Classic Server Seemingly Confirmed For Aion NA

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

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Has it really been 12 years since Aion launched? Yes, it has, and it looks like that's long enough to launch a classic server, if today's tease is what it appears to be.

The official North American Aion Twitter account today put out a brief video that runs a clock back that dozen years. No text, no press release, just ... this:

An Aion Classic server went live in Korea back in November, and it's clearly proven successful. Aion's revenue went from 8.4 billion South Korean won in Q3 to 18.8 billion in Q4 (when the server launched) and 23.4 billion in Q1 of 2021. That was its highest quarterly revenue since Q1 2013, so it makes sense that NCSoft would seek to duplicate that success elsewhere in the world. Now we wait for an official announcement.

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Templar 2 years ago
I have waited so long for this moment...... why is it taking so many korean companies to realise all we want is the classic servers/past back.

Not just classic servers, bring back the proper classic GAME for Aion and Maplestory, and they will see so much success.

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