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Title: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
Status: Final
Genre: MMO | Theme: Superhero
Graphics: 3D | Type: Browser game
Publisher: Gazillion
Developer: The Amazing Society
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Explore iconic Marvel locations like Baxter Plaza and the Daily Bugle.
Features a collectible card game
Persistent world

Super Hero Squad is a free to play 3D browser-based superhero MMO by Gazillion.

Aimed for younger audiences, the game is based on Marvel’s Super Hero Squad lore. Super Hero Squad features unique stylized look for the Super Heroes and persistent environment.

Play as your favorite Marvel heroes, including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Storm, Captain America, Black Widow, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and many others.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online system requirements:

OS: ?
RAM: ? GB | HDD: ? GB free space
CPU: ?
Graphics Card: ?
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27 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Reviews

  1. Its very lagging and its unity player always get crashed

  2. its ok, but it starts to get idiodic after a while

    1. it’s a kids game what did you think
      you think it would be the best game in the world

  3. Marvel Super Hero Squad Online Review

  4. it starts to get ****** after a wile

  5. only for us

  6. this thing doesn’t work in my area

  7. Well it was just the game for young MMO players out there. Can’t make your own squad name, no open chat options. Just the perfect game for kids to play without worrying, but they stop. The EU server is going down with all characters and other stuff you bought on 9th of Novembre this year. So wait till that happened then you have to make a brand new char(!) (yes, you lost all your heroes you saved up!) on

  8. im 10 years old and i know i sholdnt be playing on this but i gotta say its very laggy

  9. This game is awesome if U hav a fast system and unity doesnt crash at all…my system toook 45 mins to load evrything frm zones to card game

  10. game is good for all ages, sure it takes long for the challenges but the card battles and missions are what make it fun.

  11. i cant play

  12. It is a very fun and cool game but NEEDS more things 2 it like open chat options and more better game play but ohhhhhh well guess it tried 2 get 2 where Gta and call of duty are well at least i am only 9 years old

  13. damnit need unity flash player :(

  14. Unity will always crashs

  15. this game laggy to much, play marvel heroes rlll better

  16. Cool game and awesome!! :D

  17. ^_^ ^_^ this game rocks!

  18. Kind of fun at first, but very lagging and it gets kind of ******* after a a few hours.

  19. masa faka

  20. u gotta download it????

  21. ya’ll just saying its not good cause it’s good but some how it doesnt have chat :/

  22. dude ITS AWSOME! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! <33

  23. will the both of you shut up,crappycus you dont know a good game dont you?,its not about the skills,games,card fights etc, its about the graphics.action,and fun its about chatting or anything,its about THE GAME VARIETY!!


  24. I do LordLeagueofLegends

  25. I do LordLeagueofLegends

  26. I’m only 8 years old and i’m allowed to play MA15+ games and R18+ (Note, I’m allowed to play Cod, Watch_Dogs, Injustice: Gods Among us and others…)


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