Bless Unleashed will be coming to Steam sometime this year, and the team at Round8 Studio is doing its best to make sure the game is a bigger success than its predecessor. That’s not a high bar to clear, granted, but the team is at least letting prospective players know what to expect, and what changes are being made as development rolls on to distinguish the Steam version from what players might have already experienced on consoles.

Yesterday’s update outlines several of the recent changes that are coming to the game. New NPCs will be added, including some who “will test users so they can grow, while others will be the other way around where users will see the characters grow.” Quest flow will also be smoothed out, furthering the goal of having “a strong and interesting unique main quest line that carries users from level 1 to the cap.” One of those quest lines will see players “offering sacrifices to Haratata” — hopefully not human sacrifices.

Also in the works is the ability to queue up for multiple types of content, including dungeons and battlefields. Additionally, difficulty balance and resurrections available in dungeons have will be adjusted. You can see even more answers to recently asked questions by checking out the FAQ on the Bless Unleashed Steam page.


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