Crush Online Enters Open Beta

Crush Online, the upcoming free-to-play PvP MMO/MOBA combat game from GAMESinFlames, has officially entered Open Beta. The game is now available for all players in…


Armored Warfare’s Upcoming Global Operations Game Mode Mixes PvE And PvP Objectives

Armored Warfare already has PvP and PvE battles, so the dev team at Obsidian Entertainment has decided to make a new game mode by combining…


Neverwinter Holding Level 70 Solo-Queue Specific PvP Event

In an effort to counter complaints of unfair PvP match-ups that force solo-que into battle with pre-made parties, the Neverwinter team is introducing a PvP…

elsword feat

Third Job Path Released For Elsword’s Luciel

Elsword’s dual-character Luciel now has its third job path. As with the primary character, which is a combination of the Demon princess Lu and her…


SWTOR Releases Bonus Chapter For Players Who Subscribed For Knights Of The Fallen Empire

If you jumped on board for Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Knights of the Fallen Empire storyline from day one — subscribing continuously from Jan….

revelation online feat

PvE Content Outlined For Revelation Online

No MMO is complete without a bevy of content for PvE fans. Quests, dungeons, and raids are pretty set requirements at this point in the…

LoL Miss Fortune

SuperData: MMOs & MOBAs Account For 60% Of PC Gaming Revenue, Most Of It From F2P Games

Online gaming is a big deal. You already knew that, of course, but SuperData is trying to quantify just how big of a deal it…

star trek online feat

STO Launches on Consoles – Offers 33% Discount On Lifetime Subscriptions

With the launch of Star Trek Online on consoles, Perfect World has decided to make an offer they hope players won’t refuse. Beginning with the…

mu legend

MU Legend Releases Whisperer Class Introductory Gameplay

Webzen Games released another class gameplay trailer for its upcoming free-to-play MMO MU Legend this week. This time, the class covered is the Whisperer. The…

GW2 Primodus

Fall Into The Ring of Fire In Guild Wars 2’s Next Update, Coming Sept. 20

ArenaNet said that Guild Wars 2 players would get new content updates roughly every three months, but that appears to have been untrue — in…

world of fishing feat

World Of Fishing Now Available On Steam

Publisher InselGames announced today that its free-to-play big game fishing MMO World of Fishing has been made available on Steam. To celebrate, InselGames also announced…

asta feat

ASTA (and ELOA) Discontinued In The West Due To Low Player Count — UPDATED

ASTA’s time in the West is coming to an end on October 4th. The announcement — made today by publisher Webzen — apologized to current…

lost ark feat

Data Leak Revealing Advanced Classes And Stats

Recently a Reddit user by the name of Form1ca posted some information they uncovered in Lost Ark’s data that identified 18 advanced classes and their…

star trek online feat

Star Trek Online To Offer Custom 3D Printed Model Ships

If you’re one of those captains in Star Trek Online that really loves your ship, then this is the news for you. Cryptic Studios, Perfect…

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