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Title: DDTank
Status: Final
Genre: Shooter | Theme: Anime
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Aeria Games
Developer: NGames
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Clean Interface
Solid Tutorial
Interesting Setting

DDTank is a free to play 2D turn based multiplayer online (MMO) shooter browser game. There is no need to download, just login and play. You can compete with different players in game and engage in cartoon warfare with strange and unique weaponry, all from the safety and comfort of their web browser of choice. The simple keyboard operation makes interaction and PvP easier so that players can enjoy the excitement and fun. Carrying on in the tradition of hit games like Worms and GunBound, DDTank is a turn-based PvP shooter already enjoyed by over 3.5 million players. Combining a selection of hilarious weapons with a wealth of social features, DDTank provides an explosive experience

No need to download: The first Q-version casual browser game that requires no download. Only login is needed.

Q-version lovely graphs: Cartoon style character design,fresh and lovely pictures.

Various battle modes: Enjoy the fun of either breathtaking BOSS raid or PvP competition!

Music and sound effects: The first browser game with background music and sound effects in battle. Relaxing music combining with funny sound effects makes the game more lovable.

Fashionable suits: Show yourself by freely selecting from thousands of dressing style, from hat,eyes,clothes to facial expression,etc. It must be preordained to have someone look exactly like you among millions of people.

Superb special effect: Different weapons have different attack effects. You may like using a stone age “zax”, or a modern”cannon”,or even a ultra modern “light gun”!Diversified costumes and items in shopping mall can let you display your personal charm and enjoy countless hours of fun.

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DDTank - Aeria Now: Turn-based PvP Shooter
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23 DDTank Reviews

  1. Cool game and very graphics!

  2. Very fun game for 2 weeks butafter that you see it’s play to win.new servers always empty the old ones, imbalanced pvp battles when high level meets low level. But this is worms style and cooreans/japanese use calculators that simply tell them what angle and what power to use.I got defeated by new players because they never missed…NEVER, steer clear if you want to play this a long time.It’s fun for a few weeks only.Also the clans are dominated by the bigger cheating players, small/single players will not go far

  3. i see gunbound in this lol

    1. lol exactly

  4. Can somonene give me any work pass at aria game plz

  5. Really fun game,sadly like pretty much all of Aerie Games’s games it’s pay-to-win big time.

  6. Pretty cool game if you wanna add me i’m Siri1337

  7. This is a fun game that leads you to loads of fun. For example, you can join a league, take on a master, and so much more! Even though they have maintenance pretty often, they game is still a fun way to be social, hang out with new friends, and battle your rivals.

  8. I’ve played this game for a little while and I’ve noticed when you do sports fights or league fights, its normally all the level 20′s and ups you vs. If you try though, you can still level up and beat you enemies.

  9. Looks like a nice game, probably checking it out!

  10. Very addicting game good graphics :)))

  11. hey guys um I heared about this game multiple times is it good I want someone who play it to reply to me and tell me is it fun ( worth it ? ) ? thanks

    1. Definitely worth it, the game is soo addicting and fun! only bad side is the language barrier, often ther are spanish or filo people who play, so for english-speaking people, it is hard to communicate. but yeah in the end it is definitely the best! ps. better gaming experience if you’re a member!

  12. This game could be really good If It wasn’t Pay To Win. -_-

  13. very hard

  14. but fun

  15. Ddtank… Its like a replica of gunbound.. But it has its own perks too.. Like weapon and outfit fortification but because of that it made the game imbalance. Like if your lv35 then your opponent is lv35 but your +11 then your opponent is +12 its super hard to win… Its not a pay to win game but.. Its just really imbalance and its hard to master maybe 3months worth of practicing you can have a sure shot.. And levelin here is hard like im level 39 for like im playing 3 years already but i stop sometimes so.. Hmm the exp rate is considerable… And then the jewels here. Its so cash based you need to load just to have +5(max) like so so so expensive.. And you cant get strong here.. This game is really hard and competitive but its noob friendly so thats why many new players play this game… Its a 2/5 game :) its worth the try but remember its hard to get strong here.. And oh i forgot… If u want to fortify your weapon and not having the weapon downgraded(fail) you need to buy divine amulet it protects your item from being downgraded so yeah… This game is like pay to get strong i rest my case

  16. Mmog.asia <- this is ddtank sea server. Just google it

  17. I hate turns in shooters so I dont like it sorry!

    1. Then why visit this game?

  18. Just to see but I changed my opinion I’ll check it out but I think its a worm clone.

  19. I recommend you guys play the mmog.asia just like with zapsilere Boomz is a very nice game you should all try it guys!

  20. was fun but got boring after a while


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