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ASTA Officially Launches Today

**UPDATE**: The original article was incorrect about the location of ASTA’s live status. This news was actually for the South American version of the game…

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Elsword Teases New “Heavenly” Jobs For Rose

Two new jobs are on the horizon for Empyrean Gunner Rose in Elsword. The new jobs, teased on KOG Games’ site, are Valkyrie and Freyja….

Blade Soul Shadows of the Innocents thumb

Blade & Soul’s Shadow of the Innocents Update Continues Story And Adds Three New Dungeons

The Blade & Soul story continues later this month with Shadow of the Innocents, which introduces Acts 5 and 6 of the epic story in…

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SMITE Mid-Season Patch Introduces New Chinese Pantheon God

It’s mid-season time in Hi-Rez’s free-to-play MOBA, SMITE. Released today, the Mid Season Patch introduces significant gameplay changes as well as a new god for…

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Otherland Rewards Collector’s Edition Owners With Exclusive Mount

If you purchased a Collector’s Edition for Drago Entertainment’s free-to-play MMO, Otherland, then you have another goodie waiting for you. As part of a patch…

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Paragon Introduces New Quest System and Rewards

In an effort to make Paragon more fun and challenging for players, Epic games is changing things up in the Daily Win system. Earlier this…


Riders of Icarus Soars Into Open Beta Today

If you’ve been dying to jump into Nexon’s free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus but didn’t want to splurge on the Founder’s Pack, well today ends…

world of tanks

The French Get New Vehicles In World Of Tanks

World of Tanks’ Update 3.1 is here and it’s bringing all things French. Well.. All tanks French anyway. The free-to-play game’s latest content update is…

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DC Universe Online Announces The Return Of Large Content Releases

After listening to the players, Daybreak Games has decided to bring large content releases back to their free-to-play MMO, DC Universe Online. These new updates…


Warcraft’s Gul’dan Sucks The Life From His Foes In The Latest Heroes Spotlight Video

Warcraft’s first orcish warlock Gul’dan is headed to the Nexus. So, as always, the Heroes of the Storm team have provided players with an overview…

Elder Scrolls Legends class thumb

Elder Scrolls: Legends Details PvE And PvP Arena Play

Drafting a deck to play in a series of matches with increasing prizes for each win is pretty standard in online CCGs these days. Hearthstone’s…

LOTRO Throne of the Dread Terror thumb

LotRO’s Update 18.2 Goes Live Today, Adds New Raid, Housing And Wardrobe Improvements

Get ready to face some truly dreadful terror in The Lord of the Rings Online’s new raid, Throne of the Dread Terror, which was profiled…

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Aion Echos Of Eternity Coming July 13; Lore Revealed

Aion’s next major expansion, Echoes of Eternity, is set to hit the servers in less than two weeks. On July 13, the update will expand…

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InnoGame Celebrates 13th Anniversary Of Tribal Wars; Introduces Orcs And Goblins To Elvenar

A variety of changes and additions are coming to InnoGames’ selection of free-to-play offerings as well as an anniversary celebration. Tribal Wars is turning 13,…

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