duelyst feat

Duelyst Announces First Expansion

Today, Counterplay Games announced the first expansion for it’s tactical strategy card game, Duelyst. The new expansion is set to introduce 105 cards, including Battle…

city of heroes freedom feat

Hosun Lee Releases Old City Of Heroes Freedom Blooper Reel

City of Heroes may be no more, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still offering a few things to make old fans smile. Recently, Hosun…

omega zodiac feat

Browser Based MMO Omega Zodiac Set To Launch August 17

Proficient City has a new mythology-inspired, browser-based MMO all ready to launch on Wednesday (August 17). The new MMO focuses on the Goddess Athena, who…

Guild Wars 2

NCSoft’s Q2 2016 Financials: WildStar Rebounds, GW2 Tumbles

It’s that time of year again, time for another financial statement from NCSoft. There’s a little good and a little bad, but the overall picture…

GoldenEye Source

Classic N64 James Bond Shooter GoldenEye Remade In Source Engine

I’ll admit, I never got into GoldenEye. But a lot of people I know did, and I can remember watching them play on the N64…

riders of icarus feat

Riders Of Icarus Lays Out Plans To Handle Exploiters

Riders of Icarus has been infested with bots since launch. Although the dev team has been working an eliminating them, players haven’t seen much in…

star trek online feat

Arc Drops Developer Walkthrough Video For Star Trek Online Console Versions

Star Trek Online is headed to consoles. In honor of the upcoming launch, Arc Games released a developer walkthrough video highlighting the 11 seasons and…

paladins feat

Paladins Patch Introduces Modified Version Of Glacier Keep Map

Hi-Rez’s free-to-play MOBA shooter received its 31st Closed Beta patch this week. While there were a variety of Champion changes, the biggest addition is the…

trove feat

Trion Partners With 360 Games To Bring Trove To China

Trion Worlds’ is taking its voxel-based MMO to China. The company announced that it has partnered with Chinese publisher 360 Games to bring Trove to…

blade and soul feat

Blade & Soul Announces Changes To Silverfrost Weapon Cost

In response to player concern over the cost of weapon upgrades in Blade & Soul, and problems obtaining materials, NCSoft announced they will be reducing…

crush online feat

Crush Online Enters Final Stage Of Closed Beta

Crush Online has entered the “third and final” stage of Closed Beta testing. The updated CB client is available to download now and reflects the…

battlerite feat

Battlerite Drops Video Highlighting VR Spectator Tech

Stunlock Studios, the Swedish game developer responsible for Battlerite, have dropped a new video showing off the VR aspect of the game. The video offers…

LOTRO Harnkegger Fishing

LotRO’s Annual Community-Run Harnkegger Games Return In September

Last year’s Harnkegger Games in The Lord of the Rings Online were such a success that the folks behind them are doing it again this…

Heroes Generals Soviet-KV-85-Heavy-Tank-

Heroes & Generals Reduces Grind, Adds Five New Tanks

I’ve played a fair bit of Heroes & Generals. Being a free-to-play game, I expect some grind and slow progression at later ranks — they…

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