years ago
I would have to disagree with a lot of this list. The reason is content. DC Online you can blow through most of it in a week, which makes the game boring when all there is, is PVP left to do. Aion itself is catered towards anime fans, you can tell from the basic look, which admitally alot of hardcore players tend to ignore.

As for me when I look at a game I look at the amount of content it gives a starting player, possible costs, and artistic look. Right now that would be either EverQuest 2 (as you get everything before there Age of Discovery xpac for free and the game was designed by actual artists with a solid artschooling background), and maybe World of Warcraft. Warcraft only gets mentioned by me due to it's insane popularity. Personally I am not a fan of my toon looking like he stepped out of a horribly designed cartoon, but eh that's what some folks seem to want.

Hunter 10 years ago
what about Tera thats number 1

View 1 reply
YouMightKnow 10 years ago
Is a very cool game ;)
and there is now another class- WITCHBLADE (female)

a boss xD 10 years ago
well i think wow is the best game out there but it is not f2p. because I like it and can't pay for retail I play on a private server xD simple like that

Ari 10 years ago
Im disapointed that The Exiled Realms of Arborea (TERA) isnt on this list.

Aizawa 10 years ago
It would be helpful if you state some countries can't play those games. I downloaded Vindictus and the patching took more time to finish than downloading the 3gb game itself just to realize I can't log in. Then I did some googling and now know people in Asia can't play. Wtf wasted my precious time.

J 10 years ago
Funny how you guys changed "2012" to "2013" and the list of games is still the same since December....
C'mon guys, do your Homework and update this. xP

KKSWQW 10 years ago

justinmap 10 years ago
Aion and C9 have pretty good graphics

Sarg3ntRambo 10 years ago
Give a try!! oldschool classic Dark Age of Camelot PvP game! one of the best PvP MMORPG's ever made! Sure the graphics might be outdated but its one of those games that created MMORPG's today! Dont forget the full version costs 15$ a month so what are you missing out on? When your simply bored, there's always a another world to explore!!!!!

Hunter 10 years ago
wheres tera

AndrosX 10 years ago
I like Raiderz but I don't think it should be number 2. It get's really repetitive and they copy monster models just with increased levels way too often.. Everything else seems about right though.

Hypperion 10 years ago
Why isn't Tera on this list?! Please update!

wow... 10 years ago
....all these ppl telling other ppl what they should play and what games suck. everyone has a preference, no need to tell everyone "Wow that game suck, what's wrong with you?"

jokaneo 10 years ago
your games suckss ... runescape ??? , metin 2 ? ??, shit graphic and everything how can you play that...
aion f2p sucks 2 couse no trade no shop , no chat ...
rom is only thing good here .,. graphic is kind bad but its all free you can use all for free.
and you shit games dont put them in the air couse they suck ..
silkroad ?? rly ??

jokaneo 10 years ago
AION F2P is shit ... no auction , no trade , no chat ,
try to play it that way ...

Ra 10 years ago
Looks like a ridiculous list of cash shop games apart from 2-3 mainstream good ones.

sdfsdf 10 years ago
don't like any from there, same old brainless grind

Shaiya 10 years ago
Whers Shaiya Its The Best MMORPG

aznspryd 10 years ago
update please!!!

bob 10 years ago
I played Shaiya centce EP3 and with every update it has gone down hill. Now that they have merged the servers Its an inpossable game to play with epic lag and over crowded maps. I left and started playing aion after the merge and havent been back

A-087 10 years ago
Should really look into adding TERA Online to this list since it went free recently. It's an extremely high quality game (considering it's free). Otherwise, great list.

drake 10 years ago
where can i get these games to play???

Zilthuras 10 years ago
This list needs to be updated.

Gate Player 10 years ago
Were is gates of andaron that game is the best free MMORG game!!!!!!!!!

Leon 10 years ago
Tera Online not included?

lolipopchainsaw423 10 years ago
I recomend RaiderZ its awsome!<3
reasons why:
1.Its a virtual world
2.Its free(but u do have to download it)
3.You can chat and meet friends

View 1 reply
lollipopchainsaw423 10 years ago
Ill tell u somthin raiderZ is awsome!<3

mase 10 years ago
i take what i said about aion no2 ... sence tera and GW ....... etc are free .... i would not put AION on top 5 of that list atm ...

View 1 reply
mase 10 years ago
i liked the way u explained everything on every game .... but the list of top 10 are not v.good ... there r lots of games that r not suppose to be there like DC and DN ....etc ... mostly all need rearranging .. and games like BLADE and SOUL and TERA need to be there ... and NO1 should be ... LA2 (int /freya /GOD) , i do not think there r games atm who are better than LA2 (AION comes 2nd) ... so why isnt it on ur list? it is 100% free , and most popular mmorpg game ever ...

grindy lot 10 years ago
its an interesting list I have played half of them aion was a little too grindy for me allodos and runes of magic I havent played myself but I did enjoy vindictus, I remember played lotr for a while but it just seems way to dated they need a graphics bump for sure but otherwise a good game.

Awaken 10 years ago
Tera-Online is a much better game than RaiderZ for f2p Action

TheBestPeep 10 years ago
I've been playing with my friends and one of my friends told me this game: Project Blackout. He told me that it was the best MMORPG game. And I can't find it.

Please is it the Best MMORPG game.

Please Reply.

Thank you.

Owen Borg

Shadowwolf808 10 years ago
I think RaiderZ is an awesome game. *Shields face from flaming*

View 1 reply
truedat 10 years ago
RUNES of MAGIC is the BEST free to play game I've played I quit over a year ago ever since then I just been bouncing around trying to a similar type of game. They have an WESOME gear making and stating awesome PvP and overall it's just amazing. Too bad players messed it up with all the duping and hacks. anyone knows of a game that's similar and it's not THAT OLD pls let me know.

Boojie 10 years ago
wow is not a free to play

Xspartacusx 10 years ago
I know this is a free2play site but...I really enjoyed playing FFXI a few years back. It was the most challenging game yet that I've came across. Nothing has been able to fill the void in from leaving that game. Left for FFXIV, a huge let down that was. Currently waiting on FFXIV a realm reborn.I don't mind sinking money into a game each month if its good.FF games have a fantastic store line in behind it, very challenging fight sequences and the ability to take you away from reality. Lets face it there is nothing more entertaining than losing hrs out of the day and it felt only like a few minutes. That's the game I want to play! I see a lot of wow fans in forums across the internet, wow has to be the easiest and most repetitive mmorpg as of yet that I've played.

Boojie 10 years ago
And Tera would be a good add to this list if it would download and work properly lol

Boojie 10 years ago
Honestly your all arguing over nothing. There are plenty of pay to play games going strong and most f2p games have horrible restrictions which force you to pay for stuff to better enjoy the game. Been playing mmo's since eq1 so i got some experience under my belt in this matter.

stolennn1 10 years ago
It's time to update this list , with the arrival of TERA as f2p :P

XaiViaR 10 years ago
I agree... but I've never heard of shaiya before lol in Zulu that means hit or smack. XD

bob 10 years ago
where is WoW

View 1 reply
ASDFFFF 10 years ago
I don`t think Aion should be nr.1 in that list. Yeah sure, the graphics are cool, some quests are fun to do, others are boring ... it's normal to be that way... but the thing that bugs me the most is the pvp .. I`ve played Aion for 1 year or so ... I got this lv 53 ranger .. I can`t understand how a lvl 30 char can deal me more damage than I can with the 51+ gear and full sock crits ... This game is very stupid, the cleric is extremely overpowered ... I fought today against a cleric who was clearly 10 or at least 15 levels below me and he just killed me like nothing .. why ??? because of the 100 healing spells, the debuffs and whatever it has .. It is absurd when you are the DPS and you are lv 53 and you get owned by a Cleric ( healer ) who is 10 - 15 levels lower than you .. Today stop playin Aion ... It wasn`t worth it ... It's just a waste of time ...

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davor 10 years ago
man i cant agree with this list even in 5% aion is horibble grind fest takes a year too kill a mob even if your 10 lvls higher,raiderz is ok if you like mmos where you have too beg people too help you with bosses that are 20 lvls below you total horor and if you try too solo it it wil take 2 hours class balance is horibble,vindictus is fun first 4 hours later youl be sick of it,allods doesnt desrve too be here cant get a game where mage does same damage like a tank + you cant even take those mini bosses wothout a raid looow game,runes of magic great game yust old its a wow try only difference is the game is dead already and im comparing it from 1 year ago only pkers are playing,lord of the rings OMGGGGGG horibleeeee you wana take a quest sure buy it it isnt free 2 play its free too pay if you want a game that youl be sick of go ahead download and get dissapointed,dungeons and dragons wont event comment it same goes for it like lotro ,dragon nest ok il give you the credit for that its an ok game and you dont have too buy anything you dont want too and its not a hard lvling or stupidly balanced,dc univers hahaahah pokemon is better has a better story and only thing you can catch in dc univers is bordnes disease you have moore fun trying too be a smurf super hero,and for the end c9 oh whell at least they tryed too make a mmorpg

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Sabriye 10 years ago
They should add TERA now, since it's f2p.

jöö 10 years ago
Cause SWOTOR isnt free eather !!!! its just part of it !

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jöö 10 years ago
wow is nor free to play so go away !

Kc3reo 10 years ago
Why isn't SWTOR up there? it's ftp is a pretty damn good gameplay.

xSolace 10 years ago
You should probably add Perfect World International in there.I know you get a lot of QQ noobs in every forum whining about it being p2w and stuff but as a f2p user since 2010,I'd say it definitely ranks over several names in that list and for every whiner about pwi there are few thousand players who enjoy it a lot.It's just that most people who complain on mmo sites about it have swollen butthurt egos because the player base didn't give a damn about their pathetic drama in-game and they need to let out the steam somewhere.peace :)

animefan 10 years ago
Is RaiderZ good?

Derek1117 10 years ago
Boom TERA~

jfpforever 10 years ago
runes of magic needs to be removed from this list with no if's and's or but's. they regularly wipe characters, servers and banks to pad they're pockets.

werwerwe 10 years ago
allods online on 3rd place. I stoped reading there.

Logic 10 years ago
In my experiences, Runescape is definitely the best F2P game. It isnʻt listed on here because it simply outclasses all of these games. This is not an opinion. I have played Guild Wars in my childhood and i didnʻt accept that Runescape was better at first, but then as I matured I saw the depth and diversity of the game. The content is just...... fascinating. Over years of addition to one version of the game can you reach the tier of Runescape. Over 500 quests, each taking at least 30 minutes long, skills that take months to master, it is simply amazing. Also, with the new Evolution of Combat to compete with Diablo III and World of Warcraft, Runescape has simply become the best. Game. Ever. Period.

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Keanu 10 years ago
Hey nerds, get lives. By debating on topics like these prove to me that you folks have nothing else to do but comment on this shit. Seriously, if you think about it, this doesnʻt matter. All of these games will expire in about a few years. Even a better suggestion, stop making your ass sleep by sitting on the chair for so long. Typical children.

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Ben 10 years ago
If Mass effect 3 is in rpg gategory ! Well then ps2 is mmorpg too ! :)

Ben 10 years ago
where is PS2 ? !!!

Tarumaho 10 years ago
To fight over which is the best MMO is like fighting over which game made your childhood worth everything to you and no one else agreeing with you on it. We all have different preferences on games, some we look for graphics, others game play and community. But to fight over what is the best is pointless. they're all good to the communities that put the effort in and have their friends tag along, WoW stands to this day for that reason, the people who put time into it have made it something enjoyable for them.
Same to every other MMORPG, MMOFPS, MMORTS, etc.
The fact that these games get great ratings is because they are good by the peoples standards, just like Silkroad, Maplestory, RoM, Runescape, are held so dear to the people who put time into them.
So not one can one up the other because they all share loyal fan bases.
Now i can't say much, I'm a drifter when it comes to MMORPG's.
but all i can say is is that whatever you like you have a purpose to like it because of your dedication to everything about it, the loyalty you and your online/real friends share to the game are what make it amazing for you.
and the fact you play an MMO means you love to socialize with people within the world that you also play in.
That is what i think matters at the end of this. the fun that a community can share within a game!
So many have lost this because of competition, the striving to be better then anyone. It puts people up to bare fangs, and it makes me sad that others can't agree to disagree and move on.
no game will be perfect, no community will be perfect, and every game will fall one day! But until that date, why not go shoot something, go slice a boar in half, share a laugh with your guildies maybe even meet that special someone in gore spattered war, because staying about here and complaining about "which is the top tier game" is making you lose game time.
Now excuse me wile i search for the game that fits my needs

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I 10 years ago
aion is one copy of cabal online but is very nice and the best game is wow but not is free and de best free game is lineage 2

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XaiViaR 10 years ago
Where is STAR WARS THE OLD REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It beat WOW, and came second only to Guild Wars 2, which is somewhat understandable....

SWTOR beats all!!!

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Tntmister 10 years ago
You frogot World of Warcraft in the list!

