Apex Legends' Fourth Annual "Fight Or Fright" Halloween Event Confirms Olympus After Dark Map And Other LTMs

Over four weeks, players will jump through different LTMs and modes.

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Apex Legends Fourth Fight or Fright

Following a dataminer leak that revealed Olympus would have a shadow version, Respawn Entertainment has confirmed an Olympus After Dark LTM for Apex Legends' fourth annual "Fight or Fright" event will be this year's Shadow Royale map on October 4. After baiting players that multiple LTMs were not coming to future events, the devs are also throwing in three LTMs that rotate weekly until November 1.

For newcomers, the Shadow Royale LTM event is a spruced-up Halloween version of a popular map. Previously, King's Canyon was the primary map for the spooky season, but now Olympus gets a chance. Players can transform into shadows while in matches to gain maniac-level speed and strength that hikes up the fun pacing of the gameplay.

Between October 1-11, players will start the Shadow Royale on Olympus After Dark. 11-18 sees fans duke it out in a Gun Run mode across Olympus' Autumn Estates After Dark, Skull Town, and Fragment East. The next part of the month, October 18-25, rotates in Labs After Dark, Barometer, and Lava Siphon as Control. Lastly, October 25-November 1 wraps up the event as a Shadow Royale on Olympus again.

During the schedule between LTMs, players can grab some new Halloween cosmetics from the in-game store. Wraith's Voidwalker and Pathfinder's Memoir Noir skins will be available after last year's event, too. The catch is that specific cosmetics will only be obtainable during different weeks, so plan accordingly! You can preview the event information on the Apex Legends website.

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