Blade & Soul‘s latest update has hit the servers, bringing with it a new raid, an all new Heroic 6-player dungeon, and more.

In the new 12-player raid, Nightfall Sanctuary Part 1, players will battle the Celestial Emperor’s automaton guardians as part of an ongoing effort to stop Chol Mugo from obtaining uncontrollable power. The raid is recommended for players Level 55 or higher with an HM of 15. Players need to have completed The Emperor’s Tomb – Chapter 5 in order to participate.

The new dungeon — Sandstorm Temple, is also for level those 55+. Players will have to have completed Act 8 Chapter 20: Restorations in order to venture into this desert prison where they will need to help Brother Hynmyung and Brother Sondan stop Brother Rukesh from escaping.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a major content update launch without some in game events. So, between now and June 20, players will have plenty of them to participate in and plenty of rewards to pick up while doing them. This includes the Rising Soul event, which will offer players several daily quests as well as the Dark Soul event, which is a series of weekly quests.

Details on both of these events, as well as all the new content, is available in the latest set of patch notes on the Blade & Soul Site.

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