We recently got a chance to take a sneak peak look at the new 8.0 update for World of Tanks. Check out the updated graphics, new physics, expanded tech tree, and more!

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      • My grand idea that wont be realised by this company, has been to mix all world of tanks, planes, boats, and then come out with FPS foot soldier aspect. I guess we await the next Generals title for that, and / or Planet Side 2.
        Also, there is a 2D tank game on new grounds that shows what foot soldiers and tanks calling air strickes would look like. Now image this in 3D and mmo style!


        • To add this all together you would need very much good computer, With good hardware and software + I dont think there should be any computer what would handle this but on my computer i can play any game what i want cause my computer is good and without laggs when i play.

    • My grand idea that wont be realised by this company, has been to mix all world of tanks, planes, boats, and then come out with FPS foot soldier aspect. I guess we await the next Generals title for that, and / or Planet Side 2.
      Also, there is a 2D tank game on new grounds that shows what foot soldiers and tanks calling air strickes would look like. Now image this in 3D and mmo style!

      I forgot the name of the one I played so here is the list of em all lol!

  1. 8.0 is already out in Russia, so I think you’re going to see this update soon enough. And I must say that it feels almost like a new game now.

    P.S. Spunkify, no offense, but you’re terrible at this game. 😛

      • Why should I? You’re set on hating, so go ahead and continue hating. I’m not going to try and “convince” you in anything because it would have been utter waste of time.

        • You must be new to…life… Well Senior year high school and the 3 years leading up to it prepare you for College. Once in college you would have written X amount of essays already. The entire point of analysis is built around “argument”. These arguments are danced around facts trying to get your point across. In marketing the facts are simple and bent. In this game, they announced and showed things that do not live up in the reality of the game.
          I bring those out in y critical analysis. NO where is it negative or “hating”. All of ym facts can be found in game. I am sure if you even played this game you have at least one thing to say about the sound difference.
          I assume you come here to post butterflies and ponies. You do not have to convinve me of anything. But a logical sentence on a web seite that is published for “REVIEWS” and “FIRST LOOKS” usually insinuate crytical analysis of products. I suggest growing a brain before posting in a place designed for review.

  2. Just got done playing 4 hours of it. 80 percent crap 10 percent ok.

    The crap: Graphics have nothing new. You can get fluffier trees and shadows (dynamic lighting my anus). I run top notch pc and yes it is nice to see the fluff but riddle me this batman: WHY post on their facebook site popular and legal and allowable mods to REMOVE the environement to get a better shot….and then install a 1 hour patch to enhance the said environment that you will end up removing with a mod…sound stupid? BECAUSE IT IS!

    There is a new death tracking system that is bad. When killed your name stays exposed on the world. Not on the mini map. It would be more logic to mark the mini mao with a red skull or something since they already use it to mark in red other symbols for enemies. BUT NO, now it looks like a name clutter fest (like trying to walk down a center of town full of player vendors with their names everywhere). OK not THAT bad, but still ugly.

    NEw physics engine my hairy stink buns hole. They made it seem like a bumper cars fest in the videos. No, it is the same, the only difference is that now you can enter the water and DIE. Or fall off a cliff and DIE. Or DIE: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;; DIE!:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    No new improvement on vehicles; THEY NERFED or brought out super cashers because my kill averaged dropped from 4-6 per round to 0-1 with 2 shot kills on me.

    WORST! My cannon before the patch had this BLAST BOOM and then a recoil sound of metal as the cannon retracted and then a metalic dump sound of reloading a shell….. AFTER 8.0 It sounds like a rifle…no…JOKE. POP:::::that is it….. It is not just me, I heard another tank, the rapid fire 3 round shot tanks. that boombooomboomboom….now sounds like a silencer on a pistol or a car door slaming….puffpufff pop puff. WHAT???? SUCH A FAIL

    ONE redeming point. At end of each battle you can see a little review of who won, percent of armor at end of round etc…. Super…small 10% okness. out of 80% crap.

    If another FPS that is not twitch fest comes out, im uninstalling unless they fix this mess. Only reason I am there is because it is strategic shooter around.

    No one listened to add Smoke shells, destructable terrain (they have a few things breakable but not natural elements like rocks and holes due to shells in the ground), etc..

    • Oh boy…hope the pole is long enough to touch this trolling but…I really like WoT and 0.8.0 was quite a good update, so here we go.

      Graphics ARE new to the game. Improved textures, improved lighting, improved minimap textures. All makes the game more lively and interesting. Not a graphics whore myself, but I do enjoy some eye candy and this patch offers quite a bit of it.
      Reason why WG endorses and accepts mods that help tweak out graphical eye candy is because WG tries to keep World of Tanks (well, all their “World of” games) as widely playable as possible. Due to World of Tanks nature as a casual fast game, a lot of people play it on notebooks or older computers that can’t always handle this graphical improvements. So to make sure those who have gaming rigs are satisfied and those who doesn’t, they introduce graphical updates and upgrades but also make sure you can opt out of those through the client and if that ain’t enough, you have access to those tweakers to make sure your client is still putting out decent FPS to play.

      Don’t know what you mean by “new death tracking system”. When killed, it’s pretty much the same. Your killers name and yours shows up over the minimap for a while and you get grayed out of the list. What I think you mean is the OTM (Over Target Marker). You can go to the game settings and change what is shown over your Allies, Enemies and Destroyed vehicles. Both regularly and what shows up when you press “alt”. So if it’s cluttered, you ticked all the options, just remove some and tune it to your taste.

      New physics engine is great. It’s a great addition to assist Tank Destroyers, Self Propelled Guns and well, Heavy Tanks, that don’t sport all that mobility and used to suffer with “circles of death” manuevers. Also gave way to new venues of approach to the battlefield which is making the game way more dynamic. If you find yourself jumping to death all that much, you should remember that you are driving a TANK (more so, and old tank), not a monster truck. They are heavy and not made for stunt driving.

      Some tanks are nerfed and some buffed every patch. It’s called balancing. If you noticed that huge a drop (think there was some exageration there…) maybe you are suiciding too much jumping around. Also, “cash shop” is quite balanced in the game. Even blowing a lot of money will get you nowhere ahead of a non-paying gamer during battle.

      Cannons sounds are now designated according to caliber and muzzle. So yeah, your loltractor don’t sound beastly no more. Didn’t notice much difference in the M62-T2 on the IS-8. During the test server it sure sounded lower, but on the live patch guns sound quite good. Tracks too.

      • Exactly what I meant by “it feels almost like a new game now”.

        P.S. Oh my, you’re actually trying to have a meaningful conversation with him. Sir, your bravery and determination are truly admirable.


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