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ViirusORACLE 10 years ago
It's funny how everyone bashes eachother on the comments they post saying; "THAT GAME SUCKS! BLAH! YOU SUCK CAUSE YOU DONT LIKE IT! BLAH!", well looks like half of you people have never heard of an OPINION! Just because someone says the don't like a game that you practically orgasm just thinking about -_- does not mean that you should just immediatley reply back saying "OHHHH WELL F*** YOU, YOUR JUST BAD AT THE GAME!". You start a whole dramatized b***sh** session about people liking one game and others not liking it so they complain... JUST DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT PEOPLE HAVE OPINIONS, AND BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE THEM YOU SHOULDN'T START COMPLAINING AND WHINE ABOUT IT LIKE A BABY! People stating their OPINION does not give you an invitiation to get pissed over some comment and rage like a b****, hope this actually gets out to some of you... and you realize what you do thats sooo... pointless perhaps, anyway commenting back to this negativly just bumps up this posts reason even more :)

Arnis 10 years ago
Aion first place :DDD, so horrible game...

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guzunio 10 years ago
guys can you show us top 10 upcoming mmorpg in 2013 plz do cideo for upcoming only :)

oiram 10 years ago
all today games suxx give something new !!

Katp 10 years ago
Where's Guild Wars 2? ;(

Juan 10 years ago
you miss World of Tanks (WoT) and SWTOR, two great games

reeza 10 years ago
Neocron totally free no item shop just enjoy

DarkReality 10 years ago
They should have put a first look video for SWTOR. :D

lordz3u5 10 years ago
there are not so much players anymore in aion
the servers are empty at pvp seriously...

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Name (Required) 10 years ago
hey is there any of you play runescape please gave me some money cuz i got like 123k only,,,,add me on runescape SALAINIA OK

runescape is the besttt game 10 years ago
you guys should play runescape

FackTarD 10 years ago
you freaking losers get a life. all theses games suck ass.

Furyhawk 10 years ago
Where the heck is WoT? It, by far, beats any mmo,

-Beast graphics, it is like looking thru a window.

-Really points out teamwork, everything is based upon how your team works.

-Fun. It is fun to play with Churchill IIIs and kv-1s

Pwner 10 years ago
Where is shaiya?
And where is Eden eternal?
I disagreee with this list.
But allods is awesomse :D

GatsuRage 10 years ago
Anyone can tell me honnestly if Aion is actually balanced? few years ago i played it for 2 years on the privete server of "infinite" and was thinking in goin back to play it now is f2p on the original server.... but is it balanced or i would be wasting my time?

pardyboy 10 years ago
AION is the best MMORPG I've ever played

Al 10 years ago
Shartak. Graphics are basic, the game play is in the interactions. I've never enjoyed playing a game quite so much. It takes a bit of time to get into, get yourself built up and known - but then - it's really, really good. Incredibly addictive. You have to be clever.

thepwnor 10 years ago
@feindf1ug aeria games do not suck u suck the only one that i dont realy like is twelve sky 2

TheMasterCable 10 years ago
DC universe takes forever to install

knıght 10 years ago
Knight online is dead

Joshman 10 years ago
Well, right as I type this, I am playing Dofus. It's Anime MMORPG, and it's actually really interesting, although, I can't say alot: I only just started!

Hoang 10 years ago
Is grand fantasia any good? Cus I'm loving it a lot!

Hoang 10 years ago
Is grand fantasi mmorpg any good to u guys? Cue I'm liking it a lot.

Cyryus 10 years ago
Age of conan is better than all of this game and its "free" maybe not as free as they are... but better indeed

ploopyploopy101 10 years ago
This list... #10 tried it #9 graphics don't work #8 it's anime #7 already play it #6 treid it #5 tried it #4 not enough numbers #3 i don't want to play WoW #2 tried it #1 not enough hard drive space. WHY DOES THE WORLD TORTURE ME SO???

Adam 10 years ago
Some gaming company should really make an MMORPG of Sword Arts Online, everyone knows itwill be number 1 :D

Rakenrol 10 years ago
;3 Dragon Nest ftw~
and why not play Shaiya pservers, theyre way better than the official one --" (actually playing WOW,DN,Shaiya atm they sure are some pretty good game)

rigron 10 years ago its so awsome i cant even begin to describe how beautiful the graphics and game play go hand in hand...when i first played it i jumped in joy knowing ive been waiting for something amazing that was full of adventure and action all in one.....

allan 10 years ago
allods is a good game, but frustrating when they nerf patch you. it looks like world of warcraft and you still have to grind rep, the pvp battles and instances were taken out and replaced with flying ships that can pvp each other, AND the GMs get involved and host quizzes and other fun stuff with you (they dropped a massive ship in town one time and gave loads of freebies away as an apology because it killed everyone ). Those of you who knock runescape, its the best browser based game there is and it is constantly getting content updates since it was released over 12 years ago. Runes of magic gets boring very quickly, so does Cabal online. I loved WoW but it was constant lag and disconnections for me so it got binned after a few months. I hate perfect world games, they like a xmas tree decoration when your looking for faberge eggs. Theres my 2 cents, anyone know a game i could maybe get addicted to please scream below.

ShadowAlter0s 10 years ago
Three words... pay to ops 2.......AC3 online....Secret World.....BattleField 3..... Mw3....

NightFox 10 years ago
i need a new mmorpg but cant chose btw those i want a game that i wont get bored from playing
any suggestions?

TechyDemon 10 years ago
WHAT?! How the hell is Aion the best free MMORPG!? All the others are alright but Aion...


Aion King 10 years ago
Aions open world game and linear choice storyline(in Video), side quests and now with Oriel where you can escape the fighting, walk on the palmy sunset beach, go to you virtual home and chill, makes this my number mmorpg.

And yes where is cabal on this? its realy great.

A text based adventure game that is all about statistics in battle and mega Armour and weapons
World of Dungeons.

Wizard 101 has a completly different style altogether, its like watching Yugi-Oh, only flaw,
not enough monster cards for diversity, when eaven PvE use the same monsters it gets boring,
also a nice reminder of Hogwards

Rawr 10 years ago
Lol if anyone scrolls down and reads all the comments they have no life.

Cmoney 10 years ago
R.O.D.E. Online is pretty good too. It's made by an unknown publisher. Its struggling with a low playerbase and needs more people so check it out!!!

Chronic 10 years ago
Ok, i dont know about you all but for me i think shaiya shouldve been either # 1 or # 2. Best mmorpg game ive played. What makes it fun is, everything. I vote for shaiya.

DEXT3RS 10 years ago
I don't know why you guys Arguing for.. Look.. Number 1 Is Aion.. I Played Shaiya.. But i'm getting bored with those too big maps and Clueless Quest.. Shaiya is to difficult to play..

BigShit 10 years ago
Where is Star Wars The Old Republic ?? :D

dsxbg 10 years ago
what about drakensang

Asdf trains 10 years ago
I havn't heard of any of these games except for like two, for next year try the game Blade& Soul it is like the best game ever, as long as you can speak Korean, if you can't I think there might b annenglish version, but yeah, try blade& soul

sapel 10 years ago
wow... RaiderZ is not on here...why!!!

Xcillid 10 years ago
RAIDERZ!!!! ITS THE BEST NEW MMORPG! Srsly check it out its like a mix of an WoW, Firstpersonshooter SKILLBASED game.^^

Dvesk 10 years ago
you missed Rayderz!!

Dezzy 10 years ago
aion is pants
S.U.N is horrid controls
C9 is a pve smashfest the pvp is duels and blows
global agenda is ok for pve but the pvp is none existant at lower lvls
DDO is just stupid lol the first pvp area is a backroom in a pub that gets aoe'd to shit
Rfonline was epic but now old
rohan is for fools lol
runes of magic is a carebear piece of crap
perfect world is pay to win
archlord's pvp was terrible
requiem is basically archlord
lineage 2 has THE worst quest nav thingy
RaiderZ is good but very hard to run
warhammer online is ok but only lvl ten cap at f2p
world of warcraft has and always will be for people who suck at pvp
guild wars 2 is probably what i would be playing if i didn't have to buy it -.-

currently playing shaiya as it's the only decent pvp i can find

kxiii 10 years ago
Runes of Fail states free to play, enless ya wanna morgage your house or give up all your time to play it ie quit job friends family, I dont recomend it, ya hella easy to lvl but to get to endage content you need to spend sereous cash! Things are always broken, hardly fixed! In my op Perfectworld international, is wicked still and very free to play and huge, nice graphs, same with Lotro, and gw2 pretty fun aswell, just 1 time purchase like any console game.

Hexikon 10 years ago
U guys forgot raider z its way better than allods

iBLT 10 years ago
C9 should be higher imo. a lot of classes, good graphics and good gameplay

Cmoney 10 years ago
I'm sorry, I've played Runescape for years and the grind is the WORST out there. It isn't the best, trust me. Actually download one of the games on this list and you will laugh at the fact that you actually used to play that lame game. Oh, and if you aren't able to download games on the PC you play on, Drakensang is probably alot better. Not a Runescape hater, I played it for 5 years and watched it grow. I just think there is better out there for everyone.

sunculita 10 years ago

HAHA 10 years ago
Aion looks good but it's character creation sucks compared to Phantasy Star Online 2, PSO2 best MMORPG to date now

Coffee 10 years ago
Where is RaiderZ?

Ben 10 years ago
Pirate 101, Global Agenda, Firefall

godswaronline 10 years ago
why is not godswar online on the list? it has the best aura in game ever and the most social and it has an afk system the bessssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttt eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and the best skills and the best people playing on it. again best game ever godswar online

BOB 10 years ago

BOB 10 years ago

Gahevi 10 years ago
AION is Free ??!!

Batman 10 years ago
Game takes awfully long to load up, but is great to play. Can lagg and sometimes, but serious fun.

Abolished 10 years ago
^ I agree with the runescape guy.

The_Gamer 10 years ago
Why isnt Runescape on this

Me 10 years ago
Allods is a heavily p2w game...I wouldn't recomend even trying that crap..

Hitmanfrost 10 years ago
Why must DCUO be so bad on the list :(

Nikola 10 years ago
Guild Wars 2 anyone?

Daniel 10 years ago
I have been enjoying Age of Conan online. Fun game cool graphics.

Raphi 10 years ago
and RaiderZ?

xenon 10 years ago
c9 is the best game ever : best graphcs and best fightin action ! ! WEW 10 years ago
shaiya suks its the dumbest game ever

Dragon biatch 10 years ago
i see everybody posting all this games play conquer online so much better then all the other shit ive played aion for so long now that i just needed to come back to conquer its so much fun

Punk 10 years ago
Age of Conan is and always be THE BEST MMO OUT!!! NO other game has a combat system like AOC. AOC PVPers has highest level of SKILL out of ANY other MMO BY A FREAKIN LANDSLIDE!!!!! BEST graphics best pvp everything is just the BEST!

thehobomofo 10 years ago
Maplestory should be in the top ten, so should diablo 3

guzunio123 10 years ago
aion is bast

Namelessguy 10 years ago
They're obviously being paid to make that list. Runes of Magic is one of the worst mmos out there, not to mention completely p2w,,, And Aion first? Allods Second? So, in the end, mmobomb has been bought too.

TkOvan 10 years ago
I dont agree with rune of magic on this list.

MrPuertillo 10 years ago
I really enjoy DDO, and yes it may not be totally F2P but you can actually buy everything in the game via grinding. Although if you have 10 bucks to spare it's really worth it.

It's not a clone of WoW and been in the industry for over 6 years now. By the way you won't find annoying kids in there, it's also free from gold-spammers, trolls, and hackers.

chefmadness 10 years ago
oops i forgot about DC UNIVERSE awesome game! ALLODS ONLINE is awesome as well. they also forgot SHAYIA ONLINE & HELLGATE GLOBAL! 2 older AWESOME GAMES just because they are a totally different in style than most mmorps's. my personal top 10 but not in any particular order is.









AION ONLINE just because it looks awesome & i have heared a lot of good things about it!

