Sandbox Territory: Albion Online Closed Alpha is Near

Another sandbox MMO is on the way, from a company who aims to be a familiar name in the genre. Sandbox Interactive will be putting its cross-platform MMORPG Albion Online into its closed alpha phase this March 24th, and anyone looking to be part of the action should hop to it, as there will only [...]

Added 49 days ago - 2014-03-07 - 14 comments

Island Fever!: EverQuest Landmark’s New Patch Brings New Horizons

EverQuest Landmark saw a list of changes today, with a new patch update that brings more features and developments to Alpha testers. While the patch fixes a number of bugs (client crashes, mobility, UI hiccups and ect.), two of the added features that have everyone talking are the new biomes; Old Growth Forest and Tundra. [...]

Added 49 days ago - 2014-03-06 - 4 comments

Winter is Coming: Curse of Icewind Dale Expansion for Neverwinter this Spring

A classic icy landscape will be making a reappearance in the Neverwinter series with the upcoming Curse of Icewind Dale expansion. This new addition is expected to bring some nostalgia to the old fans of the frigid realm, along with new PvE content, fresh features, and even new elements to PvP. An evil influence has [...]

Added 50 days ago - 2014-03-05 - 10 comments

Yargh! It be a MOBA!: Pirates: Treasure Hunters gets Official Trailer

There’s a new MOBA on the horizon, and a brand new official trailer shows off the booty that it’s bringing to shore. In Pirates: Treasure Hunters from Virtual Toys, pirates will slash their way across the battle arena, using a vast list of abilities to pillage their way to victory. Other strategic maneuvers include steering [...]

Added 50 days ago - 2014-03-05 - 13 comments

Tread Lightly: World of Tanks Dev Video Outlines New Physics, Fully Destructible Buildings

If there’s one thing that’s been missing from World of Tanks (and F2P tank games in general) it’s the feeling of impact on your surroundings. I’m not just talking about pushing a tree over here and there, or rolling over a fence, I’m talking about the raw force exerted when a Tiger tank weighing 62 [...]

Added 50 days ago - 2014-03-05 - 15 comments

A Storms Brewing: Blizzard announces The Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha

Blizzard Entertainment revealed today the studio will soon begin invited a limited number of users to participate in the technical alpha for Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard’s upcoming MOBA. According to the official post, since this is the first phase of external testing for Heroes of the Storm, the Technical Alpha is intended to help [...]

Added 52 days ago - 2014-03-03 - 12 comments
End of Nations

The End: Trion Removes End of Nations website and references

Well isn’t this just depressing. End of Nations, an in-development RTS turned MOBA developed by Trion Worlds has quietly shutdown the End of Nations website and all mention of the title has been completely removed from Trion’s official site. Originally launched into closed alpha in early 2011, the Free-to-Play End of Nations wowed potential fans [...]

Added 52 days ago - 2014-03-03 - 12 comments

MOTA COME SOON!: Sneak Peak Gameplay at Upcoming Transformers Universe

In some brand new sneak peak videos, Jagex shows us what they have been up to with Transformers Universe, showing off new gameplay footage of their recently developed transforming warfare. While the game was originally conceived as an MMO, Jagex decided to propose a brand new genre for Transformers, relabeling it as a MOTA. This [...]

Added 52 days ago - 2014-03-03 - 10 comments

She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain: Path of Exile Mini-Expansion this March 5th

Queen of the Vaal is about to make her debut in Wraeclast, seeking nothing but sacrifice in Path of Exile’s next mini-expansion. Various brand new content will be shuffled through-out the entirety of the game, creating a new experience for both the novice and the well versed sages. Bringing a sense of danger and excitement [...]

Added 55 days ago - 2014-03-01 - 14 comments

Outbreak: Dead Island: Epidemic Closed Beta Begins, New Screenshots Unveiled

Zombie outbreaks never start out large, they build. Like a game which begins with a small group of alpha testers, Zombie outbreaks start out small, but the unending hunger for more drives zombies to seek out new sources of fresh meat. As far as outbreaks go, Deep Silver’s ZOMBA (Zombie Online Multiplayer Battle Arena), Dead [...]

Added 56 days ago - 2014-02-27 - 13 comments
Infinite Crisis_Mecha Superman

Signaled: Infinite Crisis Open Beta begins March 14th, Three New Heroes Inbound

The streets of infinite crisis seem to be filling up with new superheroes faster than ever these days. After Turbine announced this week the DC-Multiverse inspired MOBA would be headed into open beta on March 14th, the studio outlined three additional heroes set to enter the beta. Mecha Superman, Aquaman, and Green Arrow will all [...]

Added 56 days ago - 2014-02-27 - 11 comments

Nosgoth Leaps into Closed Beta Tomorrow, Adds New Siege Mode

The day of reckoning is near as the closed alpha rituals for Psyonix’s asymmetrical combat title, Nosgoth have been completed. Having wrapped up the closed alpha, Nosgoth is now preparing for the next phase of its transformation, the move to closed beta and the introduction of fresh meat. Starting tomorrow, February 27th, developer Psyonix will [...]

Added 57 days ago - 2014-02-26 - 14 comments

Wand vs. Hammer: Black Gold Online gets Alpha Test Drive

Crashing the world of Steampunk into a realm of high fantasy, Black Gold Online from Snail Games has punched in for an Alpha Test Drive on March 20th. Potential testers must file a survey for a chance at access, as the Test Drive will be by invitation only. While Black Gold Online is still in [...]

Added 57 days ago - 2014-02-26 - 2 comments
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Quest Complete: The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Enters Open Beta

Guard thy-selves in armor, for it is time to make haste and travel to the land of floating sky castles on a Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Yes, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is no longer a quest for merely those graced with closed beta access. Starting today, the action RPG has lowered its [...]

Added 58 days ago - 2014-02-25 - 9 comments

Rounding the corner: War Thunder Ground Forces adds final Closed Beta Wave

The third and final wave of closed beta invitees have had their keys sent to them and with that, Gaijin Entertainment has officially moved the Ground Forces expansion for War Thunder one step closer to open beta. Gaijin kicked off the closed beta in early December with only a small handful of tanks to choose [...]

Added 58 days ago - 2014-02-25 - one comment

Free for All: Renegade X Open Beta Now Underway

Renegade: X is the perfect example of why games (even Free-to-Play ones) should allow mod support. After the original Renegade failed to bring the Command and Conquer series to the TPS/FPS genre back in 2002, the Renegade line of C&C titles was shelved, at least in the minds of EA. The original Renegade still had [...]

Added 58 days ago - 2014-02-25 - 20 comments

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