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Title: Battlefield Play4Free
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: Warfare
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: ?
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts

User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Fast-paced player-versus-player action
Popular franchise with rich 3D visuals
16 different vehicles

Battlefield Play4Free is a free to play 3D MMOFPS (Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter). Unlike the previous Battlefield Heroes, the game has realistic graphics and delivers an endlessly entertaining experience that combines the most popular maps from Battlefield 2 with the popular classes and weapons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, all rendered with stunning visuals with 16 different vehicles including the Mil Mi-28 attack helicopter, its nemesis the F35 VTOL jet fighter, the massive Russian T-90 main battle tank, and the hard to catch LSV light strike vehicle.

Players progress through the game to learn new combat skills, and earn in-game currency to spend on a massive array of devastating weapons and equipment to propel players to victory in 32-player online battles. Battlefield Play4Free simulates the career of a professional soldier and as player’s progress, they can upgrade their physical capabilities, available equipment and combat expertise. At every level the player is creating a more unique, more customized soldier and creating their own, personal playing style to take to the battlefield.

Battlefield Play4Free system requirements:

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB on Vista) | HDD: 1 GB
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
Graphics Card: 256 MB, Pixel shader 2.0, DirectX 9.0c
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111 Battlefield Play4Free Reviews

  1. Its an awsome game!
    But probably Sharpshooting is very hard because the Laggs ingame.
    I haven’t played the game since 1 month so I do not know if they fixed this.

    But all-in-all: GREAT GAME!

    1. no lag at all…

    2. they did but well everything is diffrent i played the CB and the OB and wow so much diffrences
      CB : 1.lagg 2.if u change chars then it laggs 3.slow server search
      OB : 1.fixed 2.fixed 3.fixed

      1. hmm have not played since cb and i always go sniper and in this game i just laughed and changed to an AR was hard to snipe in cb but since you say these issues have been addressed time to get back in the war.

        overall great game

    3. They did. I didn’t log in since I came to my country. But I’m glad they fixed it.

  2. Looks amazing. EA betting more and more in F2P games can only result in higher quality overall. I bet they’re already thinking about a Sims free-to-play. :)

    1. They are actually..

  3. This game is fantastic. Definitely the most in-depth Free to Play war game there is at the moment.
    The graphics are also very very good considering how small the client is, but then you’ll find yourself wondering how they fit so much content in such a small package as well.
    As of Open Beta the credit system is generally very well balanced and hopefully it stays that way.
    Very highly recommended.

  4. its a good game

  5. This game is quite amazing.

  6. Well the vids got me hooked. I’m gonna have to try this one out. ^_^

  7. i give this 10 out of 5 becouse great graphics challenges and maps but i sometimes get lag from the high quality so this proves it has geat graphics

    1. lag from game graphics doesn’t mean great graphics this game has optimization problems and coding problems for any people I have a Gtx 460 and lagged >.>

  8. All in all,the game is’nt so bad with its one-of-a-kind mode and huge maps.This game is very fun but gets a bit too boring after playing the two maps over and over.If you guys are looking for a fast-paced and “teamwork-at-its-finest” kind of game.I would highly reccomand this.


  9. awesome :)

  10. +huge, well thought out maps
    +foot, vehicle, and air combat
    +4 playable classes
    +up 32 player matches
    -weapons expire in 3 day if not purchased with real money
    -little character customization
    -no lobby (just thrown in a random game)
    -only 3 maps with 1 game mode (conquest)

    1. they added a few more maps and added a lobby

  11. nuhuh 2 maps only =|
    but this game is still AWESOME!

  12. i haven’t played the game yet, but if this is like the normal battlefield, the one you buy, it should be awesome, and simple at the same time, it’s why i love this game, it has a lot of things to do, but only with certain classes.

    1. Its sorta like battlefield retail…. but only four maps and conquest mode!

  13. 9/10
    This game is very good for slow computers when u keep the video quality low
    and it still looks good!
    I like driving vehicles and flying helicopters
    its a lot of fun just to run over people!
    -1 because there are only 3 or 4 maps
    but u r way too busy to have fun with those vehicles so it wont get boring

  14. this is browser game for once rock on EA!

