The NDA is dropping and MMOBomb wants to give you your first look inside Firefall if you haven’t been lucky enough to get into the beta.

Join us on our official Live Stream page on Friday April 6th at 4 PM Eastern United States time to spend some time with Firefall! Hope to see you there!


  1. During this i read their firefall beta, i ACTUALLY….. have an extra key!

    I will give it out to a person During the livesrteam, so look out for these names on twitch

    “wookiepoo” or “thehammerbros” as this are my username there.

    see ya there 😀

    • :O! u will give out a beta key during the live steam? but isn’t that a bit of bad planning i mean think about it. when u hand it out they will have 2 run and chase till he reaches u guys but by that time it is possible that the live stream is over and done with :O

  2. i have a beta key plz invite me to your party 😛
    i want to play whit you guys
    and i know many things 😛
    in the game they call me opelement
    and when you going to play firefall invite me to 😛
    see you in the game 1 day left

  3. I’m in beta im going to be in game and play with you guys, hopefully 🙂

    Peace out

    Spammie a.k.a. NOOBTORRES (<- IGN IN FireFall)

  4. i’ll be there but will you hand out beta keys i will gladly appreciate it if you do i’ve been trying to get in for weeks

  5. Wow will be very cool to watch how you paly this new awesome game guys, didn’t had the chance to enter by now, so I’ll join the crowd very proud 🙂

    • il be happy to give u a beta invite but saddly friend invites are a bit bugged the now the option has been there for some time now and no one has sent out one friend beta key due to it been bugged this hole time dont really blame them there more focused on how to inprove and get rid of bugs etc etc

  6. hell yeh im down thats if the the new patch wont disrupt the server everyone was raging today about the recent patch casueing problems for the server but hell Red5 dose a bang on job and are taking care of the game very well


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