& not lets forget about GUNSHINE. lolz just because its fun. lolz.

chefmadness 10 years ago
WOW. every one argues so much & can't even spell. lolz. any way i have a few things to say. DDO is a pretty cool game I have to say it has the best social panel in any game i ever played. you can party up with any one at any time & to me that is what online gaming is all about making friends & having a blast killing shit. where is STAR TREK ONLINE! on the list. very fun to play & totally star trek all out! they did an awesome job with that game & it should replace runes of magic. R.O M. has gotten so lame & very slow combat also spammers! i don't know about AION being #1 with a 20 gig download but then again i haven't played it because of that reason. FORSAKEN WORLD is a good game I played it for a while i just re built my PC & i will download it again the rest i don't care about at all. oh & CITY OF STEAM is gonna be the shiznit!!

goodnogame 10 years ago
well i think you ppls are stupid eungh to play game and wate time is that right how come we love to play game yes with real ppls online i real life so be my good friend and play real game out near your home fk the game is nothing to get from is just who make game can earn some gold hahahahahahahahahahahah

Theflick 10 years ago
Like the list but i do not agree with some of the game.....T-T but it is YOUR list so keep it up and you guys do a Good JOB.

awsome gamer 10 years ago
vindictus 4th are you serous it should be at least 3 or second that game is just totally beast and epic did i mention it was beast try that game out i got level 49 kai awsome game

Kess 10 years ago
Personally, I'm biased due to my extreme love of DDO and would have put that higher on the list. I'm also iffy about Allods being second but I won't deny that it's a nice game and some would disagree with me. Aion deserves to be number one without a single doubt in my mind. It's everything I could have hoped for in an MMORPG and I love it immensely.

asasdasd 10 years ago
same list if you ignore aion and C9. and I don't see a reason why vindictus has gone up some places, it has same description

DreamsOfTheMorrow 10 years ago
I totally agree with this list right here, I currently play Aion (My main game), Dragon Nest (pvp Game) DCUO (chillaxing game) and C9 (KILL EM ALL GAME xD) Hooray for Aion though it deserves it.

xlcyruslx 10 years ago
i totally agree with the list, aion rulz!!!!

dango 10 years ago
that list is just a bullshit... you have really bad taste when it comes to mmo

Arwin121 10 years ago
What about RaiderZ? i think it's going to be on the list next year

setsua 10 years ago
Love it!! And AIon is in a good spot love that game still.

JuzSayULikeIt 10 years ago
Dragon Nest Sea rulez!!~~

neosparkk 10 years ago
Allods? F2P? Now that's a laugh.

Distruptor 10 years ago
allods online very good game :D

Nothing 10 years ago
i'm only shocking how allod in list O.o others ok acceptable but allods nah

Avtr417 10 years ago
Although I don't completely agree, I have to say this is a great list. Allods online definately deserves a spot here,but I think it's a little too high up on the list and so is Runes of Magic. I get that RoM is an awesome mmorpg that's been going strong for quite some time now,but, I personaly think it's time RoM started moving down some places on most Top 10 lists out there. That's just my opinion though.

Keep up the great work mmobomb, know that you are aprreciated by your viewers :D

cacalips 10 years ago
I love this list! I have fallen in love with Aion. I was always dowloading hitting 30-50 in all mmorpgs. Looking for that well balanced game. I was sick of one good feature but a crap game type mmorpg. I did like the experince of playing different types of mmorpg. But then I needed a home. I wanted that community feel I had in Subscription games.
I found it in AION. If you played LOTOR or CONAN or any of these boasted AAA games that went F2P you see why QUICKLY! It was a F2P material that doped people into paying.
AION is one of those game that feels 100% AAA.
I AVOIDED this game for so long because of reviews (by trolls and haters I will come to learn) held by others across the map. Even official reviews with videos made me seond guess this game. I had one friend that was a subber and quit at F2P (is back today) that made me avoid it because I was not sure of the content.
Recently, I installed. I actuall hung out in the log in screen (and am starting it now) JUST TO HEAR the music it is that good! Normally. MEh, F the music. But this game....dat chello!
Then we go on to grpahics. I tie this in with character creation, better than PWI! customizable to the max! Then link the grpahics to the beautiful surroundings that look good on any setting! OMG just eye candy delux. Tie that in with Cut scenes and dynamic map models. NOW tie all that in with armor and BAF perfect 10. The armor is a plenty! you can customize so much and have a great look! I had that old WoW momment where I had two armor pieces and had to decide "Keep for looks or stats" LOL.
Gameplay rocks. I feel epic, not over the top, and I love having something to work for.
I have not hit this grind that trolls complained about. My quest book is maxed till level cap, and it is steady progression. I move around steady enough. I am not stuck in a desert for months until next level, but I get a taste of swamps, forests, deserts, etc. Just enough to break the dull of "kill this gather that". MEnus and systems work smooth and a charm. BEST TARGET BASED COMBAT EVER! Super smooth, and if there was ever a mod to make targetless combat if people think that is superior...this game could take it easilly. The chained skills however, make up for any targetless combat, and around level 19 you will feel the difference quickly. Your reaction time on skill chaining will be tested.
I am sold on this graphics engine. I cant say I can play another mmorpg wihthout this engine LOL I had RaiderZ ont he DL list but now not sure if I wanna spend time in another mmorpg. I had City of STeam on DL list too...damn...
There is so much in AION and I see myself paying when the time comes. When I partake of end game...that will be the deciding factor.
Who knows, maybe the troll reviews are right and something bad happens end game, but for now. Just a beauty of a F2P title, and most people that left all butt hurt the game went F2P have come back.
The only thing negative I can say right now is that EU version is slow to update.

I also like to point out almost all servers I have played on, super active. Tons of people everywhere. from lvl 1 area to end game.

jay 10 years ago
Where is Star Trek Online? I like that game

DarkZeroX 10 years ago
Where is Mabinogi? :(

Turtturt 10 years ago
Aion is finally in the one spot it deserves to be on the F2P list

combustionman123 10 years ago
The best free to play game i recon is Witcher 2

Cassy 10 years ago
I REALLY THINK AION DESERES A SPOT ON THE TOP 10!I would love to try dragon nest if it was available in europe.

guzunio123 10 years ago
wtf where are linage and aion they are good refresh this list

michael 10 years ago
maplestory? ive been playing it for 5 years awesome story awesom gameplay awesome everything more than 30 characters and STILL increasing, u have to play it on its first release to know all the story about mapleworld. but now ms global is being bulshyts and ignoring glitches and other tech probs, im just playing on a ... not so cheating pvt server. fun game.

tidust 10 years ago
Granado Espada ??

srhal1 10 years ago
I'm hoping Elder Scrolls Online will be a great game.

cacalips 10 years ago
AION is garbage. The creators announced at launch they nerfed Eloys class because to people rolling it. Now they went F2P and NCsoft took over and the code is still broken. They tried balance wtih damae increase but you will notice half of all your spells will throw up the text "reflect," miss", etc.. and people are like WTF and ragining on forums. But apparently it is just a text bug as the damage is actually being applied if you look at enemy stat bar. But that is proof that they have tampered with this sad sad crashed game.
Oh yeah, cash shop weapons and gear = game over. And yes PvP has evolved into one word. ZERG. Everyone meets up in a line, in a hallway and zergs it. No coordinatoin
Also, FLYING IS RESTRICTED. Not allot of zones to fly in. Total waste of time to GRIND, yes a grinder, to end game

Me 11 years ago
where is Aion?!

Malex 11 years ago
Vindictus should be at #1
trust me if you eill try you won't stop playing it's free and you haven't use the Item Shop
coz all you want will u get from the Events there are lot of them
in English and in German

deadaxel23 11 years ago
i love all the nerd rage about a game list you guys are pathetic.

tony tran 11 years ago
seriously runes of magic lame that game is crap. Allods should be nunber 1

Nexorian 11 years ago
Everyone should try 9Dragons.... it's an awesome game, ill sound like a retard but I LOVE IT... and it has to grow.... people abandoned it because the company Acclaim bankrupted, it needs to come back to the charts.

k 11 years ago
i must say honest i readed everything and so sa the list but i must disagree those arent the top games same with shayia and all try thinking of having already played like 60 online games ore more
you wil know almost every game already and wil search more and more but reasonly i dont see any good 1s to be honest i wich they would make a better realistic lvling online game for free to play without needing eny real money becouse why always asking for money for games it wil later bore ppl especially if the game wil ever be gone what did we earn then with it a lot of money lost and a acc where ppl heve maybe worked on for like 2 years ore more and then ppl waste their time and so with it but the most important is ppl mostly use alot of money on games dont try at me i wont take any money from anywhere i wont spend money enymore so i just hope they make a good realistic lvling game online for free to play without spending money atleast i hope they make better 1s then the 1s they heve already all

Banjo manjo 11 years ago
Runes of Magic ? No thanks!

Scourge 11 years ago
LOL these are the lamest mass-market MMOs
they are just lame games where you get quest, kill monster, return to town and do it all over again
there is nothing intersting or groundbreking about them

Tk 11 years ago
I dont know why people are commenting how bad this list is it is obviously out-dated and whoever makes the list hasnt done a new one yet.

guzunio123 11 years ago
BukLau i agree update is needed :)

guzunio123 11 years ago
wtf aion is beter then this all games :)

lololol 11 years ago
Hahaha wow that is one of the worst lists in the history of lists!
The only thing this list shows, is that it's in the top10 worst lists ever created

Vyruz 11 years ago
Anarchy Online ... forever... and still the best MMORPG of all times... and one of the first ORPGs too =) Nothing can beat that one ... ever!

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GW2Lover 11 years ago
The best Game of te world is Guild Wars 2 :D i playd all this games and they suck hard
1. Guild wars 2
2. Tera
3. Blade and Soul
4. Rohan.

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This Guy 11 years ago
Well all you people talk about is just freaking bashing the games eath and every one of you guys play so get off the computer and get a life

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Skullheart 11 years ago
The list is ok but I can name at least one major flaw with each,except Vindictus and Dragon's Nest but I have my reasons for them.

10.Forsaken World.Yeah,its a great game.Multiple races and classes(some of which are race-locked).Decent Cash Shop with the option to buy cash shop currency with in game currency,and no game enhancing items,mostly cosmetic.My problem with FW is the leveling and the story.They give you pretty much the story quest,which takes you to Freedom Harbor,but once you get there you get so many goodies and options that you get to 20 in no time.Then it happens.You get the instance God's Trial.It levels lower level so fast that about after 2 or 3 runs you're lv 30-35 in no times.Then you figure why do the story quests.That's my problem with this game.They let you level in a different way other then the story,so the story quests suffer from it and give little exp compared to God's Trial and the other instances.

9.Conan:Unchained.Nothing bad to say about it cause I haven't tried it yet,but I guess I can use that.Just doesn't look interesting enough in today's market.

8.DC Universe Online.Good game,would go even as far to almost say great game but a few problems here.One is the level cap.30 is good with the exp rate,but when you get to 30 you feel like it went by too fast.Then when you go to make another hero(or villain),it goes by even quicker cause nothing has really changed.Even if you change mentors,most of it is the same.The endgame content is nice,and the option to find a group is good but I wish the searching program was a little better.I've ended up in groups with two cc characters,a healer and a dps.No tank.The last thing is the dlc's.They are nice,but they put instances in some of them,which means some of the endgame content is locked due to it being in a dlc.f2p mmo's,true ones,don't lock instances.They release new instances in update.

7.Perfect World.A grind.nuff said.

5.Allods Online.Fun game,but the playerbase is suffering because the game relies on the cash shop way to much.They did a smart thing by making cash shop currency able to be bought with in game gold,but like others have said it's a grind and a half to get enough to afford just one thing in the cash shop.other then that not a bad game.

3.D and D Online.Decent game,not bad and deserves to be on the list.Only problems I have are the class and race locks,which I can understand due to them having to lock something.I'd rather have them lock some classes then some quests,which brings me to....

2.Lord of the Rings Online.Granted at first I was extremely excited.....till I found out most of the later game quests are locked and able to be purchased in the cash shop.I can understand having to buy cosmetic stuff,mounts,even some special crafting materials or exp boost items,but the actual quests themselves? I just don't understand that logic because you can travel to the area the quests are in.You don't have to buy the area,just the quests.

1.Runes of Magic.Not bad,but dated.The dual class system is pretty easy to figure out,but the rune system can get complicated for most.The quest system could use a little focusing but other then that,its a good game.Deserves to be high on the list,just needs a graphic update.

Now,I've gone through most of the list,except two.Dragon's Nest and Vindictus.Here's why.......They are not mmorpgs.The are 3d mmo brawlers.You don't here people calling Dungeon Fighter Online an mmorpg.Rumble Fighter? Nope, Lost Saga? Nope. These games LOOK like mmorpg's,but they are not.They have the same asthetic as all the other brawlers out there.Now I'm not saying they are bad,they are just taking up spots on the list from true mmorpgs.Great games otherwise.I've played both and have no problem with the gameplay or graphics.Just they need to be on the list with the brawlers.

Phew,talk about venting.I know most of you won't agree with some of these reviews I did,but thats just it.They are just my personal opinions.I speak for noone else but myself.If you like the game,by all means play it.Take my reviews more as a warning,that the stuff I talked about is in those game,and it won't go away any time soon.Thank you.

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Criticalguy 11 years ago
I can't wait for raiderZ because i am getting tired of those lifeless mmos excluding Vindictus,PWI,Rusty Hearts, etc. Anyway XD

SFFO 11 years ago
Runes of Magic is slowly dieng after GUild Wars 2 was released, the community has been reducted to a quarter of an half.
So if you like runes of magic play it while it still has community cause its going desert

mario2001 11 years ago
where is metin2??????????????

jeff 11 years ago
ugh cant find any games after spiral knights

Siv 11 years ago
forsaken world should just be removed. That game is designed for babies. It does everything for you.

