Our friends over at gPotato were nice enough to show us around one of the higher level dungeons (Ionian Ruins) within Sevencore. At the time of the recording no player had reached this dungeon and so we were one of the first to take a look inside. Check out the interesting Gunner class combat, pet combat, and find out what you can expect from Sevencore at higher levels in this action gameplay!

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  1. Very generic game, dated graphics , really doesn’t do much of anything that other better games don’t already do and certainly doesn’t do it better than other titles I’ve played. I played to level 16 and I may go to 20 ,but I don’t know. I honestly don’t think it will be worth my time.

    It’s an average game. Not terrible but not great considering what’s already out there to play and also free.

  2. Well i just closed the game and im currently uninstalling at this very second.
    At lvl 10 i simple couldnt kill this mob because my character kept falling into forgotten land below the ground, couldnt move, couldnt attack but i was taking damage.
    I’m currently looking for a mmorpg, so i thought, “it just got released, calm down.”
    Right after that i closed/re-opened the game and TWO quests later i got stuck again, but this time on top of a mount, couldnt move, couldnt attack, but kept receiving damage till i rage quited.

    So NO, i DON’T recommend this game to anyone.

  3. LOL they failed when they said: Our friends over at gPotato //// BARFFFF even if good video that is warning that a site that partners or calls ‘friends” at a crooked company should just be avoid avoid avoid!

    • And oh yeah this game suks massively I can write paragraphs, but ill let you play this hamburger eating (to replace hp spamming pots) and soda drinking (MP) so there fore it is “in teh future” type of fail game

        • Rhode ISland politicians are trying to shift the blame of 38 studios collapse back at the studio to cover up the government loan of 75million dollars?

          • Hes negativity is well placed actually. Vi sounds like a nice guy but let’s face it- Sevencore is as outdated as it is generic and MMOBomb does not care about it at all. This dungeon is covered only for the purpose of maintaining relationship with gPotato.

            You see, when ever i put a game down, when ever i point out how much worse the world got when that X game came out, those two or three individual developers that actually liked the game that they were working on, come to mind. And i do feel bad for them, it was their “baby” after all but considering my self a gamer i feel that i simply can not, in good conscience , encourage such games to be made.

            And considering the state of planet Earths repertoire of MMO games today; there are a lot of games to discourage out there.


        • And PS, Critical analysis is not negative. Trolls reacting to analytical anaylsis is usually the road down negativity. In fact most people here didnt take debate or finsih the Sophmore english?? OR else they would see this is anything but negative. I like to be challenged or proven wrong in a way that gives both insight or proves my point wrong that there is no logical reply and therefore I end up double playing or checking the facts, which leads to playing a game. Or “OMG the anime thing killed me” is not a good reason to waste your life time or money in front of. Especially in market saturation where product exceeds demand…. And demand is feuled by trolls false illusions that a ‘revolutionary’ game like WoW 2 will come out, but fail to see that before the saturation was limited to about 4 games, so yeahhh getting to serious now, you had a 7 core video to show? LOL

      • Nanbo/Cacalips and I don’t agree on some things but this is an instance of when we actually do agree. We talked about this game starting beta on the Free to Play Cast we recorded a few days ago (will be up later this week) and my main thoughts were:

        1) Had this game come out years ago I wouldn’t have been nearly as hard on it as I am now.
        2) While I kind of chuckled when I first saw the “Hamburger/Cola” stuff you QUICKLY find out that the game is heavily consumable based (which raises cash shop issues, this is something I also brought up on the first look I did)
        3) At about level 35 or so the game becomes a HUGE quest grind….and that’s coming from someone who admits he doesn’t mind a quest grind in most games. This one is off the charts grind though from about level 40 on.

        There are MANY issues but to keep it short I’ll stop there. To sum up, is it worth trying? Only if you are nostalgic for older MMOs but even then you probably won’t play it for all that long. My final advice on it was that if the trailer or First Look interested you at all, give it a whirl (you probably won’t play for long though) but if you were still unsure if the game was for you after the trailers and the first look then skip it all together.

        Just my .02,

        There we

        • @Magicman,
          you seem to enjoy alot of mmos, but there seems to be so many out there that aren’t worth investing time or money… could you please give me an example of a good game that is worth playing without any major cs issues or grinding?

          • For Free to Play it is REALLY hard to beat the North American version of Aion. Forsaken World can be good as well if you have some friends to play with, you level pretty fast in FW too.


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