  15. This game has no lag. Battlefield heroes,is the worst PB kicks me alot and Bunch of hacker..>:/
    Basicly, this game’s developer is the same developer for BH.

  16. it would have been fun if punkbuster wasn’t kicking EVERYONE

  17. how do u create a soldier is blank for me

    1. Go to another computer… battlefield p4f is technically non-download because its only a web player like unity or adobe… go to the library and type in your email and password it should let you make one and then you can play at home!

      It might let you make them at YOUR computer after you do that too..
      I play this a LOT!!!

  18. This game is great but it has limited maps to play on.

  19. Free2Play?, that would be Pay4everything. Not worth downloading : you cant have more guns unless you pay them with Real money (battlefounds), almost everything needs to be payed with battlefounds

    1. and then they rip you off bought elite legacy holosight ump 45 {last forever}, first they gimp it so it wont shoot as good as it did. then they make it a +3 to lamely compensate ooooo 3 more bullets P. then they came out with all the addons barrel, clip, stock, sight, put all the best ones on after buying them reluctantly and it still shoots like crap compared to what it was, a blatant ripoff of our $ it’s all over the forums EA, Easy, Origin Suck they ruin every game they buy out

  20. If I were to plug in my PS3 controller would I be able to play it with it?

  21. Lots Of Lag When I Try 2 Snipe and people Lag 2 And then I miss the shot when they run

  22. Recon… still kinda blows because lag after you shoot……
    Medics… pwn! close and moderate range masters and I love killing with the defibrilators!
    Assault… OK I guess, burst/fully auto guns with moderate range and pretty much NO unique perks…
    Engineer…probably most useful of all classes after you get the ability to repair vehicles,submachine guns, etc….

  23. They`ve actually added two or three more maps!!! FINALLY!

  24. I SAY! best video ive ever seen on battlefield ever!!!!!
    I do SAY!

  25. why the hell…
    where the hell does it say : DOWNLOAD?

  26. is this a demo?

  27. im at the choose class screen and theres nothing u can select or click to choose a class so i say =’s fail game play

    but nice video

  28. best f2p shooter atm

  29. This Game Is Awesome , I Mostly Play IT Kinda Everyday , Battle field Creator Thank You

  30. The game is good and all but it gets annoying being out sniped by SMG’s and LMG’s. As for choose our own sides is false. They choose a side for you, and if one team gets to low they will force you to change team and then you lose all you previous kills and deaths, sucks if you get put on the losing team too. The whole buy your server is pretty retarded to.

  31. good game (: 10/7 (:

  32. So? How big is it!

  33. this game is realy cool but to have a gun for life fuk it would like take me 3 months to ave a gun its crazi :/

  34. thanks for comments will download :)


  36. When i go to download it says create a class and theres nothing to choose or anything.

  37. I give it 4 out of 10 it wasnt smooth in gameplay and the graphics wasnt enough for me. Im big Battlefield fan and this was a dissapointment for me it wouldnt be so bad if it didnt load everyones customizatino everytime you respawn and cause un needed lag. I was running this game ona phenom 1 with 3gb of ram 2.31 quad core and a hd radeon 6670, so no it wasnt my computer the game is realy a peace of crap no offense ea.

  38. It is absolutely baffling that anyone would waste money in this game’s overpriced cash shop when you can buy the Battlefield 2 Complete Edition for $20. Not only does the majority this game’s content originate from Battlefield 2, but BF2 is vastly superior to this game in every imaginable way.