BukLau 11 years ago
This list really and i mean really needs an update, who else agrees ? :)

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Me 11 years ago
Love wow but dont like rom

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MataOCD 11 years ago
Rusty Hearts is also very nice f2p game!

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Soldier 11 years ago
Lol u must try Rohan, but the old server. Its great free omnline MMORPG. Not so good graphics but the story is great. The items, the PvP. All is so cool.

MataOCD 11 years ago
I don't really agree with this list, there are far better f2p games, my favorites are Argo and Champions online.

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MMOALBO 11 years ago
Tetris is better then Runes of Magic.

gamer 11 years ago
must be the top 10 worst mmorpg of ever is ruins of magic is on it

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RoM hater 11 years ago
In my opinion eaven Minesweeper is a better game than RoM.

RoM hater 11 years ago
I played RoM and it sucks. Get a brain and go play Shaiya or something. You're right that the dual class sistem is nice but it's a hard game to start. Your first raids start at level 55 and alot of farming so you buy items from the auction house. If you want to play RoM, you need alot of time and patience becouse you need to collect materials(mining, woodcutting, herbalism) and kill monsters for production runes (Frost Rune, Link Rune...), then spend time waiting for the crafts to come out (5sec per craft) and then sell it in the auction house if it's good (102 or more durability and no stats is most popular) otherwise sell it to the merchant for a low income. And in a week you can get a new level 55 stated item. You need 15000 hp(30000 for tanks) to do HoS(hall of survivors) whitch is the instance where you learn to do raids. Then there is leveling and more working with every few levels and a new instance(dungeon). If you just level without making extra gold you'l get items for that level by the time the level cap is increased 2 times. Anyway, I don't recomend RoM. Go play Shaiya or Aion or something. It's a better waste of time.

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guzunio 11 years ago
wtf where is aion it is bast mmorpg in the world :)

herry 11 years ago
shiya was ok just didint have lots of players on it last time i played like 1 or 2 ppl every now and then

Haxxtastic 11 years ago
Putting "2012" in the title IS NOT CONSIDERED UPDATING THE LIST! This new editor is a real f*cking winner

anty-crap-games 11 years ago
i will wait for a real game like RaiderZ online and PSO who will come in 2013:D

anty-crap-games 11 years ago
Company of Runes Of Magic spend soo much money for making the game know by the people who don t know the diference of a good game and a crap-bad game,soo who realy say this game is the best you should play some real games like cabal,aion,even with low comunity Scarlet Legacy is much better than this crap.Soo have a good life with your crap Runes Of Magic

anty-crap-games 11 years ago
WTF is with this list moust of them are much better than that crap wow clones from 1 and 2 place,i`ve played runes of magic and is a crap game,the gameplay feel like dead and the only thing good of this game is skill animation,i played wow and i will say to you,its much much better than thouse two games,they cant even be half of world of warcraft,soo update this crap top list of f2p games,cuz are much better games then this like aion who is now F2P.Thank You for understanding

FruitSamurai 11 years ago
Metin2 and Runescape are number 1 games

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hiroki 11 years ago
and wheres the rusty hearts thats the #1!

SoldierofGod 11 years ago
The greatst games in the gamehistory is.
Runescape is a game that every time you look around you see players.
Metin2 i like because its difficult and its verry nice gameplay.
But to players how have mmoprg experiens i will suggest you metin2.
But runescape still my favorite game.

Of niet GokuNL/MJ :P

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SoldierofGod 11 years ago
if any1 is searching for a good pvp and pvm game i would suggest, no other server only bcs you can achieve anything ingame and it is free and has the best pvp system! it is hard for people wo haven't any experience with mmorpg, but i suggest this game to everyone who is looking for a good f2p game.

deadjok33 11 years ago
BTW if you are searching for good mmorpg, i would suggest C9, Aion, DCUO, Allods(if u want to pay to win), Star Wars is soon to become F2P so you might want to check it out. oooooh and dont forget about LoL (not mmorpg but good dota clone).

SoldierofGod 11 years ago
I think that Runescape the best game is because.
Runescape have a good story line and much people play that game.
Every world you se people around you.
And i like the clan wars because every year are will be come a clan cup thats cool.
And you have much skills.
And summoning is very chill.
And it is chil game play.
much concurentie.
But metin 2 is the difficults game of all.
Because i was play wow it is in the begin difficult.
BUT later it will be normal.
And leage of legends is also like that.
And metin 2 is verry difficult.
metin2 have a clan war and national world war.
And metin2 the fights are te most good thing.
ITs beuatifel.

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MrMagoo 11 years ago
you talk about shaiya? that is the most phatetic MMORPG......... that is not a free to play game that is a " pay us (for your UM so you dont get it deleted) so you can play free". a simple question WHERE the hell did you ever say a same game if you character die it will be deleted. I've left that game for almowst 2 years it's a BIG BS game. you guys make the nuubs from Aeria getting rich for that.

Poopstain 11 years ago
Solitare is the bomb fk all mmo's.
high score to date is 11222

Name (Required) 11 years ago
Needs more AION

James 11 years ago
Runes of Magic is the #1 F2P MMO of 2012? o_O By what criteria?

Krystalis 11 years ago
GW2 on august 28th...

I won't lie, I tried all of those games... I know that this list is not up to date but still, those games represent what is out there right now (most of it). Since WoW killed my gameplay (cataclysm for me was a big deception), I tried to find another game to replaced it. I can't even count how many free MMO I checked. I even paid for RIFT and TOR but still I ended up playing for a big 1-2 month each. Hell I played FFIV after their big "play for free because we screwed up" festival and didn't liked it... Graphics are SquareEnix quality but bleh... You have to play to understand what I'm saying!

I think real mmo games doesn't exist anymore. It's a buisness now. It's a big cow and companies just suck the milk out of those who are willing to pay for "additional content". And guess what happen when nobody pay anymore? They release a new game! And the milking continue...

gPotatos, Turbine, we all know those to "stay away" from... Played TSW (The Secret World) and I understood why AOC sucked without even playing it!! That game is horrible. The gameplay is so-so but the leveling system is just well to put it simple, you can lvl your skills to the top without even leaving the first zone... the quest story is pale and the battle system unbalanced... the worst part is that I paid to play for a month! FunCom, shame on me!

Right now? I'm waiting for GW2. I don't even want to get MOP for WoW in September. Pandas? WTH?

Don't get me wrong, I play video games since Mario Bros. It's my favorite thing to do. (insert troll answer here)

Played GW2 beta last weekend and the game is great but not "excellent". Its a genre, not GW1 but still, I wonder if the content will get "bleh" after 2 months of playing... I know for sure that if that game doesn't deliver, I'll just stop play MMORPG for a while.

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alumite 11 years ago
where is flyff gold ?

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kewldaniel 11 years ago
I've played some of these games, but is Runes of Magic that good? and Is Allods any good? sorry ima noob at RPGs, I'm mostly a FPS player

Prowler 11 years ago
The only game I play out of this list is LotRO, and it is awesoooome (no matter what anyone says). I like it a lot more than DDO, which I quit after like... a week at the most. But then again, I've never been a Dungeons&Dragons kinda gal. :)

I'm gonna try Aion and Vindictus btw.

Jellofingers 11 years ago
Anyone have any insight on Lord of the Rings which may be helpful. I just started the download and worked my way though all the mindless dribble iof the posts above. Looking for opinions of people playing it right now.... Thanks

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YourBrain:3 11 years ago
Vindictus the best of this games -_- Want to play Dragon Nest, but cant bc all installs crashed T_T

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PepinoJR 11 years ago

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cyberfr3akgamer 11 years ago
Outdated :( there others better than thoses :D like aion, tustyhearts, blacklight retribution and more plz update that

Gamer 11 years ago
Noobs! And where is AION???!!!??!?!?!?!

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SvajsAparat 11 years ago
thanks for the list, i just saw LOTRO and it looks awesome.

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hulkisk 11 years ago
waiting for raiderz

Ricardo 11 years ago
Apr 2, 2011 u should update this

gerardo 11 years ago

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balh 11 years ago
WHERE is lineage 2, really? u_U

FORC3EDG3gamer 11 years ago
Vindictus got boring for me once i heard about RaiderZ

sam 11 years ago
try league of legends, it tests ur skill like no other n yeah...u dont get bored
its simply amazing

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Yury 11 years ago
Good top .... runes of magic is kinda fail and vindictus is boring.
You should try also C9(kinda vindictus just more fun ).
I think RaiderZ will be the best f2p mmo this year :) .

click here 11 years ago
I have been browsing on-line greater than three hours these days, but I by no means found any interesting article like yours. It's lovely value sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you probably did, the net shall be much more helpful than ever before.

NoN :) 11 years ago
What is better:Forsakend wood or Perfect world?

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dan 11 years ago
League of Legends is truly the best and the most addicting game out there.

Nothing can match that games awesomeness.

hukbalahap 11 years ago
Aion NA is the best game
1.) Great graphics.
- PVP is not just all about the skills and gears of your character but instead its more on how good a player you are in controlling your character. ( perfect balance in all 8 class)
2.) 8 types of crafts.
3.) Guild system is awesome, (you create your own cape, invite people from different countries, get territories in the abyss, and get ranking)
4.) cooperation in this game is superb each class has its own strengths that can make them important in the group when doing instances (like healers, buff, debuffs, sleepers, silencers, rooters, tankers, dps, cc, dots etc)
5.) great interface for chatting.
6.) Has voice acting, great pet system. so many instances, quests, good story for the two factions.(lots of great cut scenes)
7.) can choose over a thousand kinds of faces, diff body size and expression, and great design in armors for cloth, leather, chain and plate
8.) pvp while flying is the best. rifting is very thrilling (fighting behind enemy lines)
9.) Lots of players :D 24/7.
10) In this game you don't just grind. YOU THINK.

I'm sure that other players can add more information about how good aion is.
btw pls update this article.

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Bisuuu 11 years ago
Where is C9?

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ashhobbzez 11 years ago
a lot of amazing games in the beta right now, wait until 2013 this list will change massively maybe one or two will stay here. With games like raiderz and c9 coming out. they better redo this list soon because i know they should be on there the beta for c9 is better then all these games lol and as for raiderz well i am not even going to go there with these games and raiderz

Mecha 11 years ago
eww... Runes of Magic >.>

silasisthirsty(my forsaken world kindred vampire) 11 years ago
lol why wasnt wow(world of warcraft) up there its not a classic if there still working on it :D

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Zatangy 11 years ago

Death 11 years ago
To me i think Forsaken World should be more popular than Perfect World, What do u think?

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Peacefull53 11 years ago
WOOT!! Dragon Nest is the top 10!! and another WOOT!! Eden Eternal Sucks!!!

That Guy 11 years ago
Cabal Online Is The Shyt, Nuff Said (cool Classes, Cool Armor, Cool Weapons, Lengthy And Involving Dungeon Quests Worth Completing, Soul Caliber-like Battle System, Fun Leveling (( No Boring Quests or Grinding For Hardly Any EXP)), Devastatingly Powerful Weapons, Beautiful Graphics On High End Computers, Legendary PvP system, Player Wars, Large Player Base, Decent Competition And Skill / Item Comparisons Between Free Players And Cash Players (Free Players Don't Get Screwed On Items And Skills In The Game If They Don't Buy Game Credits)) What More Could You Ask For???

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the6freak 11 years ago
So what's up with everyone flaming and trolling? If you don't like a game keep it to yourself or discuss it in the forums with people who actually care. No one wants to see trolls spam these comments. If you think another mmorpg deserves to be on the list that's fine, just don't troll and flame just because you have a different taste in games than someone else. To each his own.

EvilCandies 11 years ago
Lol. Dc Universe Online..Dc as in Disconnected?

Strever 11 years ago
There is no need to play RoM when you can just play WoW private servers, seriously.

Teemoo 11 years ago
I looked at this thread about 3 weeks ago trying to decide on a new game to play. I normally console game but decided to give PC a go.

I chose Aion because it seemed to get the most votes here. It is AWESOME.

I've spent countless hours playing already and got my char up to level 20. It is really addicting, tons of players playing, massive amounts of quests, maps are huge, so much stuff to do.

Best part, it's FREE.

I'll eventually end up playing Guild Wars II since it's made by the same company. I'm sure it will rock.

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Mahin 11 years ago
^ I absolutely agree with you. I used to love FW (the tutorial for all the races are pretty cool), but the moment you get to freedom harbor, it becomes the most directionless, repetitive game on earth. if this game is in the top ten list, the world is a sad place indeed. my own top ten list:
Dragons Nest

any opinions?

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Dalamar 11 years ago
Forsaken World isn't even a game.
There's no reason to leave town aside from Zodiac bosses. There's no pvp and even arena queues struggle.
Pretty much all xp is gained in town, it's repetitive with all the gimp dailies that give useless soul gold instead of real tradeable gold, and it's the absolute most pay to win game I've ever seen. You can +12 your gear for free if you have a guild base and leave your pc on all day but you're going to be spending 8 grand on mastery/resistance if you even hope to compete with the top players. And considering how little pvp there is, there's not really anyone to own or brag about even if you do fork out the cash.

