Beginning May 12, Aion is hosting an event double feature featuring both the Kinah Retune event and a Dungeon Delve event. The Kinah event lasts until May 26, during which time players will be able to receive a one-hour buff from the Doughbot in either Inggison or Gelkmaros that drops item retune costs to one Kinah. Doughbot also offers a weekly quest that rewards players with a Legendary Manastone once complete.

Dungeon Delve kicks off the same day as Kinah Retune, but runs a good bit longer — until June 16. This offers players a chance to use the items they upgraded during the Kinah event. To take part, players will need to find Buffrenerk (It won’t be that hard, just look for him at dungeons) to receive the ‘Buffrenerk’s Help’ buff, which grants players PvE Attack +500 and PvE Defense +1000. That’ll make it easier for players to walk away from the dungeons with all kinds of goodies.

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