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Title: Neverland Online
Status: Shutdown
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: hithere
Developer: hithere
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Catchy Cartoon Visuals
Pet System
Crafting System

Neverland Online, the hugely popular browser-based MMORPG developed by China’s Oak Pacific Interactive, recently became accessible to players in North America and Europe, when an English-language version entered open beta testing on October 15. Players assume the role of Ranger, Assassin, Elementalist or Taoist to complete quests.

Defeat the Demon Army with the aid of nearly 200 million pieces of equipment and a vast array of pets as you navigate through a mythical ancient Chinese world and search for the secret to immortality in Neverland Online…

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22 Neverland Online Reviews

  1. Killer game i strongly recomend

  2. i cant play the game…???
    why???? =(
    it says no data receive???

  3. i cant play the game because its in chinese i recommend gunshine

  4. neverland is in chinese but its ok

  5. this game is in japanese or chinese or something and i cant change the lang.
    i tryed to log out and it opened a new tab,i mean this is the u.s. i don’t know anyone who can read chinese

  6. this SUCKS it sais no data received

  7. lets see….wats on this game…

  8. hey u guys u can login on ur FB account…

  9. how could this game CAN BE understand..if not ENGLISH…..

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      1. wtf

  10. Actually the English game server has been closed

  11. I can’t read chiness or asian,etc but its set up just like a usual game. I guessed what each thing said lol.

  12. Man !!! This Shit sucks . I cant even play it and now i dont want to . This is a big big very big bullshit and nothing else………………

  13. They try to lure you in with hot girls on the image, I am not fooled! I tried the game and it was just sad….the game is a ghost town with no replay value,if you like boring games, be my guest.

  14. lovely games in look

    but no english version T_T

  15. wah……
    uSE lEss GAME

    nO uSe OF Fb LoGgin what is this man

    pico world better then this

  16. i cant understand chinese even its good


  18. its kinda sad the english version closed … theres no other game that actually can take its place… wonder if they might make a english server again…. hope so

  19. Like Acidflux and UsedToPlay already pointed out,they shut down their English servers. Sucks,it was a good game.

  20. e vero non si riesce a entra che giocho e


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