The instances are boring and most aren't even worth doing. They were at the start of the game since drops were worth money, but not now.

Says a level 80 in one of the top 3 guilds on Eyrda. The only reason I still play it is because the game plays itself. I come on for IR and Zodiac, but we almost never have PVP for either one...

I would vote Aion as the best F2P, but don't take that as a compliment, the game is still awful.

Jellopy 11 years ago
Probably gonna see a bunch of flaming for stating my opinion as always but Forsaken World is more of a contender for 1st than RoM with some of the newer updates imo.

ApexPredator 11 years ago
Where the hell is League of Legends??

Dwo1f 11 years ago
^Manly stuff right there. Well, said.

I agree with the overwhelming majority of what you had to say there chap.

x_Physiks 11 years ago
It's funny no one can come up with real reasons to argue why one game is better than the other, other than "OMG THAT GAME SUKS, YEW R SO STOOPID"

You cant sit here and argue class systems, pvp arenas, leveling, overall gameplay, or anything else if thats all you have to say, you sound illiterate and highly ignorant. People that claim to be fans of mmo's these days make me sick.

If you dont know what your talking about keep your mouth shut. I agree with most of this list and I've played all of them except for Dragons nest. Which I've seen stems from the same developer of maple story. Which btw, is a good game. Its a pioneer of its style and other than Gaia Online (which I played in middle school, idk if it even exists anymore) Maple story dominates its market. Sure, following may have fallen off some, but its still played.

Shaiya, as opposed to Lineage 2. They make look the same. But there obviously must be a reason why people have fallen off the lineage train and jumped to the Shaiya train.

I disagree with oversea MMO's mainly on the basis of similarity. They all either look the same, play the same or have the same storyline. Which in my opinion is distasteful.

I am a HUGE follower of WoW, Which I believe will never be F2P, simply because of the large number of people that pay to play, and continue to pay. Of course they throw expansions at you like hotcakes but who actually likes playing Firelands over and over and over, once your geared enough to take the pressure off of getting slapped for Half a million damage.

I also am an avid player of EVE online, Allods online and I've been looking at Age of Conan. Purely because they distance themselves from the norm and whats expected and do something new.

Keep in mind kiddo's these are my opinions, and they are stated in a well thought out manner. I say all this to differentiate between a healthy debate and being a complete fool.


I invite ALL of you to a healthy debate over MMO's :]

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darkvoidX 11 years ago
i dont get it why ruins of magick 1 becase its like wow i dont like it becase it onely have 2 race and couple of class and monster are no fun they are all like bugs wolf some monkey not sure bandits exept those rock monster and that big monster they are k i play and i igot bored in like lvl 20 becsae its no fun i think even perfect world is for number 2 or 1

Mark 11 years ago
the free mmo's i enjoyed playing the most in the recent years:
1-star trek online - space and ground missions, character customization very in-depth, player created missions to play, can be a litle repetitive in missions, however you get quite fast to max lvl, so it doesnt become too boring questing.
2-forsaken world - nice graphs, nice mechanichs, character creation is very nice as is the classes, enjoyed it alot altho i had to quit because i became leader of a guild on a subscription game.
3-black prophecy - more of a space shooter, but has rpg elements on it also, loved the graphics, loved the fact that every single equipment for the ship actually changes the ship visuals, not only statistics, char creation minimal since youll play with a ship, char is only a portrait. can become boring with repetitive missions, focused on PvP at higher levels.
4-aion, i enjoyed playing it the most so far, but played it before it went f2p, thats why it went last, its not the ''free mmo i enjoyed playing the most'' because i was a subscriber when i played it lol.
the most detailed char creation on any mmo i ever seen, very detailed graphics, not as grindy as it was when launched, it was quite populated on some servers even before it went f2p, PvP oriented (remind this, pvp is allways ON on all servers, with an event that changes wich faction can invade the other faction world, changes every week, so if you dont like forced pvp, this might not be the game for you)

FORC3EDG3gamer 11 years ago
i'm pretty sure MMOBOMB is working on the update

here's mine top 5, don't judge!

1. DRAGON NEST and VINDICTUS - because the gameplay is fluid, and story is pretty descent for both.
2. LotRo - because the story is EPIC!! and the combat/fashion system/and seasonal events are EPIC!
3. DCUO - because it's fun to play on my PS3! (free for PS3) this is the game where i spent most of my weekly allowance on, DLCs are pretty epic to!
4. Runes Of Magic - dual class system is pretty unique, and customization is overwhelming(in a good way)
5. Allods - you guys will probably hate me for this LOL! even though every agrees that it's P2P, and has a crap storyline, it's better than paying for WoW.

--what's your top MMORPG?--

Dwo1f 11 years ago
Everyone knows LotRO is the best. If you actually care about storytelling and back story that is. Yes it may not be 100% f2p.. But Lord of the Rings lore just dumps on anything else. Especially the hyperdouche anime scheme of Aion, go listen to some korean pop music if you like Aion so much. They look the exact same. You actually feel involved with the lore in LotRO at least. Which is a huge bonus.

Mutami 11 years ago
Last update was April of 2011? Can you please update? Get the partial f2p games out of there and add games that have recently gone f2p. I would greatly appreciate it.

Bora 11 years ago
When i played at L2 dex 1 year ago, there were so many players!!! when i played goddess of destruction there is not players and there is no Epic Raid Boss killing... Shaiya isnt bad PVP but there is not boss fights.... WOW is too boring to me... is some1 have advice for great MMORPG where is a lot of players?

Milk 11 years ago
Why are 99% of mmos fantasy?!?!? Can't take this anymore. Fantasy overdose. This is probably the main reason why i'm enjoying DCUO so much but after two months of playing pretty much non stop i'm getting a bit bored (it is STILL lacking in content even with all the DLC). Want to try something else. But not anything with dragons and swords and armors. So i'm pretty much effed. I was gonna make an exception for AOC since i wanted to play this back when it came out but i learned that you get ganked al the time so no AOC for me. No game should encourage sociopathy (one great thing about DCUO, the option to switch back and forth between PVE server and PVP at all time without even logging out).

View 1 reply
Agonanth 11 years ago

Mahin 11 years ago
^Sir, i salute you for speaking sense

Akebono 11 years ago
Do the developers of these games u put here pay u or smthing , this is bullcrap, i mean runes of magic first????? cmon that game is emptier than a public shower in a gypsie village, and , where is aion , lets be serious nc soft did a great job, all quests everythign is free, lotro aint free to play after lvl 30 u have to buy quests , yes lol, QUESTS that doesent make if f2p , aion atlest u have everything f2p like in any other game u just buy costumes pots and crap.

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Hatchet 11 years ago
I think lord of the rings has really bad graphics and not is that really good. Vindictus is not my type of game, you cant even choose your gender. I've played runes of magic up to level 10 and I got bored. The graphics are weird and rubbish. Dragon's nest is similar to vindictus, I played it for 20 mins and I automatically deleted it.

imahuman950 11 years ago
Guys its a matter of opinion.

Akebono 11 years ago
Go play loong , great graphics, great gameplay, loads of quests, collecting , production , not cash store dependant large game world etc etc

eric 11 years ago
lol play cabal online it's the best game out there ( skill + pvp wise )

Dalamar 11 years ago
I like how a couple of the games listed aren't even "MassivelyMultiplayerOnlineGames", but rather "Online Action RPGs".
There's a HUGE difference. Just because it's online/multiplayer and it's popular doesn't make it "MMO".

And why isn't Lineage 2 on the list? Why is garbage like PW listed as being better than FW?
Fail article, I bet it was paid.

mk 11 years ago
where is 4story?

Sadraven 11 years ago
Aion is f2p? Sure...
- no chat;
- no trade;
- no craft;
- huge cooldawns on raids;
- no dredgion rewards.
So if you are ready to solo grind few days to buy one skill book, I'll be glad to see you in a competitive PvP fight in a ... few years.

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ToTheRescu 11 years ago
Ether Saga Online is a really good mmo from perfect world
buts a pay to win game which is why im looking for an outlet lolz

denja 11 years ago
rom sucks to me... i would more likely play dc universe more

Sovtek37 11 years ago
Wow I can't believe I saw Shaiya in the comments. I played that game for three years straight, then quit it about a year and a half ago. That game was amazing, until it got COMPLETELY ruined by cashshopping. I honestly can't believe anyone still plays it.

BaDBlo0D 11 years ago
The game list HAVE TO be changed ;) 1. Runes of Magic??? WTF?! 1.AION 2. Lineage2 3.Forsaken World and i dont care about 4th and up places...

Ternar 11 years ago
I hate all of you absolute retarded users who don't bother to take the time to navigate the site. If your dumbasses stopped being lazy you would realize that all of your punk arse anime style games are all under a section of their own top 10. Same with browser based games etc. If you don't know the site, don't spew your bull in the comments. These are here to help the site mods and admins learn more about how you feel about their decisions and the directions they are taking with the site. With you being idiots, that isn't accomplished and they just sit around laughing at you all day.

s0da24 11 years ago

GameMaster 11 years ago
Also, Age of Conan, Black Prophecy, deserve looking into.
And if you go Forsaken World-go pve server its more populated
Aion-go pvp and farm abyss

Watch Game of Thrones series btw ! cu

GameMaster 11 years ago
1) Aion
2) Forsaken World
3) Runes of Magic
4) Vindictus
5) Perfect World
6) Dragon’s Nest
7) DC Universe Online
8) Aika Online
9) Allods Online
10) Mabinog"
Nice List, FWorld is playable even aside the cs you can beat csers if your smart enough,Aion rocks, Lotr, DDO and RoM are not balanced with cash shop avoid my advice to skip frustration when you reach high lvl and cant do anything without money.
>>> all people dont like same style in games, you got sf junkies, big world explorers,farmers, pvpers etc etc, there for one can not truly make one universal list ,its matter of preference what game suits you best<<< The best mmo is the one you got real pals playing together with you ;)

Owned 11 years ago
Shadowbane was the best of all times ! Coming back....SBEmu

righkfgndknfghk 11 years ago
nobody tried knight online

Fury 11 years ago
You kids.... Maplestory is NOT good. Neither is Runescape or any of those other horrible games. What the f*** have you midgets been smoking that could make you possibly think games with such shitty graphics and so much repetition could be good. And to those who said "Nobody pays for game subscriptions anymore", you are fools. WoW is still holding millions of users on subscriptions, Rift has a pretty large user base, and SWTOR is also growing. Those are just the main ones... So many of you have your facts wrong that I have no idea why you even post. You clearly have no f**** clue as to what you are talking about, so instead of making untrue statements and blabbing on mindlessly, go do some research.

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New Movies 11 years ago
Hello my loved one! I wish to say that this article is amazing, nice written and include almost all significant infos. I'd like to see extra posts like this .

Radex321 11 years ago
none of this game are good

ElementX 11 years ago
any new aswome game ?????????

kmaz 11 years ago
Shaiya was best... till f***ing new episode ruined the game. Big difference between ap buyers and farmers. And economy is FAIL. Miss old shaiya.

tony 11 years ago
no its runescape all the way

muslimKiller21 11 years ago
Aion is free to play dumbasses.

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Kaddam 11 years ago
I like how nobody mentions Aion's now freetoplay it must suck monkeyballs if nobody mentions it. Doesn't matter to me I think 2012 will more likely be known as the Year of FREE TO PLAY FPS.

AuomAk 11 years ago
Heroes of the Three Kingdoms was my top, but sadly it got shut down.

tagacaviteako 11 years ago
i played all of this 10 games and
cabal online in the Philippines is the best.

Puiu 11 years ago
Dragon Nest still has the better pvp out of all of them. I really like hack and slash games.

Stormrage 11 years ago
Hey guys no offence , but this games totally suck all , ive played most of them and arent so good , if u want a real Game play Guild Wars , GW 2 , or Aion(which is free now ) <---- These are real MMORPG games , if WOW were free it would be cool to.

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Luck 11 years ago
I remind people that this is a list of FREE mmos. If you think a pay-to-play game is better, then post it somewhere else. This is for other people.

no one 11 years ago

yonex badminton 11 years ago
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yonex badminton 11 years ago
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Bef 11 years ago
Shaiya is complete junk it's the biggest money milking game i've ever played and people are dumb enough to sink soo much money into it

total junk

Interesting 11 years ago
On a different note. I'm trying to find a good free mmo to play. I've read up on basically every one mentioned on the list and in the comments and i've narrowed it down to ethier Aion or Vindictus. Now, I guess I could try both of them but my pc isn't exactly the best. So I was hoping someone could tell me which one would be a better choice for long term play. I'd hate to invest abunch of time into something and be bored end game :).

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Interesting 11 years ago
What about Dark Age of Camelot?

