Free MMOs Strong, But Down In July

Michael Dunaway
By Michael Dunaway, News Editor

A couple of months ago, I looked at how various MMOs stacked up against each other, in terms of how much traffic their websites got – a reasonable enough way to determine general activity and populariy. Today, I'm again going to the charts, courtesy of Alexa, to see how the top free-to-play MMOs are doing.

The general short-term trend: not so good. Nearly everybody's down over the past few weeks, which I'd attribute mostly to “Hey, it's summer, let's go outside,” which I somewhat sarcastically believe proves that there are very few MMO players in Texas or Arizona, where “outside” means “no AC.”

Taking a look at the longer view gives you a better idea of the reach of these games and some of their peaks and valleys, which I'll go into individually:


Don't underestimate KingsIsle Entertainment's kid-friendly juggernaut. With over 30 million registered players and a legion of devoted fans, it's probably the biggest Free MMO in North America.

If it's true that the kids are finally being pushed out of the house in July, it's also likely that, immediately after school obligations ended in late May/early June, they spent more time playing video games and vaulting the game's stats into orbit.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR keeps chugging along, or at least it did until its recent dip. For a game that many people – myself included – wrote off after its tumultuous first year, it's done fairly well since its F2P switch... at least as compared to games that cost a fraction to make. Whether it ever recoups BioWare's and EA's investment is a question that will linger for years, but at least it's not a total embarrassment any more.


KingsIsle's second ship is sailing along nicely, even being on par with its bigger cousin in May. Two new worlds were added to the game on May 24, and their pre-release hype probably helps explain the slight surge. Is its recent dip part of the overall “summer blues”? Or is it sinking back to its pre-update levels?


It's easy to pick out both peaks in Rift's line from when F2P was announced (early May) and when it went into effect (June 12). And while it may look like the move hasn't had much effect, if you look closely, you can see that Rift is still doing about twice as well as before it went F2P. That's typical for an MMO in the first couple months after making the F2P switch.


Aion continues to chug along, and is just about the only game to experience a rise in its traffic during the month of July. All the 4.5 info coming out should only help push it up higher.

But what about...?

These are, as best as I could think of, the top five free-to-play MMOs, according to the Alexa rankings. Here are four other well-known titles, compared to Rift:

As for Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and other Perfect World games, I can't track them using Alexa. Since their domains are in the form, Alexa can only give me the information for and not per game subdomain. If I had to guess, I'd say NW would be in the top five, at least in the months following its “release,” though whether it will stay there is anyone's guess, and STO would probably be hanging out with the games in the chart directly above.

I'd bring up RaiderZ, but that might just enrage our EU fans...

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Michael Dunaway
Michael Dunaway, News Editor
Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009.

Discussion (26)

Duskbot 9 years ago
I kinda have to disagree with some of these games being so called "best" free mmo's i mean there are more popular games with bigger communities I just feel like throwing Wizard 101 and Pirate 101 on there were kinda hasty and more for the "kid" friendly community here on here but it just seems like there are better f2p games I mean what about GW2 (guildwars) or others like that idk maybe its just me but i don't really like to throw these kid games into the list but yeah great job on the chart and information.

blablabla 9 years ago
With 1-2 exceptions out of 1000

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v3ss0n 9 years ago
Jason Winter , I am a Data Scientist and CTO of a small Data Analytics team .Those statistics work very well for Websites but it won't work for Games. To be actually useful You need to measure Login and Play Time.

For example PS2 , many player can't play since last patch due to crashes , very high end system , My top notch 1800$ Gaming Laptop can't even play 15 mins. So everyone have to just Rage at forums and that will increase Page hits.

Klein 9 years ago
I think the activity of the games are low, because people have watched SAO. SAO is the perfect MMORPG, and dev companies really need to learn from it, or make one. I'm serious about this though. I watched SAO again recently and it got me back into MMO's but it has also made my taste pickier, ie; only liking certain MMO's that are sort of like SAO or ALO. That wouldn't be the only issue though, MOBA's have been taking players by storm.

Side Note: I can't wait for a VRMMORPG, and if you couldn't tell, I'm a SAO fan. Just look at my name. :P

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anip 9 years ago
This is only based on Website visits...

Where as most gamers tend to just launch and play the game, rarely do they visit the websites.

Like only 30% of playerbase visits websites after they started playing the game.

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legit4life 9 years ago
when will blade and soul come to english

sniperman248 9 years ago
However these charts hardy prove anything as they are highly inaccurate as to how many a game truly has in a month, so pretty much these charts prove nothing

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some random scottish guy 9 years ago
People visit game websites / forums for all sorts of different reasons, so I hardly see what your trying to achieve with this information, no offense.

Take for example Path of Exile, A large amount of there player base use the forums for trading. So how could one make comparison with another website who gets there traffic from not trade forums but rather to check on updates in the game recently or some other reason.

Another example would be neverwinter, a large amount of that community visit the forums to troll or complain about one thing or the next.

Some other games may require you to log in to there web site before you can play there game, that's yet again more traffic but for complete different reasons.

This info has nothing to do with how popular a game is, and can not be taken seriously.

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sethsamson 9 years ago
magicman where are u ......????

yep 9 years ago
I also think its due to the lack of beta games comming out. It just gets boring playing 1 game over and over with nothing to compare it to.

yerp 9 years ago
I think its due to lack of beta games comming out as well. This is just me personally, but the more beta games i get into the more I appreciate the games then go back and play.

jiglymuffin 9 years ago
What about MOBA's like Smite, LoL and DOTA 2 ?

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MorbidDesire 9 years ago
Fur. Fiesta online gets a new "Hero" class tomorrow.

DinoLove 9 years ago
Love it! I love these small articles everytime they pop up:)

AWESOME! 9 years ago
Im actually not surprise about it because more people would go on a vacation than there is school days so yea more people would actually spend time with their family than playing MMO's so not really that surprising after a month or when the school year starts again the MMO's would pick up and again...

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Gamer X 9 years ago
Thanks for the news ... hmm interesting..

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