In the most recent F2P Cast, we posed the question, “Are we still talking about Bless in 2017?” Well, it looks like we’ll be talking about it next year too, as the game has been confirmed for a launch on Steam in 2018.

Bless Team member Will posted today on the apparently-new Steam Bless Online community hub:

Now, you may be asking “A Bless Online community hub on Steam? Will this mean Bless Online is coming to Steam? Is it being released globally?” The answer to both questions are… resounding “Yes!”

That launch window is confirmed on the Bless Online site and the game’s new trailer. As expected, it looks like Neowiz is handling the publishing duties itself, after things went sideways with Aeria Games and Gamigo. Following those companies’ withdrawal, Neowiz committed itself to the “Bless Rebuild” project, with testing taking place in Korea and in Japan.

No exact date is given for the Western release, so it could be launched any time between January and December. If you’re lucky enough to be at TwitchCon, you can check the game out for yourself.

The Bless website‘s been updated with a lot more details regarding the game. It ticks off all the required boxes for an Asian MMO: two factions, humans, elves, beast races (dog and cat!), a cute little race, the usual classes, pretty landscapes, mounts, pets, dungeons, PvP, RvR, and so on. There’s nothing regarding monetization or endgame progression/grind, but we’re sure nobody will have problems with those, right?

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    • Worst:
      1) double clients = log in issues / ressource eater.

      2) split servers. Direct clients can have different servers than steam.

      3) more expensive games. Almost every other website has cheapper prices. But steam has nice sales time to time.

      4) social justice warriors. If you post what you just posted here, you’d get banned

    • Steam ban you for trying to use multiple accounts per game.

      Not good for ppls that’s playing 2 client at same time for either self powerleveling or mules.

  1. Bless online going on stream in 2018. Wow!
    why is stream being use so much nowadays? (I pass on this game.)
    I only trust very few company out there plus I’m not fan of stream.

      • (Publisher Company)
        1. Gpototes
        2. Cyberstep
        3. En Masse Entertainment
        4. KOG
        Those are the only Publisher that I signed up but that as far I go around the website for MMO Games.

    • Gamers like Steam because it’s fair, reliable, convenient, and it offers huge discounts on regular basis.

      Developers like Steam because it’s a huge platform, the largest (by far) on PC (which means if you publish on Steam you get millions of eyes on your game).

      Not being a fan of Steam pretty much equals to not being a fan of pay-to-play PC games.

  2. I waited for this game for some time, but after mishaps kinda lost hope. We will see, gonna try when and if it comes out, if its free i can lose only some time…


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