I know this isn't a F2P game but i've seen quite a few other P2P games in these comments. It was the first mmo I ever played and, I have tried so many since then and have yet to find one I think is better. It has changed a lot these past few years but if you love to PvP it really is #1 imo.

Raz 11 years ago

maxi6000 11 years ago
maplestory is a good game, is adictive, all the games sucks eccept aion, and what happen to oblivion is 1 of the bests games

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poepmann 11 years ago
i think that apb reloaded needs to be in the list and maplestory is not a so good game so thats needs to be removed

Kiana 11 years ago
The next time they update the list I think that Aion:Ascension should be on the list!

Multishorts 11 years ago
Hang on... RuneScape isn't even on here? Another classic example of RuneScapeism. By far the best MMO out there.

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Dreadvenom 11 years ago
Runes of Magic is an amazing game but personally, I don't think that it deserves the top spot on the list while a game like Forsaken World is at the bottom. Runes of Magic has a very poorly developed auto routing feature. That doesn't break the game but it drops the score in my opinion. Forsaken World however does not have any noticable flaws aside from the strange movement controls. And as a bonus, in Forsaken World, it is extremely simple to get a party together to do instance related quests. Maybe it's just me, but I would have to rank Forsaken World higher on the list than Runes of Magic.

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T 11 years ago
Wheres aion??? blows most of these games out of the water

Mahin 11 years ago
The true top ten list of 2012:

1) Aion
2) Forsaken World
3) Runes of Magic
4) Vindictus
5) Perfect World
6) Dragon’s Nest
7) DC Universe Online
8) Aika Online
9) Allods Online
10) Mabinogi

note: i am not including lotro, ddo or aoc in this list. this is mainly because those games arent really f2p, because far too many content is blocked for free members. its like calling runescape f2p smh

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Leman 11 years ago
1. Tera Online
2. Vindictus
3. Dragon Nest
4. Raiderz
5. La Tale
6. Lunia
7. Lineage 2
8. Dragonica
9. Dragon Ball Online
10. Iris Online

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GrueZ 11 years ago
Vindictus looks like a good game but unfortunately you can only play it in the US, Canada and Europe.

mobilemobster 11 years ago
i have been trying to download RoM but the download speed is infrequent. right now it has halted at 0.0 kb/s. is their anything i could do to improve this speed?

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zodiamc 11 years ago
STAR TREK ONLINE!!! If you liked Mass Effect, you´ll love STO. the story is awesome, the spacefights and the ground fights, too. *.*

should be top10...

werwer@ 11 years ago
where is Aion, aGE OF CONAN?

rims 11 years ago
the only bad thing at Runes of magic is dual class system. so u get to lvl 10 with a class, then to lvl up the other class u start from lvl 1 maps/mobs again to lvl up the other class. the 2 classes should lvl up at the same time

ironmike 11 years ago
all of these games SUCK.

except for lord of the rings.

age of conan gets runner-up.

asdasds 11 years ago
RoM is boring, all good stuff= cash shop, and it look like one of the many anian mmos out there. Lotro and d& d you must pay to even get full game.

Ahmed Sameh 11 years ago
Soon enough ( a week from now ) Aion online will be at the top ( technically bottom ) of this list bcus it KICKS ASS !!!!

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Elsword 11 years ago
Elsword is the best!!!

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
Well if anyone is interested as of the 11th of this month Aion is going free to play ! Been following the game for some time now and I love it . But that's me .

mimi 11 years ago
Aion will be F2P for North America on April 11,2012. I am counting the days, because I loved it when it first came out. They have done alot to fix it up. Always loved the graphics and gameplay. And who doesn't love flying? Besides, I have played all the games mentioned above, and atm I'm just waiting for GW2 to come out. So Aion will be my game for the time being.

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PLAYER 11 years ago
AION, yes is f2p, been playing when beta started, down fall they are combining the servers, where they are down to 5 at the moment, and they plan on joining another two. but the up side they have cleaned up the bots and farmer..

Mahin Islam 11 years ago
I've always looked back to see how this list was evolving, and i always found myself nodding. Now it has come so far, i would only like to add a few suggestions. While i dont have many problems with ROM, placing it first in the midst of so many newer mmos seems dated. The game is extremely over hyped, and i can name several games that should be above ROM (descending order): Allods, Perfect World, Dragons Nest, Forsaken World, Aika, Aion ( its f2p now), etc. It is also necessary to define "free to play"; lotro and ddo should not fall under that category. it is misleading; those games are free to start, but 75% of the content is blocked unless you pay. also, i dont see aika and aion on this list. and... WHERE IS MABINOGI?!!! the game is slightly dated, but still provides more of an immersive experience than many of the games listed above. please update soon. thank you very much.

sadas 11 years ago
Aion ?

DessiB 11 years ago
Yeah, the list definitely needs to be updated asap.
Since there are a lot of new good mmogames out there. One of them - Aion become free to play.
Imo it's one of the best MMORPG games nowadays, graphics and gameplay is amazing. Definitely worth give it a try. Don't hesitate -

Back to current top list, i'm not surpised about LOTRO current position (2nd) on the top list, becouse it's a really amazing game, few days ago made a new acc and realised that it has to be on MMORPG top 3 for sure. Don't ask me why, go there and look for yourself ;)

iCantAffordaMac 11 years ago
Is there anyway you can display the date of when the list gets updated? It would be nice to know how current this list is from time to time.

Jens 11 years ago
It isn't a Wow ripp-off, it's much better than Wow. Nice storyline, mega-bosses, nice equipment and now you can have 3 classes. I agree with everyone that says that Rom gets the first place!

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YamiZ 11 years ago
let me recommend a game that is not on the list
check it out!

rob 11 years ago
runes od magic looks like a world of warcraft knock off

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Greeper 11 years ago
Lotro and DDO are F2P? Haha, nice joke. Maybe you can run around for free but 70% of content you have to buy for real money. This isn´t free.
Same AoC and other "f2p" games.
Pretty bad list.
And how can be RoM at first place omg? There are plenty of games better than this sh*t.
I know it´s hard to write good list of top free games but this? Cmon, you have to be kiddin me.

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debus 11 years ago
Runes of Magic as no1? LoL
I know the game for +1year...dont play it...its a fail... "new contents" are repetitive, I farmed its latest contents in chapter III, IV...its only possible to get them if u pay real $! and all diamond prices are overpriced compared to other games!

Support is terrible and flawed...ex.: during 1year i noticed wrong people geting suspended or banned...if you read forums of the game, all threads who mention "less positive subjects" get closed...just check it yourself if you dont believe me xD

I wont tell which are my prefered mmo's...but just forget Runes of Magic...

deya 11 years ago
Hey guys, can you tell me a good mmorpg with good pvp, a game with good duels i meaan to duel for good not just standing in front of the other player and hit him with magic etc( because i saw many mmorpgs with that style).--excluding WOW:)))
I'm waiting for your response.Thx

Derek 11 years ago
Maybe it is just me but all of these games completely suck. Age of Conan is OK and Vindictus is fun for a little while.

Etano 11 years ago
Where is Jade Dynasty????!!!!

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marvin 11 years ago
I did the same with world of warcraft

DarkRyuuX 11 years ago
Is DDo Dungeons&Dragons Online? o___o

Dantiko 11 years ago
Well, waiting for Guild Wars 2, it will surely be the best of the best of the best of the best.

OoepicfaceoO 11 years ago
Forgive me if this offensive to all runes of magic players but it sucks hard dry donkey balls thats all i gotta say.....

akebono1989 11 years ago
im sorry, but this list is not rly any good, since loong is crap , conan is a shit game thats not rly free to play same as lotro , f2p game is the one where u can do all for free not require to buy quests lolz, but anyways, no f2p list can miss cabal, silkroad , mu online etc those games r 5-7 yrs old but still have more players than any of those on ur list

Xemnas 11 years ago
Sword of the New World [sword2] is better.

grgrgr 11 years ago
For you little brothers gave them fusionfall.. is perferct for our little sis/bro's

TheGamer 11 years ago
Looks like my comment cleared your minds =D

ThcMonkee 11 years ago
Oh Internet, you and your comments... bless you.

BOOM 11 years ago
To be honest i didn't play most of them
but first i can't put dragon nest or vindictus in this list because most of people can't play it (for american only) .
forsaken world is a boring game .
perfect world is a really a very slow progressing.
and last i didn't like Lord of the ring online characters face or body customization .

i have a list from best what i have played and i played a lot of games so please be free to arrange it as u like
9 dragons (i enjoyed it alot)
silkroad ( frist mmo i ever played )
jade dynasty ( enjoyed it when i become a high lvl )
DC univers ( just downloaded it now :D )
battle of the immortals ( i would loved it if i didn't lost and don't know where to go :D)
atlantica online ( very unique gameplay and have a real helping hand there )
Dekaron ( what i could say u have to know it well b4 playing )
APB Reloaded ( really loved this game but very lagy filled with bots and bots kill u fast)
waiting for these games that i heard is epic:
Blade & soul
World of wushu
tera online
vindictus in Europe

and lot i not remember now

BOOM 11 years ago
I Wonder all player don't like ROM so why is it in the frist place???

krapix 11 years ago

silentdecay 11 years ago
Also all perfectworld games, are diff not free in order to even be viable lvl 60+ in forsaken world ect req almost 20,000 to get on par with all the cash shopers. You are useless with no wings or lvl 1 wings, game is a 100% cash shop game to do anything or have any fun at all in pvp or pve.

Very very sad games for free

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silentdecay 11 years ago
Runes of magic is so bad they killed all pvp, pvp servers have like 10 people on them at a time.

The pve is boring, the sidge war pvp is broken and they don't plan to fix and are planing to get rid of it leaving the game pure pve and boring

You must cash shop over 5,000$ to get anywhere in end game

anon 11 years ago
Runes of magic as #1? pfft please that game is way over inflation, not worth playing.

Hazza 11 years ago
u have to play microvolts!!!!!

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TheGamer 11 years ago

Crazy moment over:

Lets look at the facts...
Totaly F2P...or not:
RoM is totaly f2p, because you cant do some instances because you need like 60% more hp and look!You need to pay you money or grind for the rest of your life to get it!Awesome!

Questing Master:
RoM quests are well made, you always get a new monster to kill 10 times!!

Graphics for Good:
Awesome graphics, you start with a black box that they call armor, then you get a orange armor and look!Your box/character is awesome!And look at that gray box over there!No is not a rat is a freakin Gray Dragon!Cool...

Why have 6, 4 or even 26 races?You only need humans and elfs!Never seen before races!Diferent from each other in every body aspect!

Well balanced pvp:
Want kick on everyone a$$?Make a rogue!Wanna be an duchbag?Be an mage!

Everybody is a mage...or laggy:
You can teleport!Look!You are here, now you are there!How you became soo fast?And you can be a ninja!You attack a mob one time, then in five seconds the mob DIE by unknow reason,FREAKIN AWESOME!

Marco 11 years ago
Great list, pretty acurate. I might switch ddo up to 1 and knock lotro, and Rom down one each. Turbine makes great games and that is that. Granted it is a complete joke to say that ddo or lotro are ftp. you can say they're ftp but if you actually want to enjoy the game over a period of over a month your probably going to have to dump money into it :P

Braghez 11 years ago
DCUO would be another good title in this list...the PvP server is just awesome :D action game with rpg details and a quite big and datailed world at disposal...the PvE server to me is quite pointless...this game is focused on the PvP even at endgame and the main part is the fight of heroes vs villains...not like in comics you see "O... hai! Mr/s Super Hero/Villain! May i challange you to a duel for (type some idealist bullshit here) ? :D " you just go there and pwn the hell out of him...weapon and skill system are awesome for a rpg, not binding at all (even if, to be honest, some choices for particular roles like dps and healer are better PvE wise..for bosses you know...PvP wise everything is pretty much fine as long as you're skilled with it)...skills can be resetted for few money (game currency, not cash....and trust me's a really lil sum of money) so you can try a lot of combinations to make your own build...travelling powers are awesome too :D and the fact that even after you reached the cap you can keep growing lil by lil is hella nice :P
Some more endgame content...maybe some new map /challenges and pvp modes and it would be really nice :D

robert 11 years ago
looked threw this list tried most these games in all honesty best game ive found for depth, trade skills, quests, high end group and raid content is everquest 2 by a mile still a good looking game can play free but if ya really like it sub aint so bad. some games are retarded ie perfectworld rom no sub but will cost you a lot more .also ya cant buy ya way to the top ya have to earn so if sub level playing field and skill matters.only 1 pvp server nagafen and its mean .game also has ingame chat if you got a fast internet conection its great .im curretly doing x4 and moving into hard mode x4 raids and loving it. check it out

Monka 11 years ago

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Greg 11 years ago
I like how they only change 2011 for 2012 and still it's the same stupid pay to win games lis like before. Seriously, I think the guys at MMOBomb are getting paid for saying good stuff about some of the games on this list, or else I don't understand.

