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Justice will no longer rain from above in Armored Warfare‘s PvP. OK, that was an Overwatch joke, but it’s still appropriate. As part of the Balance 2.0 reworking of many of the game’s mechanics, Armored Warfare will be removing the self-propelled gun — a.k.a. SPG or “artillery” — from most of the game’s modes.

The artillery class will be removed from all game modes with the exception of PvE. In PvE, artillery vehicles will only be available as player vehicles and will not appear as AI opponents. The PvE artillery will retain its pre-Balance 2.0 indirect fire ability as well as the support shells mechanism, but it will also receive higher damage and mobility in order to make it competitive in Balance 2.0 PvE.

Artillery in both Armored Warfare and World of Tanks represent a similar role to snipers in most FPS games. As such, they can be infinitely frustrating when they’ve got you pinned down and you have no apparent avenue to return fire at them.

Still, it’s virtually unprecedented for a game to remove an entire class of vehicle, especially one that wanted to be a “World of Tanks clone.” You can read the full announcement on the Armored Warfare website.

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