Battlefield 2042’s 1.2 Update Features Rework To The Kaleidoscope Map And More

Season 2 isn't here yet, but an update brings some important quality of life changes.

Aspen Pash
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Battlefield 2042 1.2 update

Battlefield 2042 isn't quite ready for Season 2 just yet, instead, update 1.2–live today–features a rework to the Kaleidoscope map to improve gameplay through new cover assets, flag positions, terrain elevations, and more.

Another change to the game is that now, aim assist on controllers has been adjusted to ensure it feels smoother and more consistent while tracking moving targets.

Lastly, this update is adding the player profile and the statistics page in-game. This will provide an overview of the player’s performance and profession since launch. Players that want to read the patch notes that offer more detailed information can do so here.

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