LordSinistro 11 years ago
The ONLY game that is worst than RoM is Tibia.But, if tibia get updated with a new 3d graphics and engine...poor RoM...

FD_Stalker 11 years ago
10. Loong: The Power of the Dragon-----------Should be good, but I dont like that type.
9/5/2.---------------------Could someone tell me what is the difference between these 3 and WOW? Im tired of that kind of ugly gamescreen. WOW kind games are behind the times. Why should one of a magican's hand always raises up to hold magic, or arcane, while another hand dropping close to magican's waist? Why should missions always display as an old, yellow scroll?
8. Age of Conan: Unchained---------looks good, but character's footstep needs to upgrade. Battle is filled with blood. Fix the lag.
7. Perfect World------------------ A old game but the gamescreen always makes players feeling fresh. People could jump and fly in the sky. That makes player really fun.
6/4/3.---------------- I always believe that a MMORPG game can not only be played as a instance game. These 3 games are instance games, which only contain instance mission without freedom mission. That is really boring.
1. Runes of Magic------------------- A good update from WOW's ugly gamescreen. But else, no else.

Nesvarbu 11 years ago
This website needs new top 10 for 2012 :D

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TheGamer 11 years ago
I think that this was a good list...then i see RoM 1º...

MW 11 years ago
No offence, I just want to suggest that No.10 "Loong" is created by Chinese based totally on Chinese ancient mythology and history... not Japanese :-|

s4ngh3ili19 11 years ago
there are way more better games than RoM..

Tzar 11 years ago
The next best game will be Lineage 2 and Aion that will be free to play soon in Europe :D

DasCoolest 11 years ago
Dragon Nest is pretty good (Besides the customer support nexon isn't very good at that)

Allods is alright...

Runes of magic is pretty gay... (I don't understand why you can have up to 3 classes combined into a single class...)

To me LOTRO sorta got boring after level12

Never really played DDO soo...

Vindictus (From what I've played) Is possibly the best Free to play game out there Insane graphics Only con is that the whole game is pretty much one big instance lol... ( And from what I know the only PvP Is 1 on 1 duels. D:)

Nishant 11 years ago
guys, can any1 tell me, which of these games are also playable from India(a country in South-East Asia)..??
thnx and regards

Rat 11 years ago
great! but aoc and runes of magic could switch

Quickswitch 11 years ago
1)RoM-Item mall unbalances the game way to much. Good until around level 25ish, Then the boredom sets in. My's well pay for the sub in WoW.

2)LoTR- only free to a certain extent. You can buy things like weapons and such with real cash.

3)DDo- I played for a little bit. At the time it seemed alright, until I found another MMORPG to play.

4)Vindictus-I enjoyed it for a good while. I was a Kurak. But the instances starts to get repetitive after level 35. You have to run, and re-run the same instances over, and over.

5)Allods- I played for a good while too, but the taint of free gaming sets in pretty fast. Collect X return to Y type quests.

6)Dragon Nest-Never tried it.

7)Perfect World-gets grindy after level 18ish. Another game that becomes unbalanced do to the Item Mall. Buying XP stones and such with real life cash, just to make the game less grindy.

What kept me playing it for a few months where the graphics. I'm a sucker to games that have realistic 3D graphics. Not a fan of the cartoony/anime style graphics.

8)AoC-Only free to a certain extent. You are limited unless you pay for a premnium account.

9)Forsaken World-Your typical Perfect World style game, Grindy, Item mall unbalances, and it is basicly the same game as number 7 on this list. It should not even be on this list in the first place.

10)Loong-Is to cartoony/anime style type game, for me. The character customazation is very, very limited. I watched a video preview of this game, and the ambient background music seemed it would get annoying fast.

Best thing I can say about this list is. Either go for a sub game, or a retail game, you might be better off. Some retail games, and sub games are pretty nice. I had not yet found any free game that kept me playing for a good year or two.

Speaking of Retail game, I am off to go purchase Skyrim.
Later Folks

Mckeller 11 years ago
Runes of Magic are very very ugly...

utridentu 11 years ago

10. TwelveSky@(old)
9.BoI (only that private server)
7. Dragon Nest
6. Archlord
5. Allods (p2w)
4. Zu (some ppl dislike so if not Zu for 4th i'd choose LOCO)
3. Vindictus
2. Blade and Soul
1. ( this is atm) Lineage2
Constructive criticism not nerd's ragind and spammimg their preffered games is welcome.

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zhopko 11 years ago
many of you seem to be youngsters. therefore all of you suck a lot.

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Toeto 11 years ago
LOTRO wasn't free. I had to buy it then install it.

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Kalios 11 years ago
I think the author of this list was paid to do so. Let's see, RoM may be a good game, but the cash shop punishes non-paying players. You see, a lot of people like me, enjoy playing a game without having to pay a single dollar in it. RoM is not the case, if you want to have fun for a few days go ahead, play it, but if you wanna make it to the top, forget about playing free, cause you'll need to invest a shitload of money to make your equipment better so you can actually be useful on a guild.
Seriously, you should do a list of real FREE TO PLAY mmo, games that let you play free and being a high-end player without having to spend any money, not some of these "pay to be a pro". In some games the cash shop is merely an addition, you can get good equip without paying real money.

BOOO 11 years ago
ROM NR1? F2P MMO? Fail... lotro is better allods is better ddo is better, vindictus is better ... ETC FAIL!

Pokits 11 years ago
no one even lised king of kings 3? its pretty decent no button mashing you can craft wepons/armor. three classes to start then twelve sub classes under each three. pretty decent and has a north america server.

LiamFVJ 11 years ago
does anybody see how bad the grammar is, especially near the top of the comment board :P

Willie Lee 11 years ago
You guys obviously don't read. Near the end of the Article they give reason why they've excluded some Free-to-Plays. Also don't you dare compare Perfect World's MMORPG Perfect World to WoW. Why? WoW isn't really a FTP and has only 12 million subscriber base, but PWI's PW is a full blown FTP and has a 50 million player subscriber base. Clearly Perfect World < WoW. I'm kinda disappointed that PWI's Forsaken World isn't mentioned, but I guess it isn't recent.

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Uzumakipaco 11 years ago
Forsaken world, deservers a better place its so much better then most above him try it.) vampire class owns

thetruth 11 years ago
RoM is pay to win nad actully allods is much better and orginal.

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joe 11 years ago
why no atlantica

Macedonian 11 years ago
What about Cabal Online? Heroes Online?

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TheGamer 11 years ago
Update this list!Lineage 2 lauched free TODAY!!!!

Vladimir 11 years ago
theres alot of games on this list i dont agree with, but, mostly cause i focus most of my attention on graphics and battle system, my favorite on this list is vindictus. And sure alot of other people might want to argue, but its my opinion listen to it or dont, oh ya and when i tried oout LOTR online it SUCKED, i just hated, being a lotr fan it was a horrible game and a disgrace to have the name.

that is all

Gaki 11 years ago
Aw... SUN Online from Webzen deserved a spot in this top 10 >.>

Voretechz 11 years ago
I like Forsaken World alot. Its a great F2P game. They just need to add more quests for level 50+. After 50 it gets monotonous.

Tsukuyomi 11 years ago
Forsaken World and Perfect World should not be on here together, they are essentially the same thing with minor edits.

Colin 11 years ago
First off, why the hell are you even considering DaD? And what the hell RoM only has two races, put either Allods or Vindictus in the top spot you hairless monkeys!

Thiago 11 years ago
Good Top 10!

andrew 11 years ago

Valko 11 years ago
Hey why not EQ2 X I must say for the F2P version of an actual paid game it's good or DC Universe Online since it's F2P now.

EliteBostock 11 years ago
I love the list and lol i have played all of these :D

Alexhabs73 11 years ago
No Requiem ... no rohan ... no Atlantica ... I am disappoint :(
But great list still ! ;)

Where is Cabal ? 11 years ago
cabal online is a very good mmorpg with good graphic + nice quests and gameplay
and its for me and for alot of ppls is the best action mmorpg of the world ???!!!

EpicMonkeyZ 11 years ago
i think its a pretty good list, and i also thing your stupid if you say things like: Wheres blade and soul

AgentGibbs 11 years ago
Best mmo out there today isnt on youtube yet, its the new updated version new owners estsoft... Game cap 180, gets better and better each update.

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2proForU 11 years ago
what a shit kunt try to act tough on internet ur a weak one dun act cool.

Runes of Bugs 11 years ago
I dont know much about others but i know Runes of Magic well and that is worse game if u think its F2P.

u have to pay lot at the end game otherwise u cant do dungeons u can sit back and do some events mean while XD dont even try that game full of bugs and game crash like hell.

i just play cause i met some good friends there otherwise i already left XD

BOB 11 years ago
Mangg Dragon NEst is a good game but everytime I log in the stupid thing sayd disconnected from the world WTFF?? and I just started stupid lag Nexon people

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Lotrolover 11 years ago
I really think Lotro should be first place, i dont like runes of magic

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godlike91 11 years ago
I want Dragon Nest in EU!!! :(

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SirAndraxTheNaughty 11 years ago
I really hate these grind based games. I dont get why most mmorpgs are like that. It's dumb and it's very unoriginal and very very very boring. I dont know what kind of mindless zombie enjoys pressing the same numbers in the same pattern in the same generic fantasy world for hours and hours. I suggest you guys at MMObomb make a top 10 list of skill based MMOs and not just MMOrpgs. I'd love you guys if you did. There are MMOs out there that require skill thank god. Making a list about it would really do gamers a favor.

Vitol 11 years ago
Please, recomend me game with same, or battle style like Vindictus. Thank.

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dhyco 11 years ago
where lol league of legend ???

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q the physicist 11 years ago
just heard star trek online might be going to the f2p model before the end of the year

uydsfguw 11 years ago
atlantica online should b at da top of da list

Colin 11 years ago
Ne no likey new format with videos

Colin 11 years ago
Eh, Okay list but push RoM way back because it isn't good with most graphics cards. Also, I would say move Allods to 4th and Vindictus to 5th (this is if you dont remove RoM). Eh and 4story should be considered, and LoL.

awesomeguy990 11 years ago
I disagree with this list here are some legit reasons:
1. Most of these games are those crap ones where u have to target your enemy and auto attack sht!
2. Vindictus, Mabinogi and dragon nest are all scratch based (hack n slash)
3. DDO is WAAAAY better than LOTRO! LOTRO is auto attack and target, while DDO is scratch based!
4. You people left out MapleStory!

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deadhunter 11 years ago
vindictus should be 2 on that list,it has great animation,and great classes.Also runescape is old man,get with the program!

Jackmang 11 years ago
Runes of magic first? It was horrific and quit it after 10 levels of gameplay.

Not only do i utterly hate WoW a copy of it is just as bad, if not even worse.

Kenji 11 years ago
ok i list two games, you never seen and never play before
this 2 games is better than what you list

Howling Sword

bladechronicle samuria online

Kenji 11 years ago
there are many kind MMORPG in KR and JP you never play before

Kenji 11 years ago
this list >>>epic fail

have you play KR and JP MMORPG before????? you only list US mmorpg
there are many kind MMORPG in KR and JP

Joeman67 11 years ago
If you want a shooter, combat arms is really good!

vasalkar 11 years ago
this is whole downloading games and this is so lovely games here

Dr4Evill 11 years ago
dragon nest or Vindictues needs 2 be 1st and not that crapy WoW clone

jowie 11 years ago
Vindictus IS NUMBER ONE !!

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ruff 11 years ago
where is rohan....!??

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DreadKing 11 years ago
Forsaken World is way better than Perfect World and Allods Online

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Someone 11 years ago
dungeon and dragons?,lord of the rings?lol!

rowhn 12 years ago
well. dont diss dragon nest till you try it...

GXV254671 12 years ago

GXV254671 12 years ago
has anyone tried cabal??

Zalor 12 years ago
I'm surprised Prius Online isn't somewhere in the list. It's much better than any PWE game imo. =/

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Mysteriousperson 12 years ago
vindictus should be in 2nd DB<

rainmkd 12 years ago
great list imo

KyanKetsu 12 years ago
lol lotro is hardly "free"

taylerzy 12 years ago
I'm a little more interested in a browser game list like this, I hate big downloads.

Spyrit 12 years ago
Deco Online ^^

hitman 12 years ago
i can not understand y the hell Runes of Magic is number 1 mmorpg game

WoW4life 12 years ago
If u want a good game u have 1 that beat all of those "World of Warcraft"
If u never played go to eu site or whatever and you willlsee

wowww 12 years ago
PWI the Best

Alexandru 12 years ago
GUYS !!! PLAY Divine Souls PLAY GUYS!!!!

is awsome ;)

ghostsai234 12 years ago
Isn't it sad that RoM is the best F2P MMO?

binfatlk 12 years ago

binfatlk 12 years ago

LOLLLLL 12 years ago
Guys, the best advice i can give to you is this:
-Buy Guild Wars
-Buy Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
-Buy Guild Wars 2
-Buy Rift
-Buy Lineage III
-Never watch for games ever again

rycod 12 years ago
Ye Runes of Magic can be at 10 place but first ....

zilentnoise 12 years ago
Ther Ar Way Better Games Then on this list And Rom sucks dont sey not u know it is

Erik 12 years ago
Runes of Magic is fuckin terrible. They will take your money for cash shop and then BAN your account for no reason. Boycott Frogster, I filed a complaint against them with BBB. F**** FROGSTER AND ROM.

