Adding Some “Magic” to MMOBomb, Guess Who’s Back!

At MMOBomb, we are constantly evaluating what we cover, how we cover it, and (most importantly) what you, our fans, want to see. You’ve already…


FEAR Online Officially launches on Steam in October

Never fear, F.E.A.R. Online is almost here! The horror shooter from Aeria Games has underwent some “extensive redesign and gameplay adjustments” following the game’s closed…


Everquest: Next Dev Diary discuss how players can affect change on the world

A new video from Everquest: Next developers SOE has opened up new details regarding how the studio plans to separate the gameplay found in EQN…


Heroes of Might & Magic Online brings tactical turn-based strategy to the browser

The Heroes of Might & Magic turn-based strategy series has been a part of PC gaming for nearly two decades and in that time we’ve…


MMOBomb 2.0 blowing up? Here’s a glimpse into the future!

I know you guys are interested in knowing what we have in store for the future, but first I want to say that none of…


Aftermath Class: Defiance Gets New Update

Defiance is getting new content, both in the virtual and television world. The SyFy show was renewed for a third season, and, right on cue,…

SWAP Arena

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers: S.W.A.P. Is A First-Person… Something

“First-Person Body Snatcher” (FPBS) doesn’t really roll off the tongue, though “FPS” doesn’t seem totally accurate either. You do “shoot” people in S.W.A.P., a new…


Latest Dota 2 Update Changes the Map, and almost everything else

Do you play Dota 2? Then prepare to re-learn Dota 2 as Valve’s newly released Rekindling Soul Update for the competitive MOBA can only be…

Global-Agenda (4)

New Global Agenda 2 details reveal possible closed beta by the end of the year

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting 24 hours for fans eager to learn more regarding Global Agenda 2. Yesterday, Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren fed…


Hearthstone Comes To Life With Chinese Knock-Off Set

Bootleg Chinese World of Warcraft merchandise is nothing new, though the latest example of blatant copyright infringement isn’t as grandiose as the illegal WoW theme…


No Brains Required? Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies Hits Open Beta

If you haven’t gotten your fill of shooting zombies — and really, who has? — then now’s the perfect time to jump into Nexon Europe’s…


United Front Reveals Open-World Crime Game Triad Wars

As we reported back in June, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games has been hard at work developing a free-to-play game. Earlier this week, United…

Neverwinter Rise of Tiamat

Five Heads Are Better Than One: Tiamat Rises in Neverwinter

What is Dungeons & Dragons without some dragons? Or maybe just one dragon with five heads? Neverwinter: Rise of Tiamat pits players against the Cult…

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