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Title: 9Dragons | Status: Final
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Martial Arts

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 967 MB
Publisher: GamersFirst
Developer: Indy21

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Mini Games
Unique skill system
Various martial arts to choose from

9Dragons is a 3D martial arts MMORPG with a great combat system and a unique skill system, set in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty. The game allows you pick from one of four distinct classes (Warriro, Strategist, Chi Kung Artist, Holist)  and six different martial arts (White Clans: Shaolin, Wu Tang, The League of Beggars – Black Clans: Sacred Flower, Heavenly Demon and The Brotherhood of Thieves). Your martial art determines what faction you are in.

Character creation is simple and easy with the choice of 8 face styles, 21 hairstyles and 3 costumes. It is advisable for players even for the most experienced ones to take tutorial, even though it’s lengthy and boring but will help you to get hold on the information required for weapons.

How the game is divided into levels is different than the norm, instead of straight continuous development the levels are divided into chengs. Chengs are sets with each having 12 levels and altogether there are 18 chengs making 216 levels in total.

9Dragons system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 2000
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: 2.0 GB Free Space
CPU: Pentium 3 1GHz
Graphics Card: Card: GeForce MX or higher
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19 9Dragons Reviews

  1. Been playing this for nearly 3 years now. What got me hooked was the nice graphics and the gameplay; the quests teach you about the game until you’re level 50+ but you don’t even realise it. The kung fu moves look good. I’ve tried other MMOs and it just looks like you’re randomly swinging your weapon. In 9D, the moves your character performs, looks as if you could do them yourself. :)

    1. Not sure I’d agree with that last bit. Have you seen some of the spear styles? Some of that stuff is crazy. Like, I have a smash on a BoT hybrid that involves him doing a one-handed hand-stand.

  2. To anyone who is thinking about 9Dragons, I warn you in advance: HIGHLY grindy, especially for healers.

    But, pre-level 50, XP is relatively good, and there’s something satisfying about being in high demand, even though I can’t kill anything alone. ^_^

  3. I played it a long time ago. One of the best MMORPG I have played. It’s just awesome.

  4. The game is closing on 15th august. It’ll reopen on GameCampus late september though…sigh opefully it’ll stay this time. lol they always close when i decide to come back XD

  5. used to play long ago, was epic, highly grind, healers can even solo boss’s if have epic gear.
    used to be like lvl 150 healer

  6. I still play this game…is the best game I ever played!

  7. the game is now available to play via browser ^^

  8. Game is awesome, but a lot of drama and if you’re not a “Grind Machine” then it’ll take a while to get to the high levels. Game is unique with it system, you have to “learn” your character to do well in both PVE/PVP, not just “High levels, good gears, 0 skills”. You can check my channel @ Kronok9D on YouTube if you want to see more clips of the game. Cheer.

  9. Asian graphical designers are good as ever
    I still dont try this one (from what i saw i guess i will give it a shot), but what have i noticed playing games made by asian developers is that eaven if game play is zero – graphics can still hold the line.

  10. This game still online?, I played it until the game change the publisher and played again until level 17 but the quest cannot be found so since then it’s hard level up and I give up until now, I really really love this game especially with sword art movements.

  11. nice game.

  12. Just play Age of Wushu instead.

    1. I heard Age of Wushu wasn’t that good.

      1. It’s not

      2. its not i lied

  13. This “review” is out of place I realize that but hopefully a GM is reading. I tried to sign up so as to d/l and try the game. Unfortunately the 9D server or system or something screwed up and got my email wrong from what I listed, so I cant verify my email since it doesnt actually exist(at least I dont have the info if someone else has the 1/million chance to own the account)so now I cant report a problem, leave a post on the forums, and no links to contact support without signing in. I tried to sign-up again and now my email is considered in use, no verification email(have resent it 3 times), and when I see the email its supposed to send it to its wrong so im stuck.

  14. mine is a windows 8 and ive tried to download this game but once i open the launcher it always pops out a box saying time error abnormal exit r somthing. pls help

  15. Played this game since the Beta (i was 10-11 years old) still loving it and it is still an awesome game!


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