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~LexTory~ 12 years ago
why RoM on top? i tried the game i realy dident like it...i rather DDO or LOTRO and not this Copy of WoW i dont like WoW either after what i sew it does 2 ppl...

donna1988i507w 12 years ago
Where's sword2?

megaking 12 years ago
i wonder if dungeon and dragons is good

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hasan 12 years ago
runes of magic does really suck i btter play runescape then playing runes of magic

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Rits 12 years ago
Runes of Magic SUCKS! If you really want to stay on Runes of Magic and keep playing with high instance you will have to pay, beceause you need an amount of HP before you can do the instance, or you will die.. Well Forsaken World gives you a change to do it 100% F2P I recommend Forsaken World, beceause with 30g in-game money you can have an mount for 135% speed.

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Carrie 12 years ago
I agree with others that Runes of Magic does not belong at the top of this list. The only reason it is there is because it is a WoW "replacement". As far as game quality goes, LOTRO is probably a better game. Also, Mabinogi is missing from this list. It is a better and more unique game than Aika online.

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ercole16 12 years ago
mmobomb is the best site ever

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ercole16 12 years ago
tnx this is the best site ever

umar 12 years ago
If u wanna play mmorpg download this ist kinda cool

meebles 12 years ago
for me Runes of Magic was kinda meh, as a grind-heavy game the combat system just didn't feel as addictive as other ones like Flyff. As for the the dual/multi class system, sorry RoM, but DDO did it a lot better- because skills are varied/practical for different situations in missions (e.g. unlocking doors, disabling traps).

loboxd170 12 years ago
Why i always see Runes of magic at the first place? I played it and i wasnt so great, I prefer DDO, Atlantica and others MMORPG over Runes of Magic

shinhari1 12 years ago
Ok been trying to for now over five days to install the game EuDemons can any plz help me ..thks .

igorgorni 12 years ago
Pirate Galaxy , Split screen studios Free to Play online massive multiplayer space fantasy game has got to be one of the top mmog games online at present ive been playing the game for over 2 years and im still only 10% through the game, with new achievements being unlocked all the time , New features being added regularly, PVP battles with other pilots , Free roaming fighting action , Vast detailed worlds Awsome Grafix, And did i mention its FREE to play. Log in today and look me up i play on the solaria server my pilot name is Drifter88 if you need a hand send me a private message, (hope you guys add this game to your list it won 2 awards this year alone)

KeX 12 years ago
runes of magic better than vindictus? oh you better got to be kiddin me

asdasdsadsadsadaasdsada 12 years ago
champions online sucks

thatlotroguide 12 years ago
I been playing lotro since BETA and let me tell you.. ALL TURBINE CARES ABOUT NOW IS F2P... we have had only 1 new raid added to the came in the past 16 months.. even though its a good raid... i still expect more since im p2p, not f2p. and ive cleared the new raid on T2 Hardmore ( North American Second to complete)

epke 12 years ago
ow akonkingzz2 one thin if i try to download sikroad on web page it says internet explorren dont word than it close (normaly) but than it returns the site and if i click a gain u get the same i have tryte it for a few times and then i tryd i at a friend at he's pc it works but if i want to update him he didnt do and if that thing dont update you cant play and i am not so good at pc's i dont know how to fix this

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epke 12 years ago
ssry this one ^above is from me :P

View 1 reply
akonkingzz2 12 years ago
hi akonkingzz2 thank you i dont know what you say there because i am not so good at engelish but do you know anything for cabal ? and i gona try the tinges with silkroad than you for helping me

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arvinfilth 12 years ago
Hi Epke :D
Ye i live in Europe, but i used proxy bypasser :D
I reccomend that you wait until it gets to Europe because its hard to find a good proxy server to the US.
And the Silkroad thing could be:
1. The server is down.
2. Are you sure you run it as Administrator.
3. Virus?

epke 12 years ago
akonkingzz2 i cant play vindictus i live in europe but do you live in europe too ? btw do anyone know what is wrong i cant play silkroad if i want to download it it wont work(a few times did it work) and if i want to update he dont do :( plz help me and caba if i login than it says failed to connect to server plz try again later can anyone help me with this problems ?

TheOneWhoCantDownloadGames 12 years ago
i cant download games ... i bet ur crying for me right now

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arvinfilth 12 years ago
I'm looking forwatd to Vinductus Europe i've tried it in US version.... and it was.... FREAKING AWESOME! :D

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zaki shinigami 12 years ago
i relly like if some one till me about top 10 or less multyplayer games no dwonload but i need them 3d plz till me

epke 12 years ago
This isnt a good top 10 i have playd 2 of them and i think some games dont belong here
i think its lotro rom champions and allods there are better games like umm ryl2 or maestia or cabal or priston tale 2 or loong or silkroad i think silkroad is one of the best but i want to download it but it doesnt work :( can anyone help me with this game ?
but this is not so good top 10 mmo's i have seen better mmo top 10 list

Dennis Days 12 years ago
This list.. it's.. no.

This can't be the list, maybe of the list of the10 worst f2p mmos ever. (eighty exagurating)
How can a game like let's say 'Flyff' miss this list if they have like 6 million registered users.
Played that game in the past, as there are many other games that should be in this list.

Oh well, poop.

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dragon 12 years ago
and they missed runescape

View 1 reply
sean 12 years ago
one question WERE THE F*** IS FIESTA

View 3 replies
mateus 12 years ago
Except for Vindictus who is the most hype free but have nothing new (is another bored game who have good graphics), the list is good. My opinion:
10. Aika
9. Vindictus.
8. Perfect world
7. Forsaken
6. Atlantica
5. Allods
4. DDO
3. Champions
2. Rune

View 1 reply
essedess 12 years ago
All good games , Except i think Vindictus should be number 1 and RoM crashes my system when i play it i used to have 1 gb of ram and it would randomly crash while playing not often enough to keep me from playing it though. I bought another gig thinking yeah ill be able to play it now and even with better graohics to boot......not now it crashes at log in everytime without fail even though that same ram has enabled me to play other games i couldnt play before smoothly. 12 years ago
Jade dynasty deserve to be there instead of RoM

View 1 reply
Nvenom 12 years ago
all i have to say is get rid of RoM that game SUXs arse, to be frank all these games on here suck because they all copy from eachother hasint been a new game in years!!!! only ones that re invented it were DDO and Atlantica the rest can go screw themselves in an ally

ooshjoosh 12 years ago
I would love a top 10 "2-D" MMOs list,because my PC is not really made for the above mentioned games.I dont wanna open my browser each time to play browser-based games.So somebody please please make a top 10 "2-D" MMOs list.I desperately want it.

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Barrosy 12 years ago
Lool, Always Runes of Magick on number one. I've played WoW for 2 years and it got bored. Now I see this copy of WoW and it doesn't look good in those videos. I didn't even like WoW being one of the best MMORPG's because I think it isn't. It's a nice game but not worth paying in my opinion.
I don't think Runes of Magick belongs to the first place. There's also a new game: Rift. If it was f2p you should have added it as number one in your list in stead of that other nab game. They are all looking the same. But thanks for your list... 12 years ago
Loong was a great game and I can agree with most of the list, but you know agree to disagree.

urieaal 12 years ago
Also meant to add no ones doing a vampire style mmo any good ither. latly thats began to interest me as a genre and i dont mean like the vamps in forsaken world i mean blood drinking night walkers ect...

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urieaal 12 years ago
i played wow on and off for over some 8 years now maybe actually played about 4 of those. but any ways im trying every single free to play mmo i can find and frankly most of them are pure fecal matter.

as the list go's i've tryed aika, forsaken world, Atlantica, allods, lotro, ddo, champions, runes.

frankly i get bored as hell with all of them i played and forced my self to play till about level 30-40 in them just to try and get into the content. its ither they seem alot like wow or im just bored of the magic and swords mytho's style genre. i have yet to find a game i can enjoy and stick with. its alot of the same in my opinion, fetch quests or the overly repetive kill x amount of this to get x amount of that. little to no interesting story.

personally im a big fan of pvp and dungeon content. most of the games have little of both. i've tryed some Science fiction type mmo's and frankly no ones doing it any good.

View 4 replies
TravelingWater 12 years ago
Just wait for Black Prophecy, dear friends. Look it up, join the beta, and thank me later.

newlegend 12 years ago
You forgot flyff

Daniel San 12 years ago
Hi guys, i look Vindictus and it looks awesome, i was looking this type of game that you can play whiout a mouse, and you can use only the gamepad!!!!, do you know another game like this? hack and slash online? that you can play directly with a gamepad or with xpadder or pinnacle game profiler?

Thanks, and have a good day

View 1 reply
kety0k62 12 years ago
Good top, tho the 3 first ones differ so greatly it's more of a matter of play-styles.
Like the wow style of game: RoM
Like active gameplay and big character customization: DDO
Like to explore endlessly and a huge backstory: Lotro

Chaka 12 years ago
Blade and Soul no1.
C9 No2.
Dragonball On. No3.
Screw this top 3 XD

View 3 replies
Tim 12 years ago
I have play for a long time Diablo I,II then L2 for years and after that Aion, Forsaken World have elements from this 3 games I play in the past, and it's awesome if u like the above games then u must play it imo it's the best free mmorpg there is so many things to do gather/craft/instants/farm elite mobs or raid world bosses with party and ofc PvP! 5 races / 8 classes / every cls have 3 tree of talents u can choose to spent your talent points the graphics for a f2p mmorpg is top notch seriously the details of char faces match that of Aion all in all this game is very promising there is only 1 month from the release but it's so well made high badget game it doesn't look like f2p at all give it a try and I am sure u will love it like I did.

View 1 reply
ripperino 12 years ago
Nice list, the games look great ;3

MK 12 years ago
Great list indeed.

q the physicist 12 years ago
i never played WoW, but played Runes of Magic for more than a year and dabbled in lord of the rings online for a couple of months before discovering DDO. In my opinion it should be above both LOTRO and RoM for the following reasons:

1. Character movement and design
DDO: character hangs on ledges, climbs up stuff like ladders and large steps, super jumps, feather falling (a kind of gliding) and creation is somewhat varied meaning your character can kinda look like you want it to.
RoM: none of the above plus your character can only look like a Final Fantasy character
LOTRO:none of the above, design was ok if i remember

2. Combat
DDO: mouse left button hold for attacks, mouse and left hand for maneuvering (mouselook); no macros but hotbars more than enough. no damage meters. combat is very diverse and there is a lot of maneuvering
LOTRO: no mouselook, wtf??!!
RoM: single-button mashing (fighter class) because of macros (can you say "carpal tunnel syndrome"); button mashing in general

3. UI
DDO: very easy to change ui settings, everything moves, no need for add-ons to customize desktop. Limited number of skins, unfortunately
LOTRO: very customizable
RoM: very customizable with add-ons. lots of add-ons exist.

4. questing
DDO: instanced and quests much longer and more involved. good use of puzzles and a lot of different types of quest settings and tasks. quests scale to size of party. grinding pretty much a thing of the past. no mounts. hirelings!
LOTRO: don't remember the quest structure here. horse mounts at first but you can get them very early. hirelings apparently, though i dont remember them.
RoM: This game was grind city! quests were short and boring and most often involved killing mob after mob. not a lot of creativity in quest design. excellent mounts, however. no hirelings.

all in all, DDO is better than the other two in my opinion if you would like a more varied, less boring game experience.

View 5 replies
xyng4u39 12 years ago
I think imma going to try Forsaken World

View 4 replies
bmhy2s57 12 years ago
lol'd hardly at RoM's 1st place

View 1 reply
diofdemons 12 years ago
Though all these games are of high quality i feel many of them fall victim to the
quest design of kill # of y, or collect # of y especially in the early levels.
Personally i believe Vindictus and DDO alleviate this by their instanced more dungeon crawling style quests, They however suffer from other problems such as repetition.

efrahel 12 years ago
I like the list, played most of them, but I feel that most people are biased when it comes to Runes of Magic. The game is simply too much like WOW, but that doesn't makes it good, just an alternative. I feel that it's just a side effect from Blizzard's overly hyped, cookie cutter MMO.

verasda 12 years ago
also ARGO, Mytheon, Maestia... there are plenty more games, new games that are worth playing then all those listed above

View 1 reply
verasda 12 years ago
roflmao! Loong online simply pisses on more then half of the games from your "top" 10 mmos, in fact other then rom, ddo, lotro and atlantica... the rest are just junk

View 2 replies
drakobird 12 years ago
Great list, agree with most of them. There are some free games with an amazing quality out there! :)

View 20 replies

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