Are you an experienced news writer or a video producer (Youtuber) who wants to contribute to MMOBomb? We want to work with you! We are always interested in hearing from talented and experienced people.

We’re looking to beef up our team by finding passionate gamers to contribute to the site. We’re not afraid to give you an opportunity to be epic and broadcast your voice, because MMOBomb is from gamers to gamers!

If you’re over 18 we’re looking for a brief summary of your experience, send everything to and please include some samples in the email.

Off the top of my head, here are some of the benefits of working at MMOBomb: Monetary compensation, early access to games, opportunities to attend press events internationally, opportunities for growth and much more!

Please note that unfortunately we can´t reply to all submissions, but we promise that we will check everything, one by one. If you fit the bill, we’ll be in touch with more details. Thanks!


  1. Ah damn i would love to work with and for MMOBomb, even thought i got Experience in Writing articles and making YouTube Videos including all the editing and cutting work which has to be done. But my Apprenticeship is more important, can’t you ask like Next Year around February ? XD

  2. Well.. I’m planning to join, because they have a HQ right across my house… if only I could 🙁

  3. Aww. I wish I could as well. Well, starting college soon so I suppose I would have a lot of free time, even though it is a public ivy school. Though… I’m just 18, so I’m not sure if I would qualify for this position as I’m not “over 18.”

    Though I agree, I feel like MMOs sure are plodding. I mean there’s still a great quantity of different events to broadcast that may bring other players to join (and not multiple event events or anything like that). Like Mabinogi’s balloons or flying events to all players could display the game’s wonderful features. Or rather to just show those nice moments on a game to bring back memories. Especially those forgotten MMOs we never see or quite hear nowadays such as Gaia Online, Audition Online, or Rumble Fighter. There could be a lot more game play to be shown off.

    Anyway, is there a place where we, or I am able to find more information and details about this job? I’m just curious about its position and such.

  4. I wish I could, I have some experience as a writer, but I don’t know if it is enough. I am 16 years old, and I guess I have to wait 2 more years to employ what I have learned in college. But I will try to improve my skills as a writer and as a Youtuber.

  5. Well that’s cool. Hopefully we can get back on with a steady stream of news/articles(call them what you will). Best of luck to who ever gets selected.

    • They post 3+ things a day. If there isn’t any f2p news that’s good it may be even slower. What would you suggest they add article wise?

  6. i was a youtuber (104 videos ) but i only 17 years old and i’am french so anyway i don’t think it will work but good luck for people who try (or maibe i can post in english and french ?! or translate english to french ^^ ) good luck and have fun in game .
    Yes,i am french and i look in english site x)

  7. Hmm.. Why do you neglect to say what anyone would get payed ?

    Time is money and everyone’s time is worth more than just a few “Early accesses ” like that sure pay’s the bill’s.

    Even for me to submit anything for a chance at getting a job , I would really like to know the pay structure.

    Maybe your just looking for another ” Free ” Magicman ! Only to be tossed aside when you all hire Jame’s Blonde !

      • Magicman was ” monetary compensation ” where is he now?

        Gone because its BS. Spend half your life doing actual work for Chinese sweat shop wage’s , But I bet those asian kids make more in a week making shoe’s than any fan will working here.

    • you do know magicman was the sight owner and had a job to keep the sight up tell the ads payed for it also I would like to point out that magicman can never be replaced nor is it bad to help out the sight that you come to for gaming new.
      RenTheRose saying: (was going to type something here but not really worth it)

  8. I think it would be amazing to be able to contribute to this site, but I don’t have any experience writing news articles or producing Youtube videos. I am almost done with a double BA in Psychology and Philosophy, so I have plenty of experience with writing (both critical and research papers), but that’s not the type of experience they’re looking for. Oh, well. Good luck to all of the people who apply. I look forward to seeing new content on the site.

  9. Man, I wish I was more experienced at either writing entries or video producing. 🙁 I would so apply but sadly I am not.

  10. first of all Mr. No-name, I wasn’t asking you, I was asking the folks at mmobomb. And second, I’m no teenager, I’m 30 years old. And third, try coming here with some measure of respect. There’s a nice way to answer a question and a asshole’s way of answering a question. Guess what type of answer yours is?

    • I think he was answering a lot of basic questions jest because he said that a high school class doesn’t cut it and that being 17 witch was directed at all the other comments not yours alone so no reason to state your age if you were not in that age class so don’t take it personally and calm down jumping the gun on that comment dose not help your chances and no they want examples if you have them summit an application.

      RenTheRose saying: read a comment objectively not subjectively

  11. guys they ask for some samples (i.e. past work experience) a creative writing class in high school does not qualify. they need people with real experience in the field not teenagers that never done anything career wise in their life.

  12. I don’t have any experience in writing news articles although I did take creative writing classes in high school. My question is do I qualify? I’d love to apply but I don’t know if I qualify

  13. Aww, I’m 17 and I think I could become an experienced news writer by next year. I would LOVE to work for the MMOBomb team!


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