It’s been nearly five years since Blade & Soul launched in North America and Europe, and NCSoft is throwing a party to celebrate. The big prize is a full computer and chair setup, called a “battle station” that includes an Alienware PC and peripherals, as well as a Karnox Legend Gaming Chair. Sign-ups for that giveaway begin on the 12th.

In the game itself, you can earl Festival Coins from daily and weekly challenges, daily quests, and auto-hunt in Primeweald. Spend those in the Dragon Express for cosmetics or use them to enter a raffle for various types of loot. There’s also the House of Idols Dungeon Challenge, which also earns you tokens you can exchange for prizes.

Finally, there’s a new 365-day premium membership costume that’s going live on the 13th, along with the Anniversary patch. That’s when the Urban Legend will be retired and the Knightmare costume and illusion weapon will take its place.

Learn more about the upcoming 5th Anniversary event on the Blade & Soul site.

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  1. This MMO has been dead for over a year.
    the horrible unoptimized engine made everyone leave the game.
    Gameplay wise it’s amazing but having between 5 and 10 fps in a raid with a 2080ti class GPU is just ridiculous.
    They promised Unreal Engine 4 and didn’t deliver on their promise.

    But they do spend alot of time hosting cash grab events, typical NCSoft


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