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Title: Empire of Sports | Status: Final
Genre: Sports | Theme: Real Life
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 495 MB
Publisher: F4
Developer: F4

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What’s explosive about it:
Six Distinct Sports
Cities to Explore
Great Graphics

Empire of Sports is a free multi sports MMO game from French studio F4. The game offers the ability to play as an athlete in a fictional world where sports means everything. However, you’re also able to meet new friends, chat with them, share items and create clubs in the game cities. Currently there are 3 cities with different themes: France, UK and Arabia.

At the beginning your character isn’t an expert in sports, being healthy but not particularly adept, and will require training and practice to succeed. The more practice he gets, the higher the achievements he will be able to reach, according to his skills. Empire of Sports has no restrictive classes, and your character’s abilities vary due to the time and effort you place in different muscle areas. The main objective of the game is to become a worldwide star and dominate the sports with your club.

As of today Empire of Sports features six different sports: ski, tennis, bobsleigh, football, track and field and basketball.

Empire of Sports system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 1GB of RAM | HDD: 4 GB Free
CPU: Intel or AMD CPU 2 GHz
Graphics Card: Geforce 5600
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15 Empire of Sports Reviews

  1. Never would have thunk I would find this so iindspsenable.

  2. Remember playing this couple of years ago. Was great. I hope they did not delete my account.

  3. coool xD

  4. lol this game is cool

  5. wow this game is coooooooool

  6. Hey guys,I have a problem:When I fill out everything I can’t press “Validate” button,so I can’t register.

  7. your must using shit crome on register

    1. WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH BRO!!! Yeah,I was using chrome -_-

    2. nevermind about what i said before…
      I was using chrome and it did not work before,looks like they did update or something.

  8. This game is awesome!

  9. quality game >> i think this game need more promotion because is very big quality game

  10. hey guys i have a problem i cant register when i press validate it doesnt work i tryed chrome opera and yandex browser please help me

  11. hey guys i have a problem i cant register when i press validate it doesnt work i tryed chrome opera and yandex browser
    can u help me?

  12. If only a big company would buy this game and polish it up…use to be great few years back now its just a lost cause…if it gets fixed up it would be EPIC..best sports mmo imo…just a bad lackluster host company

  13. this is a Good game


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