  39. battle field is so cool

  40. one of the best F2P games ever.
    i know it’s not as good as any of the BF series and yet- this one is free IN YOUR BROWSER!
    those of u who say it’s pay to win- now they have this “daily draw” and if ur lucky u can get an awesome gun for a week for free. AND… i didn’t pay a penny and i still rack up 10-20 kills a game with an engineer.
    the only bad thing about it is the slight lag in animations, but it doesn’t effect the gameplay

  41. just in the future CHOOSE YOUR CLASSES get 2 and your stuck with em for the whole account >_< i was hoping u could change class DURING the game

  42. are guns in the item shop permanent? unlike in battlefield heroes

  43. this game is trash. I can’t think of any other game that doesn’t let you play the game.

  44. game don’t downloading!!

  45. Biggest let down.

    I expected it to have every essence of Battlefield but guess what?
    - No squad system.
    - No flag spawn. You can’t pick a flag to spawn that’s bad.
    - Guys with premium stuff makes the game very unbalanced for players who can’t pay for premium items.

    Huge video game company like EA shouldn’t charge you in a F2P games. Why? They already made millions with BF3 alone to think that can’t be funded to BF P4F is stupid. If it was a smaller game company or a group of people who made the game, it’s understandable why they can charge money for it.

    1. There was a smaller group working on it EA helped them with it some what plus its like BF2

    2. You want squad system, flag spawn, class selection ingame?
      Then why don’t you just play BF2, BFBC2, BF3, you ****** **** ?

    3. If there were all that, it would’ve been OP… and the game would’ve been unstoppable.

  46. its free to play but to have fun you need to pay….

  47. this game roks i give 9/10
    there are 6 maps i think and 16 vehicles
    many weapons and class system
    heli’s and jet’s
    -1 = most of the good weapons cost play4free funds and its way too overprized

    1. You can get last forever guns in the “daily draw” I got a MG36 last forever and some attachments for the guns and also got M14 ebr last forever. ;)

  48. Battlefield play4free pay2win

  49. Worst game ever,i give this game 1/10 because there are some guys who kill you with XM8 blah blah blah,Get battlefield 2 instead of that unbalanced rubbish

  50. I have been playing this for 2-3 months without ever paying a penny of real money and I pwn at recon.The sniper doesn’t lag,you have to make up for the wind and bullet drop.Only pros can take the SV-98.Also,the other snipers can be bought permanently if you save a shitload of cash or you can keep rebuying them when you pwn with them and keep making tons of money.

  51. now this game has 9 maps i think

  52. i dont know if the games good or not, everytime i press play now and it goes to the game it says “launching game” and the screen is just black and wont put me in a game, can someone explain to me why?

    1. could be your GPU.. or just try re-install it.. but its not worth it this game sux anyway..

  53. this game is good its just that it doesnt get new vehicles like the cobra helicopter and the F-15 and F-16 jets its just stuck with the jeeps apache and mil-28 f-35 harrier and the abrams and T-90 tanks i would say add the T-55A and T-62A russian tanks and maybe the british tanks since they had some too

    1. nah the game just sux…. and its also pay to win

  54. Is this game safe? are there any hackers

  55. hackers very few if any..but there not even the problem its the vehicular noobs that are either soo bad at the game or too scared to play like a man so they just camp in there helis or jets the whole game… ask me there more annoying and more of a pain then any hackers have every been

  56. yeah, its an awesome game, but yes, i pay quite alot in order to acquire better weapons and items.. if you are going for a pay free option, i would suggest CSO, sudden attack , crossfire and most of all my favorite , Blackshot Online.


  58. how much filesize

  59. really good game, and it’s really realistic. nice graphics, but the downside is that you would have to pay for “funds” to get all the good stuff like guns etc. u need an ea account, but it’s a free to play game. overall, it’s a good free game to take advantage of, although you may have to pay for good features in the game. enjoy! :D

  60. Good day! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us beneficial information to work on. You have done a marvellous job!

  61. this is so aesome, theres new rush mode and im all of the medics,engineers, assault and recon too

  62. guys what does CP mean ?

  63. testing it out…first it had an problerm but now it should work…making a gameplay for u soon guys ;)

  64. this game is garbage, very heavily pay 2 win
    First few hours might be fun, but after that you will realise you need to spend funds if you want to do anything at all. Even participating in their events costs funds.

