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Title: Tales Runner
Status: Beta
Genre: Racing | Theme: Fantasy
Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 1.5 GB
Publisher: OGPlanet
Developer: Rhaon Entertainment
User Rating:
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What’s explosive about it:
Addictive Gameplay
Exciting Race Tracks
Several Game Modes

Tales Runner is an original free racing MMO game that is inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart and sharing the colorful and cheerful look, only with anime style visuals. This game has some important features, such as a unique leveling system, where the player earns in-game currency and access to new racing rooms when he reaches a new level.

Tales Runner already features several chapters that add huge diversity to the game, with appealing characters and several race modes to choose from: 8 Player Mode, Team Mode, Relay Race, 30 Player Mode, and the crowd favorite, Survival Mode, where players must race towards the screen rather than away. Each Survival Mode course features a Boss Monster that eliminates players from the race with the slightest touch.

Players can hang out in Tales Land Park, a central town or hub where they get to show off their gear and chat with other gamers. There are also some mini-games that will earn players some items and in-game currency.

Tales Runner system requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista
RAM: 256 MB of RAM | HDD: 1.5 GB Free
CPU: P3 600 MHz
Graphics Card: 64MB Card
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11 Tales Runner Reviews

  1. great mmo very fun, very addicting, its a mmo that has originality, and its awesome how they keep bringing in new characters and new stuff every 2 months..or so i dunno

  2. ;___ ; Its so sad Tales Runner closed down becoz of a Korean Company that was stingy…
    I really enjoyed the game for 2years.. Waaa ;______ ;
    ./now bored cos got nth to play
    Recomend me some games!! :<
    But b4 it closed down.. Its a awesome game alot of Players (Runners) Enjoy 8D
    They had cute characters with fantasy fairy tales maps.. like the peach boy, wonderland ( alice in wonderland)
    The game is just too perfect for me.. :D

    1. I love tales runner:[ to bad it shut down..i wanted to play it and shearsh a game to play…i always back and leaved tales runner but onestly. it always was fun i never was bored when i was playing it…i have some games that nice too:
      Wonderland online-i havnt played it for a long time…
      ether saga odyssey- I LOVE it but i dont play it much cause im not finding someone to marry o.o
      Luna online-this made frome the creators of tale runner its a nice game but i get bored of it and i have problems in download it :[
      well i cant remember of more games..

      1. Hey everyone Im soooooo Happy That Tales runner is coming Back to life better and big on April the 24 Such a great Thing :D <3


    2. how bout u get a life

  3. dont worry Neko,The tales runner 2 is released dont worry because it was on alpha now

  4. no coment

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