spellweaver feat

First Spellweaver Expansion Announced

The first major expansion for Dream Reactor’s free-to-play CCG Spellweaver is on its way. The expansion is slated for sometime in July — no concrete…

Armored Warfare t-15

Armored Warfare Previews Update 0.16, Focusing On Improved Game Performance And Rewards

Armored Warfare continues to motor along, and with the next patch Obsidian Entertainment hopes to fix “the most important issues of Armored Warfare.” Those were…

gloria victis

Glora Victis Early Access Has Launched

Black Eye Games hit a major milestone with their kickstarted MMO Gloria Victis today. The game, which was crowdfunded two years ago, has officially entered…

twin saga feat

Twin Saga Drops Trailer Highlighting All The Classes

A new trailer has been released showing off all the current classes available in Twin Saga. There are ten classes altogether and players start out…

maplestory feat

MapleStory’s Heroes Of Maple Update Launches June 22

MapleStory’s long awaited update, “Heroes of Maple” arrives Wednesday, June 22. The update will introduce a new story wherein The Black Mage’s commander is preparing…

tribal wars feat

Tribal Wars ‘Rise Of The Paladins’ Update Released

Tribal Wars’ most recent update adds a new Paladin system to the game in which players can recruit up to ten Paladins and level them…

new world empires feat

New Online Game “New World Empires” Enters Open Beta

Strategy game developer Bytro Labs has announced the launch of the open beta for their new browser-based game, New World Empires. In this game, players…

dcuo_amazon_2 thumb

DCUO’s New Team Leader Is Cryptic Studios Co-Founder Emmert

Daybreak Game Company still makes a few free-to-play games, and one of them, DC Universe Online, has a new leader — and it’s someone who’s…

lotro feat

Lord Of The Rings Online Teases Two Of The Six New Raid Bosses Coming In Update 18.2

Turbine’s free-to-play fantasy MMO has a new update on the horizon. Among other things, update 18.2 will feature a new raid instance containing six new…

War Thunder IT-1

War Thunder Update 1.59: Flaming Arrows Now Live, Adds Guided-Missile Tanks

War Thunder’s Update 1.59 is now live, and it’s a big one. Codenamed “Flaming Arrows,” the update comes with two new maps, new hangars to…

game of thrones seven kingdoms feat

Bigpoint’s Game Of Thrones MMO Lives

It’s been a while — and we haven’t really heard anything since — so you may have forgotten that Bigpoint announced several years ago that…

master x master feat

Master X Master First Alpha Test Slated For June 24

Master X Master is ready for its first public test. As a result, NCSoft has announced Alpha Playtest 1 — which will run from June…


SWTOR’s 15th Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter Goes Live June 30

Star Wars: The Old Republic players will get their second infusion of story content in a month when Chapter 15 of the Knights of the…

lineage ii feat

New Lineage II Expansion Helios Coming June 29

Lineage II’s next expansion is on its way. This time, the ancient giants are awake and things are about to change. The giant Helios is…

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