  65. when i am playing this game, it is very laggggggggg……….
    who can help me………………….

  66. Awsome, downloading it now.!

  67. can use a logitech controller to play//

  68. Meh, It’s an overall p2w game (Or pay to have better weapons).
    Good and fun overall.

  69. this game is the best its better than chountrestrike

  70. hi can you acuately download this game and play it or do i need to buy the game

  71. cabilan its free to play and download

  72. to me it’s a pay to win game

  73. can you play this game with a remote control like the ps3 or xbox remote on a pc if so how?

  74. Great game overall.
    - Don’t need super-specs on your PC.
    - Good maps and vehicles
    - 2 Game types (rush and assault)
    - Lots of guns to use

    However, the game can be expensive if you want to customise and buy more classes. The lack of choice in which team you play as (as you cant choose to play on the same team as friends) is unfortunate.
    Nethertheless, a good game, still developing (albeit slowly).

  75. Sorry but you suck at this game… Havent played it but man you need to shoot something. DLing it now. Cya in-game

  76. I played this game sucks I mean its a pay to win game first time I tried I uninstalled.

  77. i dont know how to download it is too slow for downlaod

  78. Kid dont game sucks and its pay to win.

  79. Spunkify if you want to play this game you have to listen and you have to look around because the browser is not full screen.

  80. I playd this game for over 1 year never had lag if i was on a EU server!
    But seens I Bought a new computer i had not play it becouse i have bought Battlefield 3!

    +Its free to play
    +Many server
    +Its cheap to donate to get nice wepond/stuffs
    -That u need to donate if u want to have the best weponds in the game or u have to play so long to get that wepond that is so good…
    -The grafic can bugg.


  81. Wer 2 downlload?

  82. OK first thing first. i have this game and still play it. there are two game modes, rush and assault ( conquest). rush, u have to destroy m coms to move o the next stage. good starter classes are assult, medic and sniper. with sniper, there is bullet drop so u hav to aim upwards etc. this also applies for the rpg but the rpg has a higher bullet drop. there are lots of maps and vehicles. when u lvl up, the first point u want to spend it on is the nades. if u r a engineer, u want to do it for rpg 1st because it is more beneficial. to pilot a chopper or jet, u need to upgrade your piont first. if u r a low level, i would not recommed lots of vehicle maps. you should start of in a map called Basra then Sharqi. when around level 5, u would have alot more experiance, u can start to play the other maps.

  83. how big is the filesize?

  84. I have been playing this game for over a year and i have to say it has pros and cons

    + It has many vehicles
    + It is very fun
    + Lots of servers
    + You don’t need to have a very good computer
    + It is free
    + Lots of guns
    - It is very pay to win
    - Only two game modes
    - There are only 5 or 6 maps
    - It can be very laggy and buggy
    - Not very good graphics

    Overall i would give it a 6.5, but that is my opinion

  85. dopest dope ive ever smoked

  86. pay to win, but not to much shit.

    go way from tis game, all gamers from this game here rl cashers

  87. Well Good game all in all but i dunno if everyone else experiences this but i know some people do…… Cause i think the game is very inconsistent when connecting to the server some times it says BFP4F application stopped working and i tried all the solutions in the forum nothing has worked so yeah.

  88. Great game but i get disconnected cuz my punk thing wont work , got some suits ( expensive the real money ones) too bad i cant play it anymore :(

  89. nice game, its sometimes turns into a pay2win situation but you have the option of earning free funds which is good. I never spent a dollar on my account but i have done some high paying free stuff which let me get new weapons, apparel, and attachments. Community is great, they give free funds (2000+ funds) during holidays which is nice.

  90. can you speak to the other players through a mic

  91. at fisrt view, this game looks really good, BUT since it is a pay to win game , is sucks!!!
    in addition it has lags and you cant talk with your teammeates

    crossfire is way better than this SHIT….
    my suggestion is that you must never play this game!!!!

  92. pay to win shitgame

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