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It’s been over two years since we heard about GamersFirst’s plans to bring APB: Reloaded to consoles. It made it to Xbox One last year, and today it finally makes its debut on the PlayStation 4.

GamersFirst is calling it a “soft launch,” which means it will have “limited public announcements,” but the game is fully playable. Logging into the game during this time will net you some freebies, and if you log 10 hours during the month, or until the first patch (whichever comes first), you’ll get a special “Founders” tag.

Once the launch has been sorted out, the APB team will move on to completing the much-ballyhooed PC engine upgrade, which has been in the works for over three years. Check out the post on the APB: Reloaded dev blog for complete details on the PS4 launch.

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  1. Would be one of best game for free …. but ‘Gamersfirst’ killed it.
    Warning !!! Dont play Gamersfirst games … they are game killers.

  2. It’s quite funny to see them still going, They lost over 80% of their player base within a year, No Content releases, all you get is ARMAS stuff, don’t get me wrong the game could have been a major success if it wasn’t for the catastrophic mismanagement of Gamersfirst, even realtime Worlds the original Developer knew about the Engine and that it has to be replaced rather early then later, Gamersfirst is working on the engine for about 3 years now and a release isn’t anywhere in sight. The devteam is more or less not competent enough to handle the game, bugs from Beta are still present, servers are still bad the complete net code is a disaster.

    I don’t get why they even try to bring the game to Consoles when its Reputation is that low.

    and no, the game has no guns with hidden features APB at best is Freemium, not pay 2 win or anything else. Almost all guns on the Cash shop are Reskins of already existing Ingame weapons, and those that are not are vastly outclassed by free guns.

  3. Mom saw me commenting here and grounded me. She said I was mean and she took my games away. She said I have to say sorry to the people here. Im still a kid and not grown up. Im sorry for being such a little brag.

  4. The game sucks and is the ultimate pay to win mmo on the market. the only way to literally own a gun is through real cash. other than that you are basically paying rent on the guns.

    • yes i agree i played this game before i left because the game is really pay 2 win people just do hit kill in you with a lot of perks in their weapons and the game is f* Unbalanced new players go pvp with veteran/old players theres no servers to separate new players/noobs from the veteran/old players its really annoying really its like their using hacks(And even if they are not using) because the weapons are unbalanced with high dmg with a lot of perks i tried 3,4 attempts with a low lvl/new players team even the other guys on my team was Complaining about it its no sense its f* idiotic its waste of time they dont separate new players from veteran players,i really tried to enjoy the game but its only for a few moments before you start to play the game,theres a tip dont waste your time playing this game you will regret it.

      • .. Even with out the hackers…. Game is Unplayable.. No where near ready for any kind of launch. The game was already Chugging on the XboxOne with sever Frame drops and lag, Same issue on the pS4. It’s virtually impossible to create any custom emblems clothes etc due to the frame drop.

        There are so many issues with this game on PS4.

        • i know, i started hating this game long time ago. i wasnt try to defend it. even if without hackers and performance issues on consoles. there are rly overpowered weapons with hidden stats and stuff like that. game became shit since gamersfirst adopted it. im just alergic to dumb comments


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