When an MMO goes under, its makers sometimes toss everything that’s left in the development bin at the players, to let them enjoy what they can now that there’s no longer a reason to hold anything back. Such appears to be the case with WildStar. Carbine Studios’ game shuts down in just 13 days, on Nov. 28, but there’s a whole bunch of new lore for depressed fans to dive into.

The Lost World Story describes what likely would have been new content revolving around Primeval Omechron and freeing Drusera. Much of the story describes adventures and battles in such exotic locales as “Shatterstone Chasm,” “the Roost of Osiric,” and “the Lightspire, located deep within Grimvault.” A band of anonymous “heroes” are the main characters of the story, which are a clear indication that it was meant for players. It ends with the Caretaker receiving a message that the Eldan Armada was on its way, soliciting an George Takei-like “oh my.”

Sadly, it looks like we’ll never see any of those locales in-game, though concept art is sprinkled throughout the story. See it for yourself and ponder what could have been.

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    • agree with you, i was looking forward to this game, but then they said its p2p or was it sub, anyhow just because of that i never touched this game.


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