I’ll be honest, I debated posting the news regarding Black Desert’s final Korean closed beta date. After all, testing for North American and European regions won’t begin until 2015 and the majority of those players interested in playing Black Desert can’t get into the CBT. But then I realized something crucial, MMOBomb has managed to secure access to the next upcoming test period!

This of course changes everything, as the MMOBomb team will now be able to bring you our first impressions of Black Desert…even if it means we can’t read the quest text. The third closed beta test will be rather short, starting on September 17th and lasting only until the 28th. Notable additions in the third CBT include further refinements to the housing system making different houses perform different functions; the introduction of Pets, changes to the Warrior class and other UI improvements.

Beyond the closed beta, Pearl Abyss has stated the studio will commence its region locked Open Beta test a few months later.

With the announced beta date came also a new trailer for Black Desert, but instead of showcasing how many ways you can chop an orc; it instead focuses on other outdoor activities like fishing, hunting and playing with your cat. I would be lying though if I didn’t say at least some combat managed to sneak its way in. Action sells after all.

Check out the trailer above and let us know if there’s anything specific you’d like for us to check out in the upcoming closed beta.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.



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