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Title: ShadowTale
Status: Open Beta
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 2D | Type: Browser Game
Publisher: Hyper Awesome
Developer: Hyper Awesome
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Great Graphics
Interesting Combat
Lots of Quests

Shadowtale is an amazing FREE MMORPG game you can play right here in your web browser! Battle monsters, earn gold, gear up, and become powerful enough to defeat the Shadow Lord himself. The beautiful and exciting world of Kyros awaits!

A New Adventure Every Week

Challenge yourself in the Khalarant Labyrinth, the first of Shadowtale’s new random dungeons. The layout changes each week, there are new progressive repeatable quests, and boss monsters that feature special rotating high quality equipment drops available once per dungeon per week.

Some features:

* Pets. They fight with you and can level up! Buy pet food to keep your pet strong in battle.

* Upgradable armor, weapons, and shields. You can really customize your look now by purchasing upgrades for your favorite items!

* Player Housing. You can buy a house, furnish it, and have friends come over to hang out!

* Buddy List. You can now add people to your friends list. You’ll see when they’re online, can message them from anywhere, and you’ll end up on their server.

* Item Preview. Now you try things on at a shop before you buy!

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26 ShadowTale Reviews

  1. fun innovate sidescroller with many things to do!

  2. looks good. ill give it a try

    1. thats only look good (but in real that sucks) !

      lol full looooog message for nothing !!!!!

      1. Because you are to lazy to read -_-

  3. they barely update the game anymore its still in beta

  4. This was a great little game until the cash shop went from selling permanent items, to outfits and armor that only last 30 days. I hate games like that.

  5. hard to get gold. And cant play with freinds.

    1. its the best game ever

  6. its a rubbish game

  7. Pretty fun except when u lose your password, type the exact email u put in and it says THAT FREAKING EMAIL IS INVALID!

  8. played this for 4 years and i’m 95% satisfy if u have a boring like try shadowtale i reccomend it

  9. seems this game is like adventure quest and aq worlds

  10. I thought it would be good. . . I was wrong. . . horrible game play and short quests. Its still in beta, dont play this game, alot like adventure quest only HORRIBLE.

  11. Well I guess if you like boring sidescrollers this is the game for you xD

  12. its just like adventure quest world -_-

  13. its just like adventure quest world -_-

  14. this game isn’t like aqw, this game is way better, only the graphics suxs on this game.

  15. I suggest you play very fun indeed , and no it is not copying off of mine craft ok there both sandbox games , but kogama is free and has more things you can do.

    1. You are so full of s**t.Kogama is not anything like minecraft.People don’t listen to jkid.he’s obviously either really stupid or works for kogama.

      1. Wow you’re a douche

  16. this game is online

  17. worst game ever

  18. i use to like this game until they make items limited tho days like seriously guys change that the game needs items that don’t last for a few days that’s the problem with games now a days making items limited whats the point in that if it was because people can complete offers easily then that’s stupid

  19. Games a complete waste of time. Links don’t work to forums.
    Character creation is so basic. Animation is kwap, Gameplay is kwap. No wonder this developer got fired from Artix Entertainment. This is an ex employee, just can’t remember this mods name. He posted on AQW forums letting us know that he was leaving to develop this fail sh!t game 3 years back.
    Waste of time. Don’t bother.

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