As you’re no doubt aware by now, Funcom is making The Secret World players start over in Secret World Legends. This has met with a mixed reaction from players, something the MMOBomb crew – which consists of a few die-hard TSW fans – have talked about at length.

Maybe you don’t have a stake in the debate. Maybe you’ve never played the game, or played it very lightly, and think Secret World Legends looks like something you might try out.

But what if it was “your” game? What if the developers of your favorite online game decided to do the same thing? What if your level 100 wizard, your top-tier tank, your assortment of cosmetic looks and sweet-looking mounts would all be null and void? What if you had to start over? Would you?

To be clear, The Secret World fans aren’t exactly losing their characters; they can still play them in the original TSW game, even though that title won’t be getting any new updates. But going to Secret World Legends is very similar to a full wipe, the kind of which prevents some of us (guilty) from getting too invested in a beta. Seeing it happen five years after a game goes live is on a whole other level.

That said, retro is in, and plenty of people willingly play on “vanilla” servers where they have to start from scratch, like those for EverQuest 2 or Old School RuneScape – or, in the case of World of Warcraft, a lot of people really want to do so.

So, that’s our poll question for the day. If your favorite game was getting “The Secret World Treatment,” would you start over? Would you keep playing on the old, never-to-be-updated-again, servers? Or would you just leave the game entirely, never (probably) to return?

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  1. i am an old skool player who bought the game and i m hyped for the new version its phucking sexy to contemplate, BTW i got the best girl ever so every single guy IN THE FACE !!!!!!!!!!

  2. All I can say a veteran player who’s afraid from starting from scratch for the better development of the game is a scrub and needs to git gud. Think of this as a new avenue of progress the old needs to be tossed to the side for the new it’s the circle of life.

  3. Well I cut the strings completely to the whole system… It was THE game for me, but for me to lose all what I’d spent on the char development Aline… And the game itself being thrown to the Cutter… As I read the “Earth-shattering Dev Post” it became very clear that all that I would be getting back starting from the very beginning, would be an… Old Harley, that was necessary to buy to get 1 mission completed. Even they turned a game into a simple product, that was it for me….. Sunny thing IS that I seem to have paid heck of a lot of money… For nothing…

  4. Eh, personally I don’t really mind this.
    I have been trying to get back into the old game, but I’m feeling a fair bit overwhelmed by all the game mechanics, so I don’t mind a fresh new start in Secret World Legends.

  5. After having played the beta for a bit now i’d say yes. Idk what we’ll eventually get in SWL from our TWS accounts (been playing TWS since alpha testing). But i like the changes to the game. Much more streamlined. Though of course i don’t like everything. Feels less in deck building and such. But as long as i like more of the changes than i dislike i’ll have a good time in the new SWL.

  6. I don’t have a problem starting over, as I enjoy the journey of leveling and/or progression over just ‘endgame’ stuff. But it would really depend on what changes were being made to the game. Certain changes might kill the new one for me, making me stick with the old.

  7. Depends on the game really, for the secret world i would not.
    Path of Exile…well you kinda do if you participate in the temp leagues, your first char on any league is always fresh, some times it’s a drag sometimes it’s fun (depends on the league mechanics and if you are unlucky)


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