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Title: KOS Secret Operations
Status: Final
Genre: MMOFPS | Theme: Real Life
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 600 MB
Publisher: YNK Interactive
Developer: YNK Interactive
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Character Attributes
Interesting Maps
AI Bots Option

K.O.S – Secret Operations is a free-to-play MMO first person shooter for PC. It is a good example of its genre and includes some interesting features to complement the polished gameplay. The low system requirements allow virtually any PC to run the game.

There are four game modes to choose from and the player is able to choose his character from about a dozen of soldiers. Each character has his/her own advantages, such as increased damage bonus for the Green Berets. This assures that there is some strategy involved, since a particular advantage may be more fitting to one player than the other.

The ranking system, both for a single player and for clans allows everybody to check their qualities and compare themselves with the rest of the world. The game includes Xfire, enabling players to communicate between themselves through voice chat, among other possibilities.

YNK Interactive also publishes Rohan: Blood Feud and Seal Online.

K.O.S. Secret Operations system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 512 MB of RAM | HDD: 1.5GB Free
CPU: P3 800 MHz
Graphics Card: GeForce4 MX
Featured Video
K.O.S.: Secret Operations - Cinematic and Gameplay Trailer
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40 K.O.S. Secret Operations Reviews

  1. gusto kho mag aim bot pwedi??

  2. i play this game and i dont like it…. it kinda sucks first of all. and the weapon system sucks it absoulutly sucks and weapons are so overpoweing.

    1. This is the third game i went to that you said “This sucks”

      What doen’t suck to you?

      1. BURN!!!!

        1. How is that a burn?

      2. Well maybe he’s a tough critic! He’s a picky one!

      3. Do you have account on kos?

  3. It’s not even that fun to play.

  4. is K.O.S Secret Operation download?
    if yes say :D
    if not say :’(

    1. kardeş bu oyunun dowlandını bana atın enrden kaydolcaz yaw


  5. ok if anyone is having trouble with the start game button listen

    go to my computer, click on disc drive C, go to file kos, then click on Sting (it will have squares and YNK at the bottom, there you go happy shooting

  6. master

  7. Strong shall LIVE weak shall DIE

  8. i actually love this game i dont know what everyones problem is with this game :/

  9. ok ignore my post from march 25 YNK fixed the problem and made it easy now you can easily start the game by clicking on the icon.

    anyways i love the game because of the music, the weapons, the awesome character customizations, way how you can fight other people from other countries, the maps, the AI bot option, alot of stuff is cool about this game besides this game is damn addicting @_@

  10. this game is pretty good, i dunno why ppl pwns it with their commentaries. My pc isnt good enough to run A.V.A. or Genesis A.D. or Ghost Recon or any of those uber advanced games. I feel my time and internet bandwidth was worth the download.

  11. i love thes game!!

    1. i love this game

  12. how is Birthday MM/DD//YYY?? -_-

    1. MM is the month (like 03 for march), DD is the day (like 05 for the fifth day), and YY is the last two numbers of the year you were born in (say, for 1984, you would put 84).

  13. give me 10000000 cash on kos

  14. hey mengive me 1000000000000000AP


  16. Shut up…Just shut up! You had me at “low system requirements.”

  17. this game its shutdown

    1. damn it

  18. i love very much this game

  19. everyday i play this game…and i love it…

  20. me too i dont want kos getting to shotdown….

  21. Copy of CS 1.6

  22. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow sweet game

  23. I’m on the site but i dont know what to download. What’s Rohan?

  24. Does this game even exist anymore? I cant find where to download??

  25. No. Game is shut down.

  26. how to download this

  27. how do i download it?

    1. is this game still alife because i wanna play it so much …